Stories Untold

Humans being the social beings we are, we live through life meeting a great spectrum of people from different backgrounds, social class and ethnicity. As humans we stand on common ground despite the fact that racism does unfortunately exist, as humans what we have in common is more than our differences, even when it comes to religion at the end of the day we all end up fighting for the same GOD! So one might ask why all the hate?

While sexism is a clear gender battle that unites men and women globally, regardless of which side anyone stands on, I remain strictly against equality with the opposite gender, the “softer” gender so to speak. This isn’t the issue, but rather that racism whether against ethnic background or religion is a political weapon design by governments to keep the masses busy with each other, very much like football as a sport used to divide people cheering for different colored t-shirts or all the analysts that think they can coach a football team. If you’ve ever watched “Freedom Writers”, once racism is put aside communities flourish. If people get comfy around you, you quickly realize that everyone is dumping secrets on your lap, and the thing that everyone has in common is the type of problems, not the same kind. A scenario repeated that maybe with a sibling, a parent, money or even matters of the heart.

There is no better place to find these untold stories then on blogs, they are the alternatives to diaries and less embarrassing for men to share their thoughts without becoming less of men, and every blog post has a story whether it is through poetry or an article or even a simple thought summed up in a paragraph or a video or so on……..

It is sad to find that the few control the many stirring problems for personal political agendas or benefits and the masses that are ignorant believe anything they want, simply out of a personal grudge or personal benefit. To sum up the story of humanity, it is always about emotions and has been since the beginning of time, whether it is greed, love, hate or jealousy any man’s/woman’s story revolves around these emotions personally or someone who is an outside force causing this injustice out of these key human motivators, life also taught me a valuable lesson, that is if you want to get anywhere in it, you must detach emotion and act in autonomy which is why my writing has become dry and less in touch with my emotions, it’s difficult to ignite emotion when you have been weathered to bits from family, friends and those you have fallen in love with or your crushes, that is the human story and if you don’t believe me blog or follow bloggers.


The “Boys” Who Cried Wolf!!!!

Lying is the modern epidemic and it seems that it has become a way of life, covering all ages, and sects of society among the very old and the children. Lying has its reasons and has its causes, but at the end of the day lying is wrong and should be banned. We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf and the moral behind it, where at some point you become known for being a liar, whether boy, man, girl, woman or old woman or man. Regardless of how you’re raised or whether you’re religious or not, lying has an impact on society that can cause decay within it.

It slows down business, because trust is no longer there, it also brings problems to the households whether between the children and adults or the adults between each other. If you’ve ever been lied to enough times, you know you can’t trust that person whoever he/she is and regardless of their relationship to you. What others don’t realize through my personal experience is that at some point, the liar loses all credibility and like the boy who cried wolf he won’t be believed if and once he truly is telling the “truth” and is need for people to believe him/her, but by then it will be too late!

Trust is brittle usually once you lose credibility, it is near impossible to rehabilitate it no matter how hard you try, it destroys relationships and everything in life is built on the truth, as it builds your reputation and that is everything in life, and the only thing that out lives you. Most of the time, we lose most of our friends because of the truth, whether it comes down to punctuality or promises, or even standing by your side when you’re right as part of the unspoken code among men and honoring it. In life we meet lots of people, living day by day you see the variety in people, and those that become upset when you lie or don’t commit, while it becomes okay for them to do so, and this double standardization exists on more issues than this, however the truth helps in creating justice in society, it brings prices down through the reduction in cheating and overselling products or services, even though at the surface of things, lying seems to be a good temporary solution.

At the end of the day we reap what we sow, we can choose the truth or lie and each of those decisions has its consequences, and not making a choice is a choice. It is always to keep your credibility high, for you don’t know when you will need the “truth”, and that’s the best piece of advice I can give through my personal experience.

The Future of Social Media Marketing

The future of social media marketing seems very uncertain especially with a huge bombardment on the social networks, from Twitter, Google +, Linked In and the rest of all the entrepreneurs that are jumping on the bandwagon. But the highlight is Facebook; the one that started it all seems to be losing drive recently on its network due to lots of factors, one being a younger audience (under age) 18 years and less, the second is that people are losing their drive to log on to Facebook.

So has the digital marketing age hit saturation? Is it really that effective?  While it seems to be on the rise, that is only because it has become a trend, and the success of it is questionable as most are split on how effective online marketing strategies are now a days. While it created jobs for those without proper degrees, and lack of scientific knowledge for it, yet it produced a pool of Social Media experts, now whether it affects (ROI) Return on Investment directly and whether it is tangible also varies in results depending on industry, campaign or other factors at play, that are case scenario specific.

The same could be said about Linked In whether it really progresses your career, business or pay, because even here the results are mixed. Social Media Networks have provided a connection amongst people and created accounts real and fake, and it changed the face of communication and how news travels, also changing the way we lead our lives, but nothing has genuinely improved in my opinion, and that old fashioned traditional marketing is a lot better and makes more sense, but today is ineffective up to an extent.  Marketing business today forces you to get into social media marketing and whether it brings about results or not, but at the end of the day you need it so you don’t end up at a disadvantage, but there is no real advantage to social media networks when it comes to marketing.

Where I see it going, is simple, social media marketing is on the way out and so are all the fake jobs, entrepreneur wanna be’s are also on the way out, simply because of the type of people that started joining and using the network and the pool of social media experts simply reflects the basic market law of demand and supply where everyone is an expert their value drops and the job isn’t demanded for, and most importantly that a “like” or “interaction” or “impression” guarantees no sale or action towards a product or service, even though online marketing strategies give you recognition, they don’t guarantee a client stepping through the door or loyalty created towards a product or service. Again there are cases that have shown success, but at the end of the day social media marketing remains on a screen and you don’t engage personally with the buyer to close the deal.

All of the above is  opinion on data gathered nothing more or less, and reflects in way that it will happen literally.


We always dwell on numbers, as if they solve our problems and that is mostly through statistics but even when we look at the numbers, we tend to forget that the human element is missing and that is whether it is through attitudes, characters or simply to sticking to your word. People are complex, and that is no excuse for them to be the way they are in the sense of unwillingness to take up responsibility or fulfill their obligations. The human story is complex filled with all kinds of sins hovering over their heads and greed is a key player and lying is another.

Endless years of experience, setbacks and meeting the worst group of people one person can meet, you move on from phase to another. After getting a job you set out to look for a life partner, the first being bad, the second rejecting a proposal and a third canceling all together a day prior to the engagement, and that is on dealing with women. I’ve always tried to be sensible towards them, trying to see the perspective in which they claim they’re “victims” and along that path, again and again and like a fool I always ended up being the bate. The world has become a mean and dark place where money is the primary mover and emotions don’t exist even within the so-called tenderness of the sweet sex that is women. I have always hated winter and that won’t change, never hated women as a gender but when it comes to relationships I have grown bitter towards them, the truth seems to be the only way not to start with them, and you need a loan alongside to cover the ever demanding cheap “beef” of today, it is in fact cheaper to run and maintain a car and get exactly what you want out of it without having to pay huge prices that exceed your wallet most of the time and directly to your very existence.

Another valuable lesson learned, is that love doesn’t exist and that regardless of the path you choose in establishing a relationship as a guy you end up losing. Eve got us out of heaven; she emptied our wallets, and started wars amongst the men. Between heaven and hell women have ruined our lives because of number$ and the greed they drive with it, a house, a car, a maid amongst a long list of demands by them and this is eve and her apple, while the world is built on number$ it remains the problem solver and problem creator in the modern world creating cracks in our hearts beyond expectation and turning sweet dreams into nightmares, and clearly number$ and women don’t mix and eve did teach the devil!

Bank “kruptcy”

Banks have run the modern world for as long as we have existed and remembered, backed by interest rates, they have dominated the finances of the world, created fluctuations in currency and set changes in economic policy since the beginning of time. We are familiar with banks, but we are unaware off, central banks and global banks that have created the greatest gaps between the “rich” and the “poor”, and the fact remains, it is the single cartel, that knows the flow of money and controls it through its interest rates, using paper, that might as well be “toilet paper”, that is worthless, pointless and today brought banks to their knees, let me explain how the end scenario will literally look like.

Inflation is a one way street in today’s economy, it’s been settled everyone owes everyone, the end result is filthy rich class and the remainder of society below the poverty line, and the very few are on the middle class, and in some societies they barely exist, because the safety valve that is the middle class, is only there because of the banks, in other words, they own nothing “really”, it’s all for the banks. In the last scenario preceding the collapse of the banking system, cash will all be moved into gold, now the central banks could back banks, into printing money through inflation, that would bring prices of gold up either way, or if the choice is to move into gold as a primary currency and zero interest rates, gold will remain the single most precious asset in the economy.

In other words, if the governments decide to back the economies through “toilet paper” (money), the citizens of any society would still head to buying gold, creating demand, and scarcity of the precious metal, and both these factors would act as reasons for gold to sky-rocket, as for why the people would choose to head for gold, that would be for two primary reasons, lack of faith in the government and the decisions it makes, the second would be the perception or future “scare” that banks might collapse, due to the lack of cash or empty accounts, that act as funding for banks to start with on its own, without the bank applying for a “bank loan” from the central bank or on a global level.

Symptoms of a dying currency and economy, usually starts with the gap between the rich and poor, and this sign has been at play for years, and as the gap grew greater we headed from one bubble to the next, followed by recession after the next, and the last and biggest bubble in sequence would be gold, at least in theory, we will see in practice soon. The second is injustice of employer to employee and managers to owners to employee, price gaps, followed by wars to engage in exploiting whatever resources are available to keep the great economies functioning, due to debts that can’t be paid back that everyone owes everyone from these nations. That has been at play for a while and in my opinion the last and most important telltale sign would be using credit cards by most people for ridiculous amounts of cash, that are so small and insignificant to even consider a credit card for, this particular sign is translated in the drawers of cashiers from supermarkets, to restaurants, and then it reflects on people’s daily dealings when “cash” is “dry”, no one has any cash on them. This usually creates a state of living paycheck to paycheck, even to businesses, and running most businesses and leaving only those that have the greatest amount of cash through both accumulated interest rates on their money, and that got lucky with clients.

Either way,  gold will rise and inflate at rates higher than any time before and this was clear in the past 2 years and if predictions falls anything short from this, the 2 year cycle will start again with another gold rush. Gold is the only indicator for economies locally and globally and in order to understand the economy, your fundamentals should start in understanding gold, the true savior, and mover of world economies and the most precious jewel to man and women.  


Second Winter

Waking up on this cold morning, and sipping a hot cup of tea at work, gazing at the skies and horizon, I had realized this winter is different from the one that passed. Change that isn’t small in twelve months, life takes a 360 degree turn in what it is as nature, and when it comes to humans, some are born, others dead, some wed, and some have children now, and so on. 

This morning, my life is completely different and life took a full circle with me, I had shed a lot of weight off, the so-called “friends” and found out who truly supports me from “family” and who doesn’t, I had gotten a job, and the end results are mixed, while most have enjoyed putting challenges and objects on the path of my journey, there is still hope. Reading Richard Branson’s book about how he started his business, the multimillion empire and only finishing the first chapter, what I am being presented by some so called “family” members and “friends” is a joke, and if life is to get me where it Richard, I have to at least be faced with his challenges, and that may be the case in my near future, because ambition and drive cannot be described by mere words or feeling translated on a keyboard no matter how hard you punch the keys.

I hate winters, there cold and unforgiving, but they teach hard lessons, you have to put up with the cold and last winter was no exception. Having gotten this far, I can safely say, “no one knows what the future holds!”. The story isn’t finished, I don’t know when my story will turn into a corner stone, and become a benchmark, as I don’t know how many more winters my battle will last, and no one gives you a break, especially if you start moving upwards, I guess that’s life but regardless what the winter and the coming winters will hold, I remain on my standing grounds until the winter that will resolve my current set-back settles in, and since my dilemma started in winter, it is only logical that it will end in winter and then I could put an end to this part of my life on the shelf, like everything else that had become part of a memory, nothing more and nothing less.

While the second winter may have been a glorious one, and the first a nightmare, I do live in the hopes that my third winter would at least be successful, as I have future plans, lots of them, and I am still very far, I have a lot of those I have to meet in minimum “status quo” and so on. How the story ends is beyond me but while I am in winter, I will enjoy what change, life brought about and will bring in future winters.

Fortune Teller

Everything depends on perspective, an angle to a story, or which side you were on, it isn’t always quite complete. Stereotyping maybe a way of life now, but I find it most of the time, that those that are simpler than us, have some beauty in their souls, whether they’re taxi drivers, security, security guards or whatever that background may be. Maybe it is the lack of knowledge, of knowing what we know about the world or the life we live, and that more than often most people have an arrogant look with a touch of disgust at those that work in blue-collar jobs or less even.

The simpler the background, the simpler the response, a pat on the back, a gesture, a smile or even humble words like thank you end up changing these people’s lives, and you can’t blame them if they understand that the world is built on muscle, or the fact that telling a lie, to live up to community standards, whether through something they claim they own or have done, after all it is ignorance fueling them, and this particular characteristic in people is very intense, it can be very good or it can destroy those that carry it, because it is fueled by emotions.

How perceive things is vital, and perception is enhanced by experience and trial and error, and this is no exception when trying to understand people, because it is a corner stone in our lives, that we must understand them to know who to trust whether, as friends, or business, or even and most importantly our future partner in life. People act differently, depending on where they are at different times of the day, and this may be the general attitude, or a simple glimpse of when a person decides to do a good deed, and this is when experience gets in to resolve this issue, and taking into consideration that no matter how good you may be at reading people, you are at the end of the day bound to go wrong once or more, because you’re human.

One night I was driving back home, and stopped at a traffic light, and on it, was a car that had broken down, were the driver was an old woman and her kids, or grandchildren, I am not quite sure, but the person helping them was a taxi driver to move the car, as it broke down on the traffic light, and as he was helping them, an accident occurred on the same traffic light, within those minutes that the driver helped the lady, and the accident had been between a truck, and two old couple, a man and his wife, and the woman came down from her car and started shouting at the truck driver, and the taxi driver came to resolve this problem too, an act, to say the least heroic. Taxi drivers in our part of the world have the worst reputation, and I had forgotten this story until something else happened in front of me.

Another night, I was going home, not so long ago, and to my shock a taxi driver moving in front of me, had pushed the hazard button and the signals went off, and he proceeded to a stop in the road, with no pre-warning, and that got me angry in a matter of seconds, and decided to honk the horn rudely, as I drove past him, I had realized why I was a jerk at doing so, and that was he was doing two good deeds, in the form of one, a sheep had gotten away from its owners, which was close to the main road, I was on, and to my surprise he stopped to both catch the runaway sheep and to prevent from getting to the main road, that was pretty much a highway, and that he had held it back, and given to its owners, and his halt on the right hand side, was at impeccable timing as there were no cars behind me, and that he did it on the right hand side, and that night another hero from our average people saved what could have been a true catastrophe.

The moral of my stories is that sometimes, while very few exist in doing good, from any stereotype, the fact remains that good still exists, and if we were to judge people, based on their jobs, salaries, houses and cars, we would be the ones losing on the human side, and sometimes wanting to be a part of a social class or group, that is “elite” may only end up falling on our heads, as money is not the primary mover for humanity, a necessity maybe, but not a mover. The prophets, were shepherds, carpenters and so on and they had no funding for their religions, and it was all belief and faith, and they earned people’s love and owned their hearts, not their minds, and that is true humanity, and maybe after all this tech advancement it’s time for the rich to tone down the arrogance towards the poor, and the poor to stop striving for what will make their lives more miserable, when used wrong, and with these humble words I end this piece.

How to write MAGIC

Magical, charming, marvelous, and enchanting are all words related to magic directly or indirectly, but regardless of the words, I am often asked how do you write so quickly? Or how do you write so well? I am no famous writer and my work doesn’t get published, but when you get complimented more than enough, you start to appreciate that something exists in you nonetheless. Writing a beautiful piece is like painting a beautiful painting or composing a beautiful piece of music, but at the end of the day your tools are your words.

Practice makes perfect, write long enough and you start to think differently, and the topics start from being chosen by you, to being signals that come to you from time to time, something that comes from your daily life, an event that happened to you or someone you know or even a stranger, a topic or issue sometimes brought up amongst gatherings of friends or family.

Write with an ending in mind, never write for the sake of writing, always have a clear path of where you’re going with the writing, and regardless of what piece you write an article, a letter always build up to an ending, you are the composer, mislead with your words and surprise your readers. Words are powerful and influence, and like all forms of magic, the magic of words can turn on the magician, so always choose them wisely. The world is built on words, it changes souls, it creates leaders, builds and destroys people and nations, and it is the history that is written, the science that is learned it is your biography.

Writing as I have discovered recently is a craft, like any other you are the master of your destiny, regardless of what craft you have in your hand, but at the end of the day when you write and people read, then you have the responsibility of scientists on your shoulders, you become a carrier of a message, you demand for a call of action, and that changes everything. Never write for the sake of writing, most people write just to get tagged as writers, like some claim entrepreneurship in the business world, a badge that they use to cover their pitiful failures, and false writers know who they are, and know themselves, a group of people that look for awards and run around saying they have written a book and looking for someone to publish it, they’re looking to rip any one off!

In writing falseness shows, it is the topic that has the common title discussing the common topic, in a very common way without taking into consideration a twist or regard in enchant the audience, it is the story that says, I am like everyone else, and have nothing better talk about other than what everyone does. The power of words go beyond a pen and a pad or even computer and office, it is the ability to weave a masterpiece in the process of aligning letters, words and sentences together engaging the reader into a world of his/her own!

My final piece of advice tends to be a very common one that few follow through, because if you enjoy writing, not for fame or money, than keep writing to even one person, it is a passion only writers understand and the only path that success knows, writing is powerful, it is intense and it even moves the writer, and it is a good story, a really good story, told in a very unusual way, and to set an example in an outing, if two people lived the same event and one tells it and the other follows, you realize that one captivates you to demand to hear it again and again like an amazing magic trick done in any gathering.

Pursue writing, it helps you vent and express yourself, write your mind, tell your story and change people’s lives, and that is something only true writers can relate to, and above all if you want to master this craft, read a lot in order to do wonders. Don’t sit down and wonder what to do, you can write whenever and wherever and take yourself and those around you to a new platform, a new point of view and maybe then you would have achieved its purpose and that is influence and change the world through the hitting of the keys on your laptop or the sound of the pen on a book or pad.  

What will we do without FAST-FOOD?

Going to Burger King (BK) in Jordan, over the past months, I have noticed symptoms of a struggling business, despite offering fast-food at very affordable price and introducing offers, from time to time, yet they have signs of the end of an organization’s life, and they are business based on cash in a time of recession and this is good during these times.

The first shut down was University Road branch and now for cost’s sake they are making it with Papa Johns , the franchisee is one. The second branch that seems to follow that scenario is the Madinah Munawara street branch.  Every time I go, they’re under staffed and always asking for employees, but that’s not as worrying as ordering stuff of the menu, and taking into consideration that it is a franchise! Apparently the recession hit the fast-food sector, and to explain how, we simply look at rising costs of raw material and that effect everything else it even changes the kind of staff you have. BK Jordan also went for Egyptian staff as a way to cut cost, and why would I choose the fast-food industry, and link it to the rest of the sector? The answer is simple; fast-food is the most affordable (cheapest) in the market, meaning if the F&B sector’s most affordable restaurants are going under what will happen to the rest?

The outcome is obvious, and that will mean, that restaurants and quality of service and food will drop over the coming period, and the ones that stay open, will other be unbearable to eat in or too expensive and have rich clients and those will most likely survive the recession, the restaurants with rich clients, depending on consumer choice. It is cheaper today to cook and eat at home than any diner or fast-food chain and this will put down the sector that is closest to the people, this above all else is a very unhealthy indicator and if it signals, it signals to that there are bad times coming ahead, when we will have to forget that burger, fries and coke.

Telltale signs that this is bad, is that fast-food chains act as a wholesaler of restaurants, and they depend on economies of scale, and when quality drops at wholesalers, we have a problem. This out of many is a dry article of business and otherwise, but this is a prediction far or near, but at the end of the day the economy affects us whether, it’s fast-food or not.  

10 months in a Brief Case

You can’t sum up anything in 10 months, but if your life takes a course of change in 10 months more than 4 years of working and getting nowhere, then you’re bound to relate the importance, that sometimes we work so hard for years and get nowhere, but when things move, they move all at once. Where to start with the 10 months is in all honesty difficult, let me just say that I wanted to take action so I rebelled to get the wheel moving, starting with 3 months in a student dorm that had taught me, how to hold my hand on expenses, and then the burden of public transportation, along with cold nights, and the heater wasn’t good enough or to the fact that I rarely found hot water in winter, that taught me that I was taking my blessings to lightly.

That was followed with work from one job to the next, to get on my two feet, and I was backstabbed, lied to, and cheated out of my money for the work I had done numerous times. That taught me that most people can play dirty for small sums of money. I had to get creative, prepared to work anything, as I had previously done in the 4 years, but this one, I was on my own all the way, given some days were so bad, they stuck down my throat, and depression was a mood that I would set in and out of from time to time. The price of independence is expensive, in all forms emotionally, financially, and even when it comes to your social life, and the last one only shows if you come from a good financial background, this is when I lost all my “friends” that new me. when I was independent, however I was blessed with 3 different individuals, a wonderful  young  woman I met, she stood by me and accepted me exactly for who I am, nothing more nothing less, a dear friend one of a kind, hands down, if you meet her, you would love her spirit her soul, her modesty, the second was a friend I met through Facebook, a younger guy, a good friend that showed me that people are still raised properly, and that loyalty isn’t compromised in friendship. The third was a relative, a much older man, married with kids, who showed me that I have family, and that took me in, when no one would, 3 different characters, and no golden rules on stereotypes, that there is still good in this world!

During my 4 years I had tried to come to a resolution with my dad in terms of work and failed constantly, trying every trick and method, but nothing paid off, I had gotten through an engagement that hit rock bottom a year later, but today I realized that it was best to leave her, god’s will was at play, and to understand the blessing, it took me to date 2 years and a bit, and still seeing the blessings of leaving her, and had this gotten to ,marriage I would have been the one to lose it all.

Then comes the fact that I was bet against, over the course of the 4 years and 10 months, turning down the presidency of a club, because of a vision, I had seen that things were bound to be doomed, but it is the case in most people lives, you hand them advice, they don’t take it or they set out to make you look like a failure. What that taught me was that people, well most of them aren’t dependable, never depend on people, promises are mostly lies, and most compliments, tend to be due to benefits, I got a car in 10 months, made loyal friends, worked lots of jobs and got what I desired for 4 years in 10 months. Where taking a brave first step is always a pre-requisite to going anywhere.

The future is always a mystery, and for me that is the element that keeps me going, not knowing what tomorrow holds, even if predictions always fall into place, that’s not because I have a crystal ball, but rather because it all comes down to being a question of perspective, and god’s will is the one that goes through. The beauty of the hidden element, is that if you’re right, the tables turn drastically, and if your wrong it falls on your head, but life is at the end about risks, the surprise element is an adrenaline rush on its own, and if you’re wondering if I am excited about what the heavens have in store for me in its pockets, then the answer is a simple YES.

R.I.P Apple

It seems that every great story has an ending, and recently Apple’s law suit against Samsung might have been a win, but it also tells the story of the end of Apple. While the apple got Adam out of heaven, this particular apple that was bitten by Apple is the one that will offset it off the market!

All great things come to an end and every organization has a life-cycle, while Apple functioned greatly during Steve Jobs era, and as he was worshiped to near godliness, were the best description would be that he is the Beckham of the I.T industry! Apparently Apple is now coming off as a deceiver and a thief of ideas were at a time Steve Jobs covered it all up, there is no doubt in my mind that the man was a genius, however no matter how great genius maybe, all that falls, falls when the man behind it drops! Reputation is key in any industry, and the recent blunders on the (i phone 4 S) and (i phone 5) and the copy of the same phone was introduced with different dimensions only, it strikes me to see that consumers have finally woke up to this joke, the (i phone) has been the same since its launch, and the (i pad) and (i pod) are all versions of the (i phone) it is striking no one has mentioned them, however even if this is a publicity stunt to destroy the forbidden fruit’s empire, we mustn’t forget that the rest of the Apple line is at stake for further attacks!

To sum up, how Apple will begin its decent is simple, any action has its consequences and while the reputation of Apple is being struck, it is waking up the consumers, and letting out the genie any company fears!  That is the fall of the image in the eyes of those that provide the company with finances, and this guarantees no further winning law suits of Apple, since no money comes in, no one will be able to give their biased decision to Apple! Since any law suit requires money, lots of money to swing that decision, and by that I will state I believe that Samsung was wrongfully penalized since they paid what they paid, and that the Apple  suit was undeserving!

If a company loses credit at being unoriginal and a copycat of even its own products, and that the ignorant customers, have bitten into this Apple were to blind to see it, then now the charm and magic of the grand and overrated has no extinguished! Every story has an ending and this is the beginning in my opinion of the end of Apple and the rise of Samsung. I have been known to predict stuff, while my bet maybe far-fetched; I would like you to mark my words, GOD willing I won’t be wrong this time either!

To end this on a high and positive note, I don’t own any Apple products, and yes I have tried them, and still prefer my Sony Ericsson (Android) over Apple’s ignorant products that have no variety or ever change; that is one “Apple” I will not take a bite out off!


What Happens When We Choose The GODS

In life people come in two primary categories, believers and atheist, and in a modern world run by money, and things we tend to find that most, if not all choose to work the way does! However prophets came about to correct our path, and all prophets started with a few followers and were fought to extinguish the life out of the religion that was brought, and my focus are on the religions that came from heavens, and they are Islam, Christianity and Judaism!

Most people believe that having knowledge and no faith, is a primary solution, and I think we all agree to the fact that knowledge is power, and then come those that stick to the gods and they choose blind faith, if they’re deeply religious! I had posted a statues one time, to see who picked up on it, as the line came from a movie I saw once, and that was “What GOD desires”, and the actor pointed his finger to our heroes head and then to his heart, and that was what hit on a chord! The head indicated knowledge, while the heart indicated faith! But is that enough for us so our gods can help us on our conquest to success?!

The path is supposed to give you vision, to calculate that which is materialistic and that which isn’t and taking that path also helps you understand the overrated life of materialism! That alone sets you apart from the crowd, and I remember I had always debated prediction on matters of certain individuals or business or other topics, and behold the near future reveals the prediction! Faith and religion also ground you when it comes to seeing little details many overcome on their journey of life, and this in essence is what was meant and the purpose behind of a true strategist that had ever read the “Art Of War”!

All vision is that it is long-term planning versus short term, and taking a look from a perspective that very few look from! The gods have not let down those that have faith, but also the gods don’t want followers that are ignorant and look at the silly things in life, because death is a final destination whether you believed in a god from the heavens or not, and the only difference is that knowing your final destination makes all the difference in any decision you decide to make! So you see it makes all the difference to believe or not in god, but faith alone is not enough for later victory from him!

Almost Famous

Controversy and fame are two inseparable brothers, one doesn’t function without the other, and regardless of how you look at it one fuels the other! We all want fame, we all crave it, but none of us are aware of its price and it’s consequence because heroes aren’t made of solids, but their human, flesh and blood! Let me explain…….

Popularity tends to be a job, especially at around high school and work to get in, and you work to stay in, and anyone popular for a period of time no matter how short knows that once your run is over people turn against you! The only way to stick to this rush of popularity is to maintain an image that is within the targeted group without slipping, and that is not a walk in the park! We all want to be popular, and we all want to be liked and followed, but sometimes the bill we pay tends to be too high compared to our return!

Some of us get attached to popularity and fame because it is the equivalent of power, and when that happens we start stepping on the good of everyone in our way to keep our already inflated egos, inflated! What life taught me in short, that if you run around pleasing people, no one will ever like you, and if you’re a hypocrite also no one will like you, but on the other hand if you’re liked and step on everyone to keep that position you end up with no friends “fake” or “true”, it also reflects a dictatorial mentality, but regardless, to leave with that dream, that you work so hard to acquire, briefly put in the simplest words, my advice is no matter how much your liked, remember you are at the end of the day human, and “Don’t Let It Get To Your HEAD”!

This blog has been issued in the purpose of boycotting, the arrogant sick freaks in our community!      

ال مقهى “الليلي”

اكثر الشباب و بالتحديد العزاب منهم تعرض لهذا الموقف و لو لمرة واحدة على الأقل و هو ان يدخل على مقهى و بينما يستحلي مكان ليجلس به يقال له “الطاولة محجوزة” او “للعائلات” و هذه ظاهرة اصبحت دارجة و حقيرة لان معظم تلك الطاولات “المحجوزة” او “للعائلات” ليس لها غاية مقصد الا مقصد للعاشقين الذين لم يبلغ جسمهم او عقلهم و ان كانوا قد بلغوا ففي كلتا الحالتين المنظر الذي يقابلك اشبه بذلك بالنادي او الملهى الليلي.

هو يضع يديه حولها و يعنقها و يكاد ان يقبلها و هي تأتي بما هو اشبه بثياب النوم و ان كانوا مجموعة يصبح الوضع لا يختلف نسبيا عن “بارات” الغرب. بقرارات الادارات السامية للمقاهي يصبح الشاب الذي “يدفع” و لا “يطول بالجلوس” و الذي يأتي “بأحترامه” غير مرغوب به و لكن الفتاة التي تأتي بعشيقها و “تحجز” الطاولة ل “ساعات” و يقضون الوقت بما لا يرضي الله فهذا مباح! السؤال هو اين اهلهم؟ وهل مات ضمير صاحب المقهى؟ او ان صح التعبير ان ما يسمح به بالخارج يرضى به في بيته؟

لا توجد كلمات حيث اصبح الحرام “مباح” و الحلال “محرم” و ان قابلت ايا من كان من العامة و ان سألت يقول لك “الدين” و “الله” و لكن هو ايضا مع “الانفتاح”! لكن ما يزعجني هو ان بين من شبابنا من يقبل الامر كشيء مسلم و واقع و ان الراشدين من المجتمع لا ينطقون! هذه الظاهرة تضر بالمجتمع اكثر من “التدخين” او “الارجيلة” عموما و للايناث خاصة! انما نسمح للمزيد من الانحلال الاخلاقي تحت شعار “محجوز” او “للعائلات” و يكون جالس صاحب المقهى يملئ عينيه من المحرمات و النظر على الفتيات اليافعات و الشيطان دخيل على النفس فهي تشتهي! القصة ان الحركات التي لا تمس بالتربية او الخلق باتت في المقاهي و على عين الجالسين . للتنويه السياسة هذه ليست عامة فهناك مقاهي لا تتبع سياسات “التطفيش” للشباب و تمنع مثل هذه الحركات الخادشة للحياء و لكن هناك من يسمح و يشجع!

 السؤال هو هل سنبقى صامتون فقط لاشباع انظارنا و غريزتنا على حساب من بعدنا؟

هذا موق فالموقف الذي نتعرض له يوميا في المجتمع و نحن نريد ان نقول انه ما زال هناك خير و هناك من يصمت عن الحق و هو ليس الا شيطان اخرس! ان اردتم الخير في مجتمعكم بادروا به فالتغير يبدأ بالنفس لا “بالتنظير” على الغير! اتمنى ان تكون كلماتي قد وصلت و الامانة بلغت اهلها اترككم لعل التغيير الافضل سيكون على ايديكم!

“Night Club Café”

The other day I went with a couple of my friends to a café and ironically when we wanted to sit on an almost empty terrace, we were told by the waiter that the tables were “reserved” or in other cafes for “families”. A disgusting phenomena that indicates that cafes are no longer places to watch matches, drink coffee or smoke hubbly bubbly but rather, they have become on the most part scenes from a “night club” or “bar” and the reason is simple because of such ridiculous policies by management underage lovers and those that are legal also gather in such a location!

The respectable single male that goes to drink his coffee or watch his match, and pay his dues before leaving is no longer welcome, but the foolish lovers that reserve a table for hours only for the owner of the café to feast his eyes on the young beauties of women, knowing well he wouldn’t allow this attitude in his family! The hugs and intimate holding of hands and stolen kisses have turned this public place into a playground for foreplay amongst the genders! Questions arise, such as where are their parents? Why is such absurdity allowed in cafes to start with? What happened to the place of single respectable men?

Apparently while this is common, some cafes still have self-respecting management and don’t allow for such actions and limit their customers amongst their regulations at the same time allowing singles to come in!  The fact remains that since some cafes still allow it and the hope for young men and women to put the owners  in place, our youth chose silence, and what is worse, is the adults that have no sense or conscious to take corrective action because at the end of the day this is more than a health issue of smoking, it is a sign of moral decay that we allow that our children and their children will pay the price! We as a community apparently chose silence; above all else we chose to befriend the devil!

As a writer my duty is to inform the community of what I see, through my eyes, as my corrective action, I am hoping that the readers of this article will be able to induce change on the ground to save our communities publicly and clearly growing moral decay! I have informed you and my duty from here ends and yours start! Best of luck!


We all have seen cats and dogs running around the neighborhood, however that’s not unusual and neither is waking up to them underneath the car! However what not all have encountered was a cat in the engine, yes I woke to cat in the engine, but not at my house but I was in the neighborhood of a relative!

How the cat got in the engine was beyond me, and why my car, when there were plenty of similar cars with the neighbors, but if you were wondering the cat came out alive and was stuck in one of the engine bays empty gaps between the axis and the engine! Don’t ask how it got there because that’s a mystery even beyond me! Anyways the day before, another cat sat in the same neighborhood and started licking my car’s front bumper, and when I looked at it, the cat sat down and stared at me for minutes, and got comfy! The story of cats and my life is very recent, but to get to the point of removing a tire to extract a cat out of an engine bay is a first, and the “meowing” of the poor thing is what saved its life, as the undercarriage of my car isn’t covered, but why would it fancy a cozy corner inside the engine, above all else, as mentioned earlier there are similar cars in the neighborhood, why this one?

It has been said and I have also read that animals, can see through our souls, or know when danger is coming to us, they have saved lives, dogs or cats, but what has been happening to me recently, were a cat decides to stop in front of my car on a busy street unless I stop or honk the horn, it seems like it simply is committing suicide! I am longing for an answer to this phenomenon, as I don’t understand animals, but do believe in the hidden, in which god’s creations have the ability to see what we can’t and hear what we can’t! I would love to know whether it is bad or good as a sign!  

Some things in religion and in life are left unanswered, and by that I mean how faith can be tested if not through the things that are left to our hearts! It is scary not to know what is hidden from us, but at the same time the rush of faith is almost like a fuel that will never replenish! I believe whatever the cats see in me must be something beyond our senses, but I also hope it is good, and will rely on my faith, as maybe I may be saved by a cat one day as I did with this one! It happened on a beautiful morning, and I leave you with this much advice check under the hood “literally” every morning, as you don’t know what gift GOD is sending that day!  


Islam, The Controversy Amongst “Muslims”

Lately and especially at social gatherings, and with friends, no issue is hotter than what Islam has provided for women’s rights. While I may stick to the conservative background and despite being educated a western education and my life was between the west at school and the east at home, I strongly stand on religion, not east or west! Religion provides clear constitution and protects and respects women and the Quran is not the Muslims only reference we have what is called the Sunnah or what the prophet said or did (PBUH).

We also have a lack of identity, which is a direct and indirect result of how religion is reflected or taught and the fact that culture and religion have clashed, due to the fact that religion is an umbrella in which most in society use as an excuse to do what they do! They do that through taking one part that works for them and promoting, however we have those that believe in god and fast during the holy month of Ramadan but at the same time demand feminism! So which is it divine laws or human written laws! The topic is wide and has many aspects, but to get to the point let’s start with the simple and the most obvious, we’re a consuming society, and copy the west blindly! The rules of the jungle clearly applies, and were religion says no to “bf” and “gf” however some find it ok! This is no exception to Islam as there are those in other religions that skew away, what makes this an exception is the fact that anyone carrying the vessel of Islam is looking for the benefit of the “I” religious or not, were as other religions have followers that serve their religion and their society at large!

I am sorry to say whether they’re conservative or liberal, the Islamic identity is lost in between, and if you don’t believe me research Islam and the read about the religion and its divine constitution! Which is why regardless how many times we gather, or meet we remain in conflict! When a guy says “Amen”, and then says he wants to see the verses and then be persuaded by them, this isn’t belief by any religions standards and blasphemy by ours! Then comes the veil, or hijab, which is strange since nuns of the Christian belief wear them and so do Jews! But for Islam to flourish we should unite around our religion and that can only be done once our religion is truly understood, and then only then can we fight off the media that’s making Islam look like a religion of terror along with the top of state individuals that sell off their religion at the expense of it and the good of its followers!  

Hate or love it, at the end of the day I must admit that whether the issue is feminism or hijab or a woman working or traveling alone, Islamic societies don’t provide healthy grounds for religion to foster and grow! I urge the Muslims that read this to go back to religion and actually apply it, don’t sell us your belief, everyone can see a liar! You only end up cheating yourself and GOD and with that I leave you wishing you the best of luck!   

Common Man “Above All Suspicion”

Ever since I got my common car and decided to leave all the riches, so that all those that are my friends for the cheese could leave, I discovered not only do you have a filtration of friends, but even society looks at you differently! The only way to appreciate the difference is if you were on top and hit rock bottom overnight, and then you realize how narrow minded most people are, and greedy, it’s disgusting and gives you goose bumps at times!

Going to a concert, the other day, I realized that people listen to the music that comes from the streets, there are those that write the words nearly smelling the streets living our every moment! I could relate, I was inspired almost hit by a train, a wake-up call, if you will! Common men are place of suspicion nowadays simply for being down to earth, you should buy a car you can’t afford to please society, a house you can’t afford to live in, or a cell phone that needs to be changed every few months, so that you’re not harassed or rise above suspicion in any society!

Don’t expect that simply because you decided to shed materialism of your back or what the world has to offer, is no longer enchanting that people will give you break! On the contrary you become the number one suspect simply because you’re against the flow, and that you become the crazy loony, guy that has no sense on how the world runs! From my perspective why take more than you need why live above your capabilities to please people that are only there for benefit and neither you like them, or they like you! Being to image based creates a sense of greed in our souls, and yes most of us, have weak faiths, and most of us are easily charmed by what little bones life has to offer, a man that is sold for a cent or a million is a man that is cheap and has a price, and where moral principles don’t exist and life has taught me that they’re the worst kind of friends!   

Common men aren’t above any suspicion in an image based society, on the contrary, lift up the common man banner, and speak their words and deliver their message and all you become is a suspect, it’s rude and degrading for people to point fingers at you simply, because of your social and financial statues, it reflects bias in classes and creates arrogance in society, living on the other side is both enlightening and difficult, to feel and understand the common man, you must live in his shoes first, in order to understand injustice at its best!

Warning Label!

Moving in the alleys of the supermarket, and brushing my hand over the items, and reading the labels, I couldn’t help noticing, preservatives, coloring, this chemical and that! Strangely enough these items last a lifetime on and off the shelf, but are we really seeing the warning signs, such as the fruits that are available out of season and their sizes, or the chicken and sheep?! There is always more than what meets the eye, and maybe, just maybe if we look closer there are more words and meaning between the lines and what meets the naked eye!

Those aren’t the only labels that warn us, there are the signs we get from the divine powers, a force in change in direction a change in our paths, in our fates, or destinies, sometimes those open up different doors and lead to greater, better and newer places! Understanding these signs is relative, as people classify into three main groups, the first being the one that learns from all the others mistakes and picks up the warning signs as they come and he is the wisest, the second being the person that eventually picks up the signs after he had lost a few times and out of his own pocket, and finally the third type and that is the ignorant, arrogant and the most foolish of them all, and he sticks to his guns out of his pride and believes he is right and all those around him don’t know where they’re going.

Unfortunately we are a people that doesn’t read, we don’t know what instructions are for, or what a user manual is, and sometimes we base our facts on the words of others, credible they may be or not, and we don’t bother reading on how things work! Which is why we consume and don’t produce; we are a nation of people that wants everything without the effort!  All these are warning signs, we don’t trust foreign products, yet we are not ready to learn to produce them on our own! We pick up a trendy habit like smoking even if the label clearly states that smoking causes cancer! We keep our engines running in gas stations and smoke as well! We take meds randomly without taking the symptoms into consideration!

We move in random chaos and ask why we are third world, or why we are slaves to the educated, we claim we understand and the warning label, clearly states we should read! We eat junk food and know it’s unhealthy, we live by the rule of the jungle and we know it’s wrong!

To sum up the creators of certain products, gave instructions on how to use them or trouble shoot them! GOD our creator gave us an instruction manual and that is the Holy Quran and it clearly stated “Read”! What GOD desires is our hearts and minds, our hearts for faith and minds for the world we live in! Please read the label next time you plan to shop!  

Where’s my mechanic?

Despite driving for a few years, and having tried a variety of cars, engines, and drive-trains, I still believe that dealing with craftsmen is a headache even if you have an extra car or two! Which is why sometimes I wonder about the agony someone would suffer he was dependent on one car! I am sure all of us have had a problem with our cars at some point, and then the search for a proper mechanic starts, unless we deal with dealerships after-sales service, then the price of maintaining the car becomes too high! So why are mechanics the way they are?

In the Middle East if you’re a school or a high school dropout, you go to a career that involves your hands, and even sometimes if you don’t pass high school to university, a craft to earn a living becomes necessary, whether it is as an electrician or builder or painter or whatever! The problem starts when we put our lives in the hands of the uneducated, but some of them are really good through experience, but is it really enough to put a 1 ton and half to 2 in the hands of a man who has no idea about the science of motors, bodywork or electrical work of a car?

I always dreamed of being an auto technician and therefore got a book on the science and read, and had the privilege of working in a workshop for a month, but because of my father, society and other factors, I was pushed out of my drive, my passion and everything I  had dreamed of as a child, all in the name of society and social conduct, and that is given because of our background! Working with the blue-collar man, you notice a simplicity, where experience wins over science, and the knowledge is in his hands and that empowers him to answer, and drag you and tell you what he wants, because simply put, you don’t know what’s going underneath your car’s hood! Craftsmen also have a tendency not to give appointments and stick to them, they say, “We don’t know how long it will take!” or, “What the problem is until we test the car!” This is where the science of it all comes in!   

As the educated and wealthy part of the community, we decide what is acceptable, so unless we accept a craft as being that for a respectable man, then and only then will we see our cars, roll out of workshops without the need for them to be repaired sometime soon after that! Not to forget to mention that we pay more than actually needed, because some of them do rip you off in mid daylight, and you can’t say anything because you need your car!

Then comes the problem with the educated graduates of the respected fields related to automobiles, that graduate, and can’t read a warning light on the dashboard, or appreciate the good from the bad or the ugly in the auto world, and that simply follow the flow of society in which what everyone desires and everyone drives, is the best car on the market, maybe so but reliability and technology are still part of the evaluation of such an item!

All this leaves us, at a conclusion, that going to a mechanic is a struggle, first you need to find someone you can trust, and then you need someone who doesn’t cheat you and above all else does actually know his mechanics!

 Enjoy your trip to the workshop next time!

Common Man Fever



Let me put it as simple as I can, humans tend to enjoy double standards, men or women, but this isn’t about the genders or the problems we face amongst each other, it is the tip of the ice berg and the actions we take that contradict with what we say! No one enjoys an arrogant human being at any occasion even those that have such a character don’t enjoy their kind! The answer to my question as to what the images have in common is on its way, simply keep reading……..

Sun Tzu said that in order to excel a leader must own all that is in the heavens and on earth, and what meant by that was to have the love of the masses, in order to gain such love and respect, a man must go down to those beneath him, and live how they live and eat what they eat, and sleep where they sleep. Che Guevara left his rich family, and after studying medicine went off to cure the poor for free and joined the Cuban revolution, leaving a lavishing life, of rest and riches. The African American was brought to America as a slave to the white man and fought to get his rights and struggled generation after generation for the basic needs and eventually he got the deserving recognition. Then comes the story of the Palestinian scarf, my home land and the struggle of my brothers and sisters against the occupation over generations to stop colonialism and return what is ours! As for the green car, that would be mine, the modern Volkswagen of our era, the car associated with the young men and women of Jordan, the birds, are the angry birds, and I am great fan and enjoy the game, it is an act of self-representation and following the common flow of those young men and women!  

I had mentioned earlier that as humans we use double standards and in a modern materialistic we world we all aspire to and seek wealth and at times at any price! Some of the upper and middle class tend to act as if anyone outside their living standards and social status doesn’t deserve respect, the same applies to the scarf which today is made and worn in different colors to represent young men and women who relate to the cause, Che had influenced our aspect in life and turned into an icon in which he represents free men and revolution, and some copy his style in dressing, hairstyle or even the cap! The African American influenced America and the world from their rap music to their dress code! This car represents the common man of Jordan sometimes mocked, or used in caricatures but we aspire and follow and imitate the underdog, it even got to clothing trends which I some of us know as the worn out jeans of the blue jeans and its lighter tone in color together, because they couldn’t afford a new pair!

The moral is this, we seek a better life and mock those beneath us, yet they become iconic, imitated, and at times followed. Despite all that we do not understand how they live on minimum wage or their problems! Seeking wealth only gets you wealth, but seeking to understand the common man makes your stars shine! That’s what Sun Tzu meant, but I believe that the underdog, not only is a hero because of the final results, and a writer of his destiny and path but also and above everything else he has a story to tell and a lesson to be taken from him!  

My advice would be to live in their shoes and wear modesty as a crown when dealing with them, because people are more important than wealth, and modesty will get what money can’t buy, and that is respect and love of people!


One Yes/نعم واحدة/uno yes/un sí/un oui/ein Ja

Waking up every morning, with the feeling of something that won’t get down your throat and that is you haven’t achieved anything in your life, or are trying and nothing is working for you! Then the rest of your day becomes a state of depression, and it nearly brings you to the ground, and as a guy I relate to depression with the beard that hasn’t been shaved for a while, or the unexplainable rage, by walking around like a raging bull amongst other stuff! But in life there are those who succeeded and those who have failed but the thin lines that  separate both is not the difference between us as humans, because generally speaking we all have the capability to succeed because we have minds, and torsos that we all can use effectively!

We tend to flip jobs in today’s market like crazy because of the economy, and limited job opportunities that are worth seeking and remaining in, and most of us have been through frictional unemployment, that is in periods between jobs were we don’t work! Most of us also have worked in different jobs wether it is dependent on our physical powers or our mental ones. Then comes the bosses we have suffered under, and then the working hours, and sometimes the jobs that we hate most even if the other two weren’t a problem! By that I mean jobs that are desk jobs or that have no room for growth or sense of achievement, where selling hot dogs on a stand would be a better opportunity and bring greater joy!

Non the less there are some of us that are risk takers and some more than others, and then the most common being those of us that play it safe! With high risk comes high return, but that is easier said than done, and want they never taught us at schools and universities are that perseverance and patience in order to achieve our goals.

Primarily we are looking for “one yes” and by that I mean that we all seek one opportunity to prove ourselves, a moment that we all want to seize and grasp and make it our 15 minutes of fame, if not more! Life is short not to create something out of yourself while you’re in it, leaving behind a legacy, an achievement, and sometimes I as a young man, and sometimes see young men and women like me, all fighting for that opportunity, for that “yes” to achieve a goal, a desire, and a passion we have been driven for, despite the fact that we are failing most of the time, and tend to get turned and in our journey to success we choose a path chosen by the few in order to make the biggest difference and take the biggest risks in the process! But it is those young men and women, that no matter how high the tides come in or how difficult the road to success becomes, it is that which makes them hold tighter to their dreams and to become stubborn towards succeeding, and the lesson that should be learned, is that whether we get the “yes” or not doesn’t matter as long as we don’t stop trying and the beauty of our journeys to “one yes” is more beautiful than the destination and that the lessons accumulated are ours to keep and our successes along the way will remain ours!   


Meeting someone on a daily basis that tends to speak his mind and turn out to be speaking about something in the future, that actually happens is very unlikely, but is it possible? People have different gifts in life, some are great with their hands, some master numbers, others have an eye and are talented with designs of whatever, and some have bodies that endure heavy exercise, and are fit by nature, and so eventually everyone takes his perfect in life doing what he does best!

Perfection is god’s work and all else is in imperfect, no one truly has everything not just as character, but also in terms of wealth, whether, they’re married, and they may not be rich or rich but not fit, or educated but not on the best of education and the secret behind this is that people remain in the need of each other, some master writing and others playing music but both depend on each other to create the master pieces we see and hear!

Growing old, I thought life was simple get married, get a job and have kids, but with a turn in events, as it turned out I was still growing up and being taught by the divine powers, that life is more than a job from 9 – 6 or wife no matter how necessary companionship is, but rather, that the greatest life is the life we live for others, and to leave a message to become proactive, and to move positively in god’s lands! We have all read a holy book at some point in time regardless of our religion, but what you tend to notice is that people read and whether they understand what this user manual for humans says. Seems that they don’t we operate on randomness as humans following the flocks of people, the masses without the ability to make a sound decision ourselves! I am Muslim and proud and our holy book the Quran covers every aspect of our lifestyle, yet when I see educated young men and women that run behind the identity of the west I feel ashamed, not because we copy the west, every culture has its traditions and values, but the young men and women in the Arab world have lost their identity leaving what is divine for what is human!

A quote I once read said, “If you stand on your two feet you have the space you stand in, but if you stand on principle then the whole world is yours”.  To strive a nation or a people must have moral codes of conduct and a reference to adhere to, now regardless how much religion should interfere into law is debatable, but divinity and morals and principles must be infused in a society to create human capital that is powerful, and that is young men and women with an identity, that lead and don’t follow other cultures in which they lose their values in the process, regardless of religious background!

The epiphany I got was simple, and that is I am here to do more than just eat, work, fornicate and sleep, but rather to send a message to get up every morning and say I want to help someone today, or take someone by the hand and show guidance into god’s path! The words we hear every day are not random, but rather messages from god to get up and live a happy life that rotates more than around our mere selves!    

What If?

In and out of life’s corridors and hallways we bump into each other seeking the most basic set of human emotions, that have one source and that would be the heart! On a journey we call our life we meet people that we, “like”, “love”, “hate” or simply “avoid”, and through that path we choose those that stay with us until the end, and we enjoy their company and those that leave in between, that simply come in and out of our lives to fill a certain purpose, or  fill up a certain gap in our human emotions to take us to the next level or to prepare us for something bigger, and if neither, they simply show up at the right time and place to support us at that particular moment in which we grasp on to the human emotion offered to us by others unconditionally!

We choose our life partners, but choosing too soon, before knowing people tends to create a sensation of regret and wishful thinking, of what if I had got engaged to her instead of the one I ended up divorcing? What if I got that job at the time, maybe my life would be different now? What if I had more support from those around me instead of resistance? As a person I am not the kind to regret decisions made, on the contrary most of my calls in life were spot on, at least most of the time!

But we as we grow, we meet more and more people and learn as we go along, who to trust, who to love, and who to avoid. Sometimes what if, comes in because despite the compatibility between to humans and all else, things don’t work out! We’re holding back on reasons to them protecting each other, unwilling to victimize each other! Such human emotion can’t be described, and it’s called “love” and that is when if you were to literally grab this emotion you would end up with the power of a nuclear plant!  

The energy the words those we love provide us, and the motive to achieve something on which we please each other as humans is indescribable, and this emotion is the essence of life, the reason we exist as humans! The man chooses the woman he loves and gives her everything happily and willingly and she projects that unconditional love to her children almost creating a circle of protection and love called family and all unconditionally! But sometimes some of us don’t end up with those we deserve or deserve us, or those that love us or we love, but all that comes down to us at the end of the day, and that is the only choice as humans we were given was our life partners, not our siblings, and not our parents, but rather those we love, those that understand us and we understand, without saying a word, sometimes with a glance and expression, to the point that you feel psychic by them, almost like a glove that fits perfectly in your hand or a shirt or whatever you choose as a metaphor!

No need for what if, if we make that move and take the decision to make a move, and courage even in love is required because those that are perfect for us come once in a lifetime, and even if we don’t end up with them at least seriously try and don’t leave yourself in regret simply because of a social norm or because of what society standardizes as minimum requirement, when religion shows support and right defeats wrong, then with that face the world for those you truly love!

All men die, but very few live! That is find someone to live for and move to the human in emotions we lack in today’s miserable world provided that you stick to principal and morals to rise above the rest in your fight for those you love !

This piece was inspired by a friend! Thank You for being there when I needed you the most!


Summer is here and in the East it’s more than a season it’s a charade for the crazy and ignorant! One of the primary seasons, as weddings are the only thing that grabs your attention and it is for most a onetime opportunity, a roll of the dice, a change of fate, but as to why we will get to that later! Growing up during my attendance of social obligations, I have found that I would attend a funeral any day of the week but wouldn’t attend a wedding; I am invited to even if I were paid!

Before you get to the wedding, you go through a very intense filtration process, which starts by finding the bride, and then actually passing the interrogation by both parents, assuming one likes you, your life becomes a lesser of a hell, and then you need to fulfill the quota, your looks, finances, what you work and how you plan to take this long life investment that the parents want a return on! Of course the story isn’t clear cut, she might be a little too tall or short, a little too dark skinned or white, or she simply may have an attitude problem! All else is manageable except for the “attitude”!

Assuming all is well and you fight your fight and get your girl, and go broke in the process, then comes the craziness of preparing the engagement and wedding, and the apartment, and that is assuming you already own one already! But nothing is more exciting in a wedding than being a third perspective viewer. The other day I happened to park by a wedding hall, and then a closer look at the guests and you realize that weddings are more than just then events and the greatness of “eves” craziness shows!  In this part of the world women take this opportunity to show off their daughters in to other women that have sons, and preparing them before the engagement, or wedding to become the perfect “bait” for the perfect “mark”! Or she simply has lots of daughters, so she makes her look tall with story high heels and make-up to look her best, but all aside women also attend weddings to recharge their dancing batteries! Try taking one to a wedding and pray to get home! Then comes the brothers, fathers, and sons that are dragged to the wedding for two reasons to find a suitable bride for him, if he is old enough, or the fact that males are simply dragged to such events, by the huge grins on their faces, which is by the way “priceless”!

Moving on to the hall in which the wedding takes place, and that is where all the action takes place, since competition is at its best, and every girl/woman shows off both her beauty, and etiquette of dealing with her future “mother in law”, needless to say that gossip circulates and rumors and the idea that the woman coming to get a man, is more “beautiful” than even the bride! Competition is so low during such event that they start closing in on each other, without giving you the feel that “hatred” and “jealousy” actually exists! After all it is women that taught the devil!

It is sad to see that weddings are a place for false images and a place for investment to push the extra stock of “women” in a man’s life! I have grown attached up to a point to this one I met, and she is different! I used to believe in traditional weddings and still do, up to an extent, but my current circumstances have drifted me away from those I have loved to spend a lifetime with, and I can only hope and pray for a lifetime of happiness with those we choose! Only to change the a truth or a near fact today that people grow sad as they grow old together, and the fact remains that as we are created for each other both “Adam” and “Eve” , then the love and need to each other should remain between a married couple forever!  I can only hope for that much for myself and those getting into marriage after me, instead of it being a social and physical need that some simply some cover, as it is a lifetime, and the physical and social needs become obsolete with time!  

Engagement Rings

When the word “adventure” comes to mind you may think that it means, for example to some “drifting” in a car, or jumping of a “cliff” , or even to some it would be eating “unhealthy” foods. Regardless of the relativity of the term, in a life time full of adventure there is nothing more exciting than discovering “eve”, whether its general phrases used or actions that seem to be from a one ended relationship, hence the title!

In the interaction of eve and lately, you get to a point where women are more than men, living costs are through the roof, spinsters and divorce rates are on the rise are all factors that add up to both a guy being approached and women being fooled! To sum up the experience I have had before getting into the details of the story, I would start by saying that the foundation amongst women is one, but some are gorgeous, in behavior and attitudes, and those are rare, and then there are the common type, nothing worth looking at in value, whether appearance or the core! Since foundation is one most characteristics and actions should be similar, for example the most common phrase I have encountered among women is “I am different from the rest!”, with an emphasis and methods of persuasion, it’s almost like going to buy one product of the store shelf, however the labels are different and so are the salesmen!

The second most common phrase is, “I got a groom coming to ask for my hand!” which tends to mean, come ask for my hand you “jerk”! The Middle Eastern culture enjoys the fact that most women are dreamers of prince charming, and with current situations he becomes a “target”, or “mark” so she can get married, the third common phrase would be, “ I have problems at home, and it’s time for you to ask for my hand in marriage!” The stories of the adventures lived with “eve” are endless, but my favorite was a situation I lived with a girl I barely knew, and she said, “I don’t believe you did that, from you it’s different!”  This gave me this articles title. I was left in “aww” since it happened in a café which was crowded with lovers and other people, and got me thinking whether I had forgotten the engagement ring at home!  This brings me to what this phrase means, and it simply means she assumed you love her like she loves you, and that she is living a fantasy you’re unwilling to be a part of!

Generally speaking most women apply these pressure points and phrases, but there are very few that truly stand out from the rest and when they “say it”, they “mean it”! The problem remains that at the end of the day in life’s greatest adventures, women not only cover a basic emotional and physical need, but for the right minds they cover entertainment as well!  

27 Grey Hairs

Looking in the mirror every morning I realize that the amount of grey hair in my head is constantly increasing! I had just turned 27 and wonder why sometimes, that this is the case. In order to understand how any person came to be today, look at their past and that will unravel the greatest mystery of all and that is their history! Never undermine it, because towards the end every story has a lesson and every past has something to offer for the future through buildup of experiences, mistakes and events that occur in a man’s life!

Growing up is different from growing old, since we all grow old, some of us never grow up, and that is some of us never learn from our mistakes and hence never grow up! The grey hair then won’t be more than decoration on his head.  During a very simple and short life, you get betrayed, mislead and find out who your real friends are, which by the way are the ones you never expected, and your enemies can be as close as family can get or even your future wife! During 27 years god sends you bullies, and a father that gives you the best part of his mind when you don’t ace your exams. You get called a loser, and people work hard on it to make you believe that! You become the pawn in the lives of some and a source of funding for others, and in 27 years you struggle to work your way up.

All you end up seeing is the cover, or image a man with grey hair, with lots of stories to tell and a life full of adventure, and that if you ask him if this is the life he would choose? He would reply, “No” The reason being is he had learned a harsh lesson about the world, such as trusting the wrong friends in times of need, or that love was in the wrong place, because apparently love requires “loyalty” and “respect” before its initiation, and that he learned that those who truly supported him aren’t those necessarily closest to him!

In brief he would say, “To sum up life, we live and die and remain ignorant of it!” See turning 27 with grey hair doesn’t necessarily mean that I should dye it, simply because it tells stories, that some may never understand or circumstances that rocked the boat that is my life only to keep purifying the type of people and friends that only exist to some in myths!

Wonder what 28 grey hairs would tell us next year?!

Alpha, Mentos, Cute & Curly

Cute and curly most is most likely a description fitting a sheep! Metaphorical or literal and the differences in the use of such words in the Middle East and relative meaning in accordance to context! Sheep look great for BBQ and on a plate literally and metaphorically. Mentos is used to refresh again literally and metaphorically!

The story of the 3 starts with men, yes Men! See men have been segmented through these three terminologies with combos or without. Now the Arabic culture has formed an ideology that if a guy is used by a gold digger then he is cute and curly, but the term has broadened the term. Cheverly a term I know longer here, and that is the finest way in which a man treats a woman! But men now a days only exist in most of women’s imagination, and they’re called “Alpha” and the other 2 are the subsidiary that came about, but curly part is sometimes referred to in the Arab culture as being “Rkhees”, or “cheap”!  Mentos is a guy that is between being Homo and a man, and he tends to be neither and the slang term in Arabic would be “Na3noo3”, and he tends to be the real type, he exists and lots of them around. As for the cute and curly, they tend to be a handful and women compete on them, seeing who can squeeze most out of this fresh pray, and they tend to be rare and hardly ever marry a woman they use! Alphas, and they could be either successful or not but generally they’re the dominant males amongst both genders and this term is very “broad” and “vague” as the definition of “Alpha” depends on both background, education, financial and the culture that produces such an “Alpha”.  Perception of “Alpha” also varies amongst women for the same reasons mentioned before!

I was intending to come up with a golden rule that separates, these types, but then I had a breakthrough, and that is that even Men vary in character depending on the female they encounter, and that means that depending on the relationship they have established with the opposite gender, is what determines their type! Immediate family members, males tend to be more of the “alpha” type, but when it comes to spouses or lovers then they turn into “cute and curly”.  Mentos is a separate case and tends to have some “cheapness” into its characteristic, that is if a male can be both “Mentos” and “cheap”, but not “Mentos” and “Cute and curly”.  

This is not a direct study, but observation has shown that in practice these terms exist. Next time before you make a move classify yourself and remember even as men we’re stereotyped and classified!

Restaurant Review

Are you HUNGRY? A question that can be answered in many shapes and forms and can have a lot hidden behind it! But the adventure of food starts with initiating a war and the declaration tends to be this very question! The second step is choosing the grounds, and that is usually followed by choosing the arsenal (type of food) and the soldiers, your friends/enemies that will join you on the very same table and share your meal! But sharing meals and adding company can tell you more than what you need about a person, and sometimes too much!

When the answer is “no” then the story stops here, however “yes” is a completely different “ball game”. Once you decide where to go you initiate with the offer of where to go, however if the outing has been offered you become the victim of others! Choosing a place reflects a lot on any group of people going or any two friends or on a date! Good local knowledge can be impressive and even a big appetite for food can be a great impression, since you generally don’t dislike any particular “food” and by “food” I mean quantities!

I will fast forward to the restaurant scene, you are sitting on a table and everyone proceeds with their orders and that’s where generally speaking things show! Some like the food etiquette scenery and personally not a big fan, and generally speaking any one that enjoys the etiquettes of eating tend to like anything of priced even if it’s at a place that over charges for cold food on a grill and a fridge like one in the supermarket! Then come those that are on a diet, and they love a salad even out of a fast food chain, their the type that believe in a healthy lifestyle no soft drinks, wearing the seat belt and drinking selected bottled water, they tend to be the very picky type! Then comes the one that’s their for the sake of “benefit”, that particular individual comes only to eat what he can, at the expense of others, and tends to love going home with as much as he can as leftovers for the sake of exploitation, that is if he can squeeze more than what he paid for?!  He/she tends to be the greedy type and generally not a good friend or colleague and a hard person to work with since being “cheap” is their slogan!  Then comes the heavy weight champ, and certain characteristics dominate such as generally being overweight, a lover of meats and doesn’t believe in etiquette and hates complimenting and it is clear during a gathering!

The story doesn’t stop there and is followed by picking up the bill and if it is a group, the idea becomes how to divide the bill fairly, but usually there is someone a “mark” that becomes a viable option to pay the biggest portion, generally being the weakest link. Once you become that mark simply remember that those aren’t a group you should hang out around for long! There are times those that lead this fascinating adventure but depending on the “general” tone they can be leaders or simply “selfish”!

Some consider that no matter where you take them, isn’t good enough but rather they deserve a better more “expensive” place and most times these very individuals come from backgrounds that are less than yours and live the part because they have “childhood” problems that they couldn’t get over!

In conclusion sharing a meal can tell a lot more about a person from their eating habits, choice of restaurants, and choice food! Next time you go out pay closer attention to those around you, and you can see that “ACTIONS truly speak louder than WORDS!” .

Driven To Madness!

When sane educated men hit rock bottom and act out of their nature, know this much, that whatever drives men to success can drive them to madness! Around two years ago I was at the top of my sanity and everything was falling together like it was supposed to, but then I slowly turned mad! MAD! MAD! Insanity was something I qualified for at some point, but like all men, there are those that make us or break us!

Humans are social animals by nature, but the story is incomplete, because we’re social animals to our opposite sex. Anything outside that circle is abnormal, but regardless, the heart desires whatever the heart desires, and no one can decide on the behalf of our emotions.  Around two years ago I made the most foolish decision I could ever make and that was to get engaged and I was 24 at the time, don’t ask why or what happened; it simply happened!

When decisions have to be made with (+1) in the equation, everything changes because what one decides directly influences the other! So if you get stuck with someone, that has the typical Arabic mentality of doing everything to both get their way or to intimidate you, then you will be driven to insanity, and then followed by a blood sucking person that pulls money out of your hand like the central bank or listens to outside influence to push the game of politics in a relationship that simply includes a man and his wife!

We are surrounded constantly by people that push us up or bring us down! 2 years later and after cleansing myself from the past, I had seen years of glory in times where others failed and achievements where others stood still! Friends have held my hand and led me back to the path which once I belonged to, which included education, ambition, and religion! But experience has shown that love influences above the rest, a man to a woman or vice versa. The woman or rather girl I was engaged to drove me insane, but then I have selfishness unlike any other,  but then moving on I realized my loss has turned into opportunity!

Looking for someone a friend or a spouse that drives you to the top is difficult especially in times of failure, were true friends and lovers turn up! We’re human and by nature we love a pat on the back a statement of, “I am proud of you!” , no matter how sincere or insincere it is it is coming towards the end from a kind and caring and for that friend the least I could say, is thank you! I believe up to a certain point that men become who they’re from the women that support them, because a woman that stands besides her man during any circumstance is a rarity these days and she reflects everything a female is! Should she be the opposite not only does she drive her marriage down the drain, but she also drives her man insane, and leaves behind her a broken home and that is the least that could be said of such a woman!  

After being driven to madness and back, I realize that if one thing can be deduced, is that towards the end she was an I opener, my EX I mean and whole experience shed light into the darkness of ignorance in which I had been in when it came to relationships!

To end I have merely one simple advice and that is to choose who you will share your life with because they can drive to madness and possible suicide or support you until you succeed and stick with you to your very last breath! 

Gut the “Bastard”

Like an athlete a writer exercises, he prepares himself to give it his best and all, but unlike a an athlete he flexes his cerebral in hopes to give words and sentences that fall like magic, spicing up what he writes after being inspired by his life, those around him or his agony! It’s a privilege to write but words reflect meanings and say more about you than they should, hidden in those words is my message and yours and what makes us! Like an athlete, the writer needs to know when to stop or change direction; or better yet when to put his foot down and consider putting words or content or not to the public eye!

Life teaches us that money is necessary, but not the “be all”, since reputation exceeds all else and saving face is more important than working for “jerks”! There comes a time when a man has to make a tough decision or a call, and that can only be done by an operation, that requires removing your backbone, nerves and heart if possible, since those we deal with don’t understand the value of a word and I don’t mean educationally, but rather as men or gentlemen! Little things make and break men, like commitment, trust and the truth!

I had encountered some people that ask you for a small amount of money, and then say they have the money in the wallet and it isn’t once you get to the car they magically need to go to the bank. So shame doesn’t exist, and the same people can’t be treated with respect since they expect that you are beneath them, since they sit on a pedestal higher than all the rest of us! They talk about class and money as if they are the sons and daughters of the aristocrat, and then they wonder why no one likes them! The crown of modesty falls of their big fat heads every time. Those are the “Bastards” you need to gut out of your life, the load that you carry around in your social life!

In travel we carry the minimum amount of things to remain light for mobility, and sometimes we’re preached to travel this planet with the minimum amount of hate, jealousy or any form of sin as we are soon to leave this pitiful little planet with the pathetic people it carries! My mistake was that I thought differently of those people, but life also taught me if it requires sacrifice of a certain amount of money they owe you, then it’s a start because they lose you in the process and money is bound to flow again in your hands!  They think they enslave you, and above everything else they expect you, after delaying what is rightfully yours and for over a few months to come or lose that money, instead of asking to meet you and correct the fault like proper MEN!

So you get to a point where you must get rid of the person in front of you because of principle, not anything else, and to add insult to injury others treat them bad and they commit, so it leaves us with the fact their arrogance is only out of lack of class, and not the existence of it in them! Every man gets to a point where he has to end a relation, and I personally did it twice at very high expenses, and will do it again. The sad part of this story is I thought, I made a friend, a brother and more, but ended up with some one that was like the others, where “Bastard” is a small word for such people, and since we are above them, and they insist on losing us, they can keep the money lose our friendship and their reputation in the process! Lying is a habit no one appreciates and if we’re to consider ourselves adults then gut the “Bastard”, the child in you and act like a “MAN”!

The Men behind “The Man!” – A Woman’s Guide

We have concluded that women speak in code, and men don’t! But men while lack the abilities that women have, however they two can be classified. Things seem clear cut usually a cold beverage, television and a big dinner is bound to satisfy a man along with some time with the “guys”, but ladies I should stress and warn, since men use their minds, not their hearts, you’re bound to be a victim. Why is it that women usually end up with jerks? The answer is yet to come……

Before starting to study the man psyche, we must understand men, and as a man, I am credible to give such advice! Unlike the world of women that is governed by jealousy, the man’s world is governed by rules and codes that only men amongst each other understand! The cave man is our benchmark since he is the turning point of every man, the alpha syndrome if you will is part of a guy’s nature. We as men don’t share certain things, starting with our women and ending with our cars, followed by simple guidelines, like our word is dominant and orders have to be followed.

Women pull a stunt sometimes, reflecting class, or modernism, or simply to show us what moves our basic instincts. The problem is once you go down that road you turn into one of our toys! We don’t share because we are jealous, especially when it comes to our women and cars! Generally speaking if a woman is with a man; men don’t dare to approach her unless she is “approachable”. I heard an interesting saying that goes like this “Be the person you want to meet” but that’s only part of what makes a man.

Men fall into categories, the nerds, the jocks, the users and the self respecting males. Women tend to favor the jerks and the jocks, and personally I can’t see the difference! Alpha males are those that are even respected amongst their gender; however it is needless to say that nerds sometimes fall under this category. Here is a following list of what to look for and not look for in men; however I want to point out that women tend to prefer what “not to look for”.

We will start with easiest part, which is the looks and sometimes extremely beautiful under sell themselves to guys that have nothing worth looking, no height, body build or even knowledge, those tend to “be users”, they just take what they want, and then leave. Money is a primary mover, most women fall in the trap of liking or liking his “bank account”, which reflects more than a sense of stupidity on her part! The lack of vision is what women have most, since most guys with money tend to buy, sell and use women using their financial power. Education, which is one of the top priorities if money isn’t available, again it’s all about a career! If he outsmarts her, it makes her replaceable and him more approachable and that makes him more likely to cheat! Reputation and that tends to be the least important amongst women, since they prefer a jerk with money than man with a solid reputation!

All this is fine, but then women ask, “Why do we end up with jerks?”, or “Why does he cheat on me?” The answer is simple, “be the person you want to meet!” The list: 1. Money 2. Education 3.Looks 4.Repuation (in order respectfully).

I will end with a proverb that seems to be playing frequently in today’s love scenario and that is, “Nice guys finish last!” 

A Blend Of Spices

Have you ever tried two similar meals but in different restaurants? Most people argue when it comes to taste, whether they prefer this restaurant or that, but that usually means that each chef has his own style of cooking with his own ingredients, with a given quantity depending on their school of cooking whether it is from mere experience or out food and beverage school or directly from a school that teaches you to become a proper chef! They all use the same combination of spices or some and the same type of raw material, so why is that not plagiarism?

Any art can be plagiarized and since cooking is an art it is no exception and that’s why restaurants have a signature dish or the chef’s recipe. Writing also since we all use words that are used on a daily basis so why are we convicted of plagiarism? When the unique combination of words done by a certain writer are considered exclusive, and the same applies to speeches and presentations, why is a topic repeated so often suddenly considered unoriginal since half the world talk about, with exception of data gathered and that data is referenced to clear or doubt!

Unique cooking, writing or presentation skills is done with a certain combination depending on the artist that is doing it, but like any form if art; no one gives you a break on your way up! Competing with others enlightens you that jealousy is a normal human emotion and that sometimes those that fail to be original by combining a unique blend of spices to awake your senses, wither in words or in presentation, the first means they adhere are to convict you of plagiarism even when you haven’t  fulfilled their quota. So people think that every word or phrase used is plagiarism, and I would start by advising two things, one gather evidence, and secondly learn copyright law before acting on content. If people acted on mere gut, which is jealousy in this case every movie writer, to musicians and anyone that writes anything would be sued for every letter.

We see this on daily basis, different competing companies with similar wording, or movies with similar titles or books and the list goes on….. So if every combination is plagiarism then we wouldn’t enjoy the variety of cooking methods or writing methods or even methods of presentation! Let’s not convict anyone or everyone we don’t like of plagiarism it is both offensive to the art and the artist and if you don’t know copyright law or know how the world works!!!!! 


During my early school years, we were taught to count in Roman Numerals and the number 1is like this (I), and 2 (II) and those particular numbers always cause a stir in our world. The number 0 changed mathematics and humanity technologically, however 1 and 2 have stirred more problems social and emotionally than any other number, anything beyond 2 is generally good like 3 or 4 or whatever number you may choose and here is the story of (I) and (II).

Is being single better or in a relationship? The answer these days isn’t clear cut but a partnership whether on an emotional level or a professional level you should always know who” you’re sleeping with”, if there were a third person a child a mutual cause relations have a higher chance of lasting. In business terms if you had 2 partners with the intention of trying to outsmart each other, instead of focus on a mutual cause or belief.

Money is a primary mover in our modern world we all need it to buy stuff we like, or to date or to take we love to fancy restaurant or a vacation or even to get a gift that shows the value of those we love, however when they use us, they prove that they don’t deserve our hard earned money. People are more important than money, relationships last when we don’t want anything from each other, other than the company of each other, unconditional love.

Most relationships that last in business or otherwise are built on both parties being “selfless”, or you could choose to stay single in life and in business and be in charge of your own destiny without anyone interfering in your life. But do we really want to spend our lives alone? It’s a tough call numerically, we can choose (I) and be happy, or (II) and live most likely in bickering, or wait for (III) a mutual cause or something that holds the relationship like a child.

In the language of numbers (I) and (II) has changed the social structure of community, and the way we manage our relationships and the eternal question that is going to keep us as simple human beings in confusion, is being single or a couple better in a relation or in business? Most of my friends seem to go to (I) due to the freedom and open options without realizing that we grow old and single. Very few and I believe in commitment and one partner for life which is option (II) and even less including myself want (III) or more. I don’t know about you, but life has become more complicated, more difficult in choosing a second partner because most of those we meet want more than us, they want something we have or look for a different kind of benefit.

I still hope for a better future for the young men and women, but that can only start when we truly want nothing from each other as couples or even as human beings, such as business partners or otherwise!

Blogger’s Daydream

A year of blogging and the fact remains, that I haven’t gotten to the point that I aspired to. Bloggers blog for two main reasons they want to write or send a message and want to become famous writers. Daydreaming starts because bloggers believe that the internet is the “be all” and the plank in which they take their first dive in to fame! They’re great dreamers but today it’s more like extreme daydreaming and here is why…..

I have met bloggers and each enjoys his own style and like any art, writing attracts its own fans depending on its style. I have met recent bloggers that have jumped on the bandwagon, and I am astonished at how some think, it shows a variety, just like a rack of spices that give taste to life each in its own way. Bloggers have a tendency of daydreaming of big famous writers and wishing for fame in the heavens, but nonetheless I haven’t heard at least of a turned blogger writer or anything within the writing genre. So bloggers blog and followers read but in life when competition is intense it is near to impossible for a person/blogger to stand out from the crowds.

Writing is useful it forces you to read, in order to write magically it also keeps your language sharp and tweaks your verbal and written skills due to the amounts you read. This being post 108 and after one year my fan base grew at minimal margins, and if we’re writing for recognition we lost our main purpose which is to write in order to add value, even if it’s through an entertaining story. We all strive but very few succeed, I will personally keep writing because I both enjoy it and help me voice my rage and concerns. Blogging soon becomes an addiction, but reality states that we need more than a blog to reach the world. My advice to bloggers is to adapt and evolve in methodologies in which to broadcast their blogs and to think of more effective ways in using their writings, ways in which to add more value to the community and to themselves instead of depending on hits on a screen or an article that isn’t and won’t be published in the Times.

Gender Foreplay

How often do we hear of jealous partners in a relationship? A lot I assume and the cheating and flirting with others! When we get into a relationship these days we get more than we planned for out of a relationship whether it is the history we discover or the present habits we find in them that are unbearable, or even the double standards couples use against each other. To say the least marriage is becoming near to impossible without discovering a disgusting past or unpleasant present! So how did we get this far?

We got this far when religion became secondary and cultural acceptance through western television influenced us, but that wasn’t enough we started a habit of copy and paste of western behavior, the negative might I add, and all this started after communism fell, that is anyone that was born or lived within the 1980’s and after that! Growing up like most my generation I was charmed by the western movies, but as a generation we barely passed the influence, and it is the generation that is after us that starts with the foreplay at a young age, the kisses, hugs and dares that have resulted in a growing generation that cheats, and lies and does everything under the banner of acceptable socially and who the hell cares about religion! Yet the very people that even don’t have religious belief tend to hate the fact that their partners had a past or are currently cheating on them or the existence of a past male or female partners angers them!

It is for better or worse human instinct and when we see a generation today of 16 – 18 year olds performing what is wrong religiously or out of context because we are at the end middle easterners! Ask any woman or man, and they would tell you I would choose a partner that enjoys a good reputation in terms of interactions with opposite gender, regardless of their background or religious belief! As humans we don’t accept to share our life partners but some of us choose double standards as a means to exercise a right we don’t give to our partner!

This is not in defense of religion but seeing all those people that pass in our lives, we realize we are all human and don’t accept the taboos that religion applies only for those that live in double standards!  

If this generation finds kissing, hugging and feeling up as acceptable given today’s media then what will happen in future generations? Where are the parents, the family and the society? Still they ask why moral standards have dropped. Gender foreplay may seem innocent for children at a young age due to curiosity but left alone this phenomenon may turn us into the west in every aspect not just from the sense of dating or sharing partners but even to publicly create and sell pornography! What has the Islamic nation come down to, western T.V and Café’s and reality T.V? Where are our thinkers? Our morals and anything else we could teach our children then gender foreplay?

I end this by asking the adults and those of us that are mature to reconsider next time we plan to cheat on our partners or take the western approach of we’re just friends and simply ask yourself if you want your partner to treat you likewise?

Dilemma Economic Dilemma

Education is the corner stone of any civilizations rise or is it? What if a society has its education facilities over loaded from schools to universities and colleges, does that guarantee the rise of a nation? What about morals and economics? The general notion now a days is that people are more educated, were we have a super generation with a thousand know how’s through the curriculums but does that mean they understand anything or even basic human morals? Let’s take a look at those with a college degree or whatever further……

Education is indeed the way in which nations powers is measured, but when you have number crunching facilities that eat away families pockets and students minds they create two problems, the first is that the finances are channeled wrong and the second you have one more unemployed individual which burdens the economy! The education facilities don’t teach morals or creative solutions, or even technical craftsmanship and that creates a surplus of educated individuals of a certain educations such as in third world countries; being engineering, medicine related or languages and a shortage of craftsmen which brings them up in value.

They also don’t teach morals, where stealing , lying and cheating are a common conduct amongst students, which reflects directly at the economy, since the flow of money depends solely on trust, you don’t buy anything from anyone you don’t trust, that’s why for example you go to your real estate agent to buy or rent a house; but if their reputation is that they lie and cheat, then you become less likely to buy or rent through them and more likely to stick to what you have and spend your money elsewhere. The same applies to any other service or product, that’s why the money stays in certain circles and in the hands of very few. If trust was existent then you would most likely buy from any stranger without thinking and if trust was with any industry then money would circulate immensely. This is why people postpone purchases or investments, because it is a corner stone in everyday business and it affects the economy at large.

The education system cheated and lied and so we have graduates of the same degree sitting unemployed, they did that by not providing a skill for the graduate that makes him different from his colleagues or identifying his strong points! An example would be in third world countries where let’s say for example English language graduates, they all graduate with the same amount of information and have taken the same courses, but the only difference is the degree in which they graduated honors or so on….. Today’s demanding market it’s not enough to have an English degree, people skills are necessary for connections and the power to use the language effectively for other purposes than teaching, for example, translation, copywriting or technical writing and do it ethically to create a long term relation between yourself and your client or the firm that needs you!

Moral economics starts from the day we are told that being a doctor or an engineer makes money, but sometimes it’s the kid at the back of the class with skills that make him different, the business graduate or languages with that bit of an oomph that makes him more attractive to allow him to make more money or the simple fact that he acts morally and that makes him a better deal than the more highly educated!

In short money is made when ethics are applied on a daily basis and especially in doing business transactions! 

Man’s Greatest Fear In The 21st Century!

Since the beginning of time men where known for going out and hunting for food, while the women remained at home to cook. So men where fearless, and commanded women with their words without the need to repeat them. Today however it’s a different story………

Katsaridaphobia is what men suffer from today along with women, a growing generation enjoys this fear, but we will come back to that later. Men today have a sense of softness and tenderness, where love and mushy stuff commands them and not their brains, with an attitude of hitting on anything that moves or wears a pair of jeans that resembles or seems like or sounds like a female, making them the weak link. We deduce from this fact that true alphas are a rarity and turning into a myth if not heading towards extinction.

The story of modern has even turned some of them; well let us just say “not straight”, and there giving in has turned them into role playing of the women’s role, and that is cooking, cleaning, and washing the clothes and house and soon feeding the babies and maybe pregnancy in the process. We thank feminism and lack of religious belief and practice that brought the alphas to a point where a kitten has more testosterone than most men these days!

Back to katsaridaphobia which is according to National Geographic names the fear of cockroaches so men and women of the past had less fear leaving in caves and by living in the wild nothing scares them! I agree there ugly and filthy but how can something so small create so much fear in modern households is beyond me! Rats caused the plague in the middle ages and have a history of nearly wiping a nation meanwhile we are running from the sight of this little creator that needs a show or slipper or even special aerosol spray invented for such insect! The sight of a man and his wife screaming for help after being newlyweds on the couch, maybe we need to call the civil defense since men don’t exist anymore and the couple need saving from the cockroach! 

Exclusive interview with an Underdog

Sitting opposite him, I couldn’t but ask, “How does it feel to be the underdog most of your life?” . He looked up and there was nothing except the expression that says the whole story, the watery eyes, the red raged face and the fake smile that has the greatest story in history hidden behind it and the eyes that never lie.

The paper and notepad out the story started, as he tells it anyway, born away from his home country, a constant stranger, he kept describing his story to me and here it is in my very humble words. The story of a constant stranger that grew accustomed to having no fixed life in a set location or friends that kept changing due to circumstances above him, he had no peace during his school years, because he was bullied by his peers and punished constantly by his father for never being up to his standards. So he was bullied at school and then off to the house for round too.

He had been called names growing up, fatso, nerd or whatever the kids could gather up to target the weakest of them all, and like everything else that changes so did he. He became more confident and cared less about what people said about him, then he fought back those that bullied him until no one dared to touch him, and as for the grades and his dad he simply chose to ignore until the winds of change took place.

The fact remained he still felt a stranger even we he moved back home, relatives took every opportunity to use him, he was fought by those dearest to him, and his humble dreams were destroyed, and he grew up being the crazy one where everyone later on wished they’d listened. He talked about his achievements with modesty but during our conversations you could feel a sense of arrogance not because he was arrogant but rather because he understood that society was built on image and appearing tough is the way to go.

While society chooses to upgrade, downgrading is his option, since his travels and meeting a lot of people, the only option to him was that we are all mere children of 9 months and death is a right, so why live above your needs to please people who don’t care about you to start with! He had a point but he said that value had been created for him, and credit was driven back to him over time, and he kept going on and on using the phrase, “People are more important than money!”. Even if they enjoyed a good background socially like himself, and that even a person that is highly educated or highly rich, can’t predict the future or stop any crisis from coming and that’s what he concluded from his life and travels, along with the fact that it is best to live and die with those who love for you, and to live within our needs and leave the garnish for the small minded and ill fated, and he kept going about those that forgot what human was all about, and so on…..

He gave me a smile that he said, “was worth a million!”, because looking back he would have never guessed he would be here today! 

“Abu Al 7orouf”: Father of Words

My new nickname, a name I was given by a dear friend. The idea came about as usual, like all great ideas by pure coincidence, and the reasons are many, not just the blog or speeches, but rather the word craft of everything in general. Putting words together is like watching a magic show at its best, you don’t know where the words are coming from or where they’re going or for whom or what purpose they serve if a target audience is available, let me explain!

Usually sitting around in a gathering and messages are being sent all the time between those attending, but then there is this code that travels where two individuals target each other in directly using words and stories or incidents they know about leaving those in the gathering completely ignorant of what’s going. The second scenario which is writing anything and posting it online or in a place of meeting where only the targeted individual gets the message. The third most uncommon scenario is when opposite genders target each other using key words or phrases followed by gestures or actions to create initiation or hit on each other.

But word craft is an art in aligning the write words for the given person, audience or industry depending on time and place. The nickname may come as a surprise even to me, as I don’t believe no matter how you master words with or without body language or hidden messages or code, you still far from mastering since people are sometimes read wrong! Through my journey in public speaking and blogging, I discovered that code is something common amongst both genders and in all groups and stereotypes, and understanding that much will lead you to understanding those on the other end, and helping you excel in your social and personal life. That is all I discovered and women above all else have evolved there code and to follow such a language would drive you crazy, and the fact remains that I now know I am a word craft, at least that’s what they all say! 

Life in the Eyes of a Believer!

Life is relative, it depends where you stand in it and the way you see things. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense or what happens seems to be, most of the time a coincidence, or simply out of place.  But belief is a powerful emotion, because it isn’t tangible like love, you’re driven by your own force, your own mind to believe in the future in the unknown and that with hope also better things are yet to come!

Some don’t believe in a higher authority or power, they simply choose reason over faith, others stick blindly to faith. They’re both wrong because you haven’t stood between faith and reason to determine how much you lose when you don’t have either one! You realize that only once you hit rock bottom, and look at how those around you change, or act, money is a powerful mover, it changes intentions and creates enemies out of family.

Because belief is a powerful emotion, words don’t ever do it, you can’t explain the power of something that happened to you at a specific time for a specific reason to reach a specific blessing at a specific time in the future. The reason I am being vague is because each one has his/her story and reading this you know what I mean and agree words can’t be allocated for such a scenario!

A friend of mine asked to write this blog about the miracles that happen to us on a daily basis, but don’t realize them until later, but words like everything else fail you when you realize how much more blessed you’re and that belief is a blessing and so is action! This blog is different because it carries the inability of words, because unless you lived it and believed in it then no matter what I say you won’t change your point of view in believing in a God or in religion or if you depend n faith alone then also you won’t understand the value of action and reason! The blessing simply put is that I stand smack down in the middle of both where a few have had the privilege to see the world at its fullest picture! 

Gardens of Eve

We all love women, but it remains that they’re all the same not overall, but rather in the core. Like foundation, all buildings have it on the inside but how beautiful it is depends on the architect, in this case the mother! Women’s beauty isn’t arguable, neither is their emotion, tenderness and care, however with the varieties available, the good usually also comes with the bad, that is good women get canceled out because of the few that tarnish women’s reputation with equality, women’s rights and feminism.

The fact remains that men won’t change, no matter how women try, the fact also remains that we’re eastern men and actually have a sense of jealousy towards our spouses. We take marriage seriously and that’s why not any woman fits our standards, we love our mothers, and want a woman that represents everything Islam asked in and out of our houses and with us there or not! Women should provide a sense of security to their husbands and as men we don’t like the threat used through other males. A woman should be for one man only and for life, despite the belief that a man can have four women in Islam the fact remains, if a man is comfortable with his wife and feels she is everything he aspired to then why should he get married again. One woman is already a handful and is as good as four if not better, if she is a true eastern woman, and not playing western woman wannabe.

Today’s eastern women reflect religion to get what they want, marriage, a car, a phone e.t.c… On the other hand we have the liberated women and anything truthful and honest is rare in between! Religion is now like a trademark in which women use with their veils to hide the disgusting truth most of us avoid! Not all however stoop so low, but unfortunately that which is true is always “hidden” in our society!

Understanding women requires a diagram the one electrical engineers use for cars. It’s complicated and every part has its own wiring, so does every woman. The base may remain the same but you can’t treat two different women the same! I respect religion and believe in gods words and hate it when women manipulate men through their false belief and do the total opposite of what religion has said in the process, it’s a shame such young beauty tarnished by the reputation they seize to build for themselves from guy to guy thinking that the western approach will get them to where they’re going.  The fact remains there are still eastern men that are conservative and don’t follow this play that these low self esteemed women put on!

On the other hand in the gardens of eve there are one or two flowers that can’t be replaced and I am ready to grab it even if they have thorns because at the end a decent woman is like a jewel expensive, irreplaceable and the best place to keep her is for your eyes only so she remains under your protection! 

When You Run Out Of “Lucky Charms”

Four months and running out of the house, and more to see than ever, and more to learn about people, life, family and friends. Truly looking for yourself is no easy task, and discovering your limits is beyond you sometimes, but when you’re left with no choice and have no luck and when you’re lucky charms have run out there is nothing else to do.

Humans are varied in the strangest ways; they have good characteristics and flaws that come in the strangest combination, and in addition to the beliefs that are sometimes contradicted with their actions. You can never tell a full story because seeing believes and living it firsthand usually leaves us with no words. Having four months on public transport and specifically with taxi drivers and friends that stood by me on my worst of days and those that sold me on my best, I am left speechless.

I left because I felt that the prophets had a bigger cause and that god had ordered them and us to go to a land where justice was practiced. Indeed every story has an ending; mine has yet to be known, the drama and the people that come in and out of our lives, the timing in which everything happens. My story is everyman’s story; however my life isn’t because my past and my present are two different worlds, my origins and my social statues are two different worlds too. Only those that know me on a very personal level, my friends the true friends that all of us know are the ones that can tell your story and tell it well!

Timing is everything and like Martin Luther King I believe in a higher power and that once on earth we move according to the divine power only then will we live happy and prosper. I have learned that life is worthless and money is meaningless economically and literally, I have fallen in love and lost, but I had learned in the process that those who love me for who I am will eventually remain and that god knows those that suit me. I am proud to say that I made true friends and lost all that was just an image or a picture of friends.

I have become more grounded, less attached to love, to women and to money more to a bigger cause. Indeed good always follows the bad, and a moral is there and some more to gain from leaving a small and pitiful world and indeed towards the end my story may still be far from over, but over the coming days and years it is yet to be told on the pages of my blog. I thank you sincerely, followers, fans, friends and family for being there as my life story unravels.  

“Commitment Issues”

 It is said that a man’s reputation is the only thing that outlives him and that even if he dies his legacy remains. Reputation unlike anything else is earned, it can’t be given or taken, if you’re known for something, anything, it sticks with you for life. Commitment is a subordinate or a pre-requisite of reputation; you create it through commitment to your work, friends and even your spouse. Don’t think that because you play the smart card by not giving people there rights or committing to what got them to join your group or work or even club is a good move, simply because if you don’t commit your reputation starts to deteriorate.

If you have been used enough, or been in a position of where you’ve been taken advantage of, then you know what I mean, and this could be as simple as a verbal agreement, or even a written one in which the second party believes they can get away with commitment simply because they know you won’t take the low road in dealing with them. Every once in a while when circumstances put you in a corner and you’re fed up from life, something happens and that becomes the cartridge to load your guns of vengeance!

I was told some things over the course of the past couple of months by people whom I believed I trusted in their valuable and precious words and went on playing naïve until today! The fact remains for those of us that still don’t understand life, is that in order to take you must give, and that while people do good, a sense of appreciation is appreciated at no matter how small that did is or was!  

If you know which areas you excel in and ask for it, to be committed in one thing 110% and people refuse it and out of personal benefit you use the “word” they gave you after using what they “know” about you as arsenal against you! All that falls under commitment which falls under reputation and reputation after it has been “earned” and “lost” is not reparable no matter what you do!

It isn’t reparable because people have a small emotion that builds on all of society, and that is “trust” and once that is lost everything in society slows down or hits a halt, and not just business all other aspects from friendship to marriage! Commitment in everything “is” everything and regardless of what people take as mere change of “words” others find a fall back in “commitment”. The guilt “card” or any other card won’t pay off because once the hierarchy of “trust”, “commitment” and “reputation” are lost as a human being you’re worthless and your life becomes meaningless unless you want to remain barbaric and closer to the “animal” species, then and only then don’t consider these words! 

Ride With A Shrink For FREE!

The smell of a cigarette on a cold morning, the sound of horns and the philosophy of the common man. The benefits of owning a car and the blessing of private transportation, and the countless radio stations you can change from and to. The smell of your car and the choice of routes and the endless options you can choose from. But what if every day is an adventure and the endless things you learn, but you need to meet this stereotype!

If you need a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or any white collar job description and job consultancy and you need it for free, there is one place you will find it! The services also include counseling, and sociology and the study, and it even includes a psychological analysis. The one person that has all that is the person you see every day he is not your barber , not the police officer, not the mechanic or the plumber, he is the TAXI driver!

Having lost privileges of private transportation, I have had the honor and privilege to encounter daily adventures of going with them. Taxi drivers represent a nation and how they treat foreigners that come visit any countries and their driving habits reflect a nation’s attitude. Every day I go out, it’s a new story, the smoker, the talker, the player, the socialist, and the psychologist. They come together in different combinations, some show respect others don’t, and some even rip you off, even if you’re not an outsider!

He tells you his life story, or goes telling you about politics, or how to solve the traffic problem, or the societal decay! The problem remains that they’re not university grads or any educated bunch but few of them are, but are they qualified? Traveling for a few months, with them, you see certain behavioral aspects that drive you to ask why? They are qualified, they swear because of what they see from human garbage, they try to mislead you because they need the money, and they do unnecessary stops to do things on the sides of the road or in the wild and that I will leave to you to understand.

The streets teach a lot and what they see from interactions from men and women of a “Muslim” society would even drive an educated man “mad”, it also reflects the fact that there is a problem in society, which is why they act the way they do. They are a thermometer, of how society really is and if most are bad and most “are” then we should deeper into society, I have seen my share of people, men, women and relatives to say the least, and my trust gauge isn’t so high right now! I still believe good out does bad, and if your intentions are clear then worrying about people isn’t option, because “god” exists. But my concern is our disrespect as a society to this group and before understanding what they see on a daily basis or what they have to put up with! We have no right to judge!

As educated literals of society little things we see from opposite genders or people in general drive us mad! How can we blame a man behind a wheel with the interactions of god knows what of types of people! The problem lies not in them but the way they behave indicates to us that society has a great problem and it needs solving now! The problems, they have seen, they have felt and they have told us, therefore it is our duty to listen and understand after all most of us still think we are much better than them!

Culture Of Crazies

Growing up in the Middle East you realize no matter where you are, you’re considered crazy, regardless of your background and education or even your social statues! The fact remains that this exists because not we’re crazy but that most of the society is undereducated and undermines everything except money! This culture is built on image, not on solid morals or a religion, myself am so proud to hold as my banner which is Islam.

We look at the little things, the things that are secondary, gossip, equality of men and women and forget that we have enough guidance from the heavens to lead us to eternal happiness! Our culture also destroys the fact that good exists, or that anyone is progressive, we build our victories on others losses and our happiness on others sadness. Should a word of good go around on a certain person or group, the society runs to cover it unless the materialistic benefit shows! That has made us more confident that good is no longer available, and that being bad or evil is a way of life! But why? If the bottle neck has existed because we started by believing ourselves and that there is no good left, then we could change the cycle and get rid of it by reflecting the positivity in society, hence reversing the cycle!

The crazies in our society, anyone that says “good”, does “good” , acts “good” or gives “good” advice”. The men and women that translate what they see into action or have vision to foresee a coming problem! They’re our crazies and the sanity all the sanity for those that live by the rule of the “jungle”! Meeting a spectrum of people over a lifetime, I have seen both, but call me “naïve” but I still believe most people have more “good” than “evil”, entailed into their internal systems! There are two problems with “good”, and that it isn’t backed, financially or socially and that it always requires a sacrifice by a group or individual to jump start its engines!


The war is eternal between the two and the “crazies” get remembered and end up being “geniuses”!  Galileo, Einstein, Edison, The prophets all of them and the list goes on………….

“Culture Of Crazies”, “Wake – Up!”

The “Facebook” Privacy, “Facebook” Couldn’t fix!

This is not a technical problem, that requires jargon and big words or the fact that it is something “facebook” could do something about! It is simple and complicated, it happens to all of us with friends, family and mainly works if you have the previous too at work and you most likely do! The “privacy” issue is something we all can relate to! Your bedroom, house, or even your desk at the office or car. That is anything with a “key” on it or that comes with “it”. However this is a completely different ball game in the sense of privacy and here is why………

Built on “privacy” facebook couldn’t stop too things, one is the flow of information from the groups and individuals into its system, which brought in a lot of feedback on social and consumer behavior, and the fact that there are people on our list that end up there by default, that can’t be removed or blocked or even censoring our posts towards them! The one I will talk about is the second because it concerns us all and no one can really do anything about it, and this requires clarification.

If you’re stuck with a person in “life” not on “facebook” for one reason or another, a friend at work or a person you know casually, and are between two very difficult roads, you don’t want to hurt them, and yet you’re uncomfortable with them! What do you do? The same applies to “facebook”, once you let someone in, it becomes almost impossible to walk them out the door and simply shut it! They begin to understand you, how you think, what you’re like, what you’re private life is like! If you try to run away a bar on the left side of the screen reflects your every move almost exposing you to others and especially those you don’t want seeing you! Your boss recent, or ex, your wife recent or ex, or fiancé, gf, or your friends simply put!

A problem without a solution, that “facebook” created; simply some people on your list have “no solution”, they’re a group that you don’t see coming that turn out to be more of a problem than anything else, that has consequences, because some of the people on our list take a joy in interfering in our pages, and our lives and how we conduct them! Everyone becomes a counselor; they also become doctors and teachers! Some act like moms, dads and siblings!  You wonder where the line is drawn online and on “facebook”, the answer is that there is no line and if it exists, it exists in our morals and they will stop us! The fact remains that even if you are an “angel”, you’re tempted every once in a while to stick your nose into what’s not yours or have the urge to spread gossip!

“Facebook” maybe a pro at controlling your “privacy” for their sake or yours, however they fall back when it comes to controlling your private life, because they can’t do anything about those that fall behind on your list because let’s face it, it isn’t their fault! My final word of advice just like life, there are things we don’t like about it, we just live with it, we can’t block life, or remove it from our list or censor the parts we don’t like, we just move on and live with it! The same should be done with our “friends” list that may contain some “peepers” into our “private” lives we should just accept them and “live” as if they’re not on our lists to begin with!


This post number 95, as I was planning to leave this for a speech I had planned, but because of circumstances beyond me I find it necessary to put what I had planned in words into text. The story started about a year ago when I had first established my great BLOG in which it is my pride, glory and above all else it is me! It is said that practice makes perfect, but what do you do when you perfect something others barely exercise?

Perfection is like the horizon in which no matter how good you are at something, towards the end there is room for perfection even when you are perfect! I am currently a toastmaster and the objective of my 9th speech of the basic manual was to persuade, but most of you are asking what does persuasion have to do with post 94?! Answers in life aren’t clear cut and everything is in grey, and how I became a blogger is beyond me! But I am now infatuated at what I have accomplished aside from the blog over the course of a year! My articles started rolling in at the beginning of the Arab spring to be specific it was during the Egyptian revolution. Since then I had learned to things from my followers that I am a good writer/speaker and that there is always room for improvement. But in life in order to feel that you have achieved anything, you usually aim for self-esteem or sense of achievement. That requires influence and the ability to leave your finger prints or footsteps where ever you go!

The story of my life isn’t as heroic as my words may reflect but as a writer I have an obligation towards my followers to always convey the truth, although my writings have no testimonies only by those that know me on a personal level, or those that have lived my unstable life with me as I moved from school to school , country to country, and moved from friends to friends. I had picked up valuable lessons, and primarily we haven’t seen anything or done anything yet, and the world doesn’t rotate around individuals, and that leaders and followers are separate by default, and that is you have it or you don’t.

You notice from post number (1) (Tahrir Square and what it means to the traffic in the Middle East) and number (94) (E-commerce Or China?) a vast difference, maybe not visible to the reader at first but when the feedback level rises you know what ground you stand on a year later, almost. I never thought that I would/could be so influential in other people’s lives or that I would/could be able to achieve something and call it my own. The fact remains in order to change the output of our lives we must always change the input. Start with ourselves, get up and start inducing change and remain still despite the changing world, in our beliefs, morals and behaviors. Above all else to be proud to be different because each and every one of us has the ability to do something with what he masters!

I master my words, they’re my arsenal, my weapon, it is what I am good at it is what people refer to me by today. They say, “He has a great blog!” or, “We loved your speech!” Since life is in grey then so are our differences and our capabilities, in order to create change you must move towards it, become it and act on it! My New Year resolution was simple, become a “Man of action!” and “Pay it forward!” for we are truly blessed!

I leave you in the hopes that my story has had the influence to take you from where you are sitting to standing up and creating change by taking the first step, if I did it then so can you!

E-commerce Or China?

With an existing economical crisis the world turned its eyes to China for manufacturing goods. Everything today is made in China and at some point had to stop there or have a part or piece from there! The Chinese dilemma had gotten production to its lowest cost but shifting them from local markets to China where production takes place. China is the heart of the commercial world at large, however today as I discovered it has a rival!

Online businesses are low cost, those even that start-up as selling goods, but the real back breaker would be the ones that are information oriented, simply rotating around pictures, text, videos and tutorials on how to make money, get a life, get a girl, how to design and how to build what you desire e.t.c…. Online businesses always have initial low costs in establishment and if they succeed they become great generators of revenue, but that requires creativity and content enough to bring in enough crowds to register, or simply browse your sight.

When it comes to goods it is also cheaper since online businesses can simply have the goods shipped from China to any place in the world, as business transactions take place in cyberspace. Both China and E-Businesses, commerce or not have low costs involved, both drive jobs away from craftsmen and traders that have no relation with the online community, and simply drag the work to the developers and computer engineering bunch!

The modern economic situation simply states, if it is intangible than it brings in money! The internet is a service that provides a service through trade and trade of information, but that has brought up a problem as I had learned China and the E-commerce are somehow related! Simply because you can buy anything online and everything is made in China!

That led me to my biggest question is China cheaper than the internet? Will we integrate online instead of forward or backward? Will the takeover be cyber rather than realistic? The answer is simply yes the internet is cheaper than China! The internet is everywhere, so are the developers and the IT graduates, and the fact remains that costs of shipment, customs and any other form of costs are higher than the manufacturing origin that is China! The internet has no labor laws or boundaries; it also has no restrictions on products even informational such is E-books or the how-to for people that require self help! The logical step is the cyberspace with the integration of social networks, simply because you have the WORLD at your fingertip.

China is yesterday, online is today!

:) 2012

A year has passed , that is 365 days, 52 weeks, 7 days a week, 24 hours in a day and so on….. Time is relative as Einstein had explained about the hot stove and the hot woman! Google his theory, because we are unraveling a year unlike any other! The story started couple of years ago when a video was shot by an amateur film maker in Africa, a video where an alligator usually gets it’s pray a baby elephant or a gazelle, I can’t quite recall! Usually the alligator takes its prey, however this time the heard ran to protect the baby animal and released from the jaws of its predator!

The thing is this particular image is very similar to that of the Arabic spring, in a strange manner in that it indicated not only a shift in the animal kingdom for injustice but rather in the human one too! Linking both scenarios is near to impossible if it weren’t for 2011 events and great changes! I had started a revolution of my own with the support of the family against the injustice of a father! An ex that was greedy and a world that wouldn’t give me a break!

The year would best be described as the year of “action”, or fight against “injustice”, the theme would be emotions, “happiness” “sadness” “boredom” and so on.,… The year’s symbol would have the “social media package”. Year’s symbol would have the “social media package” pictures! Stories of individuals from across the world, stories of sacrifice, uniqueness, and positive energy of young men and women that reached to breaking point and still maintains a sense of moral!

Truth be told though on a personal level things have changed drastically, met knew people and started a new page, and took a new path. Still though love life is a bit bumpy, but all is well in general! The proverb of the “year” would be “what goes around comes around!” Happy New Year fellow readers!

Destiny Overhaul!

o•ver•haul : A thorough examination of machinery or a system, with repairs or changes made if necessary.

Strangely enough the world has a habit of constantly changing its face every 50 or so years, leaving us in a state of awwh at how wealth changes hands and the way the lifestyle changes from generation to generation! The problem is that no matter how many times the planet changes its face; people never change and never tend to learn from the past!!!!!!

Some people have a habit of not wanting to change or allow opportunities for new blood to come in whether it is in a family owned business or in a family where the father or mother want to remain as the breadwinners of the family. But life as usual brings about undesired change every once in a while to benefit a group that has had it rough for a while or harm a group that has had it good for too long! That is divine intervention at its best, without getting into the how and why, because simply put it is beyond us!!

Asking the why, is like trying to understand why the sun goes up and goes down again, or why the birds migrate when it’s winter, or even why water is essential to life?! But here is my story that is slightly different, a story of a normal guy with normal everyday problems that got a signal that was loud and clear that what goes around definitely comes back around! Or what many would call karma, because most people tell us that there isn’t justice in the world, we tend to forget that sometimes justice is there and is applied in directly! Around 2 years ago I was hurt by relatives who by the way I was engaged to their daughter, but evidently I wasn’t good enough! Nevertheless they thought they owned the world that, which they were invincible, but today and 2 years later it turns out they were wrong!

Regrets usually come too late and that’s why they’re called “regrets”, whether you believe in a higher power or not, usually people do the dirty work of balancing the book if GOD doesn’t! That isn’t because they want to but rather because no one likes injustice and some people don’t learn or can’t let go or above all else know how to hold a “grudge”. My advice is forgive and forget for if you believe in GOD or not towards the end as humans we must do more “good” than “bad” for that is humane and what makes us the species we are!

Follow That Beamer

Driving around Amman and being in hurry can be a problem, unless you’re following one of these, an ambulance, a police car, or a motorcade for a famous or extremely wealthy figure! Traffic is always annoying regardless where you live, or when you plan to travel, because towards the end, there more cars these days as it seems, than people. The solution is yet to come………

The best way to travel quickly in any type of traffic is to follow a fast, crazy risk taking driver! Finding that driver is a challenge, and spotting one that knows the routes is far more challenging. What if there was a type of driver that is both obsessed with fast driving and spends his days and nights on the roads and his car is always in the workshop? Most would say that this particular breed doesn’t exist!!!!! You’re wrong!!!!!

We seem them a lot around town and we talk about them. They have credibility because we have seen them in action and have a habit of getting their cars impounded!!!! If you live in nearly any country long enough you will find that this particular brand attracts a certain breed of drivers, a mad, crazy breed that has both the finances and mentality to act like total jerks!!!!! I won’t keep you guessing for long because if there is a driver you should follow. It should be the Beamer (BMW) driver!!!!

Twelve years on the road taught me that there the only driver that would risk his life, or perform donuts in the hopes of getting caught and given a record to brag about!!!!! They’re the ones that insist on the left lane and believe that because they have a Beamer the left lane will magically open on a highway!!!!! The civil defense should take their drivers on a training course with Beamer drivers, specifically the 3 series and the M series only in sedan classes!!!!

People enjoy many gifts in life as it seems driving a (BMW) is an exciting journey simply because, if it weren’t for Beamer drivers we would feel SAFE and live BORING lives on our streets, or have anyone to follow or setup a drag race with!!!!!

Thank You (BMW) drivers for making our streets dangerous and exciting!!!!


Speeches are far more difficult to achieve than articles or even stories, and that is because at the end of the day you become audio/visual to an audience regardless of size or background! The real problem lays in constantly squeezing creativity, because repetition bores audiences, and you need to take into consideration everything that isn’t written in a speech, from gestures, actions to even other visuals you might use to aid you! Speeches have different categories, which is why you must choose wisely depending on your expected or upcoming audience!

I had done some plays growing up, until I got to high school and a couple of speeches at university, and now a member of a club in Jordan Amman of the Toastmasters, for those of you who don’t know what they do, they help people in overcoming the fear of public speaking. Why is public speaking relevant? Does a good speech really affect your career? Or even change where you stand socially? The answer to all the above is yes, and that is why a good speech and a better speaker always get ahead! Examples, well take your pick there all over T.V. Just choose and idol, icon or leader you look up to and a good speech is always part of their equation!

There are some interesting inspirational & motivational speeches, but these tend to carry a sense of seriousness and sadness. Then there is the informational speech, which tends to be dry and boring, followed by a lot of technicalities, most people outside the field talked about usually wouldn’t understand, and that in my book is an OUT! Then we come to the humorous speeches, which is fun but most of the time of the point or lacks a message!

Speeches that have a flare, generally speaking have a hybrid of speeches infused, and that is the best way to go, from my modest experience! Every speech should add value or lead somewhere, and above all you should never limit yourself with speech etiquette! Always stick to gestures, body language and tone of voice! Avoid visual assistance from slides to picks, in order to keep the audience focused on YOU! The best way to give a speech would be by making a point at the end and entertaining all the way through, hence (Info(H)umorous)!

This style is common amongst a group of people in which we know as the (Stand – up Comedians). It is derived from society, and that is it is to the point, and contains all the elements in body language to keep you laughing all through the act! That would be the way to go!

I can’t advise on a golden rule for giving speeches, because of the audience, you might be up against or cultural taboos in which we may not or cannot talk about! But I will end by saying that what separates leaders from followers nowadays is a good speech or sale because of the new media frenzies of this decade!

Accessorize it’s the Economic crisis

Facebooking, I noticed a lot of young women have headed towards accessories as their start-up businesses, and that was followed by an equivalently large group of those in weddings, wedding dresses and planning! This indicates two things economically first that women are a bigger segment than men, and second that most incomes in households if not completely, but partially depend on their income! It’s understandable from a woman’s point of view why such a business would be establishes, and that is first it is simple in form and structure and secondly they enjoy it!

As a man, this sector doesn’t attract me and above all else who knows what women want? Again in a modern economy that’s a bad indicator for my gender. Why? Simply put managers that are men would choose, a female over me any given day and twice on Sunday, as a man I would do the same even if the male an applicant is far more qualified! Don’t ask why, because I simply would. But my fear extends beyond that, in that businesses aren’t evolving in shape or in form, accessories bring limited income, and above all else are it is not difficult to make them or sell them, no offense but the competition is tight and the margins are way too small because of the competition and above all else that despite the fit of the economic model for such a business, the question remains, and that men and women alike should look for its answer and that is, what is the next big thing?

I had read once that economic bubbles are normal, and they are if you watch the economy closely. The answer lies in riding from one bubble to the next, until you’re satisfied! Most men today don’t attend universities, they head to craftsmanship or simply are unemployed which is why there is a gap between working men and women, and why most households at least depend on a woman partially if not solely!

My beliefs aren’t the question, but the figures in our society speaks loud in the fact that both divorce rates and spinsters are on the rise and will remain so, because culture requires the man to pick up all expenses of marriage e.t.c….. If we look closely we also see that women are heading towards a materialistic view, and that means that they want to start businesses because as an indicator it says that women want money not a decent guy! Growing up in a western atmosphere in my school the saying always comes to mind “Nice guys finish last!”. Now more than ever I realize how true it is and for that reason I will never forget it!

I thank the economic crisis for one more primary reason that we all may agree on, those that love you would whether the economy is flourishing or in crisis!

Salads aren’t for MEN!

Going to a fast-food can tell you a lot about people, depending on their orders the differences tend to be more than what meets the eye! You have meat burgers, double or triple with cheese or without; you have chicken burgers, nuggets, and fillet fish! Now you also have salads, juice instead of a soft drink, and a nice leaflet that explains how you can lose your weight on a burger!!!!!

People have different tastes, especially when it comes to a simple meal of burgers, fries and a soft drink. Going to eat fast-food and claim to lose weight is like drinking diet soda and claiming it helps in weight loss! The idea that fast-food is healthy is like a “placebo” fed to the masses that have a need to look in front of the mirror to make sure their “slender” or “fit” enough for societies image!

Men during a line in a fast-food chain start off with beef or chicken, and usually ends up with beef, then the order is followed by a double beef if not it is SUPERSIZED, sometimes with an extra order on the side, most likely beef. Outside a fast-food chain it would be steak, Women on the other hand have to be “fit” , even in societies eyes and that starts with an order of a chicken burger if not a fillet fish, and probably a salad, diet soda or juice, and always prefer a “small” meal or sandwich!

The reason for that is simple as males we have this image of being “hands on” which means we turn into Mr. Fix it every time and the facts that we “hunt” and love to “fight” and watch “blood” creates a sense that hey what the hell live dangerously! Eat, eat, eat, and eat some more, and who cares if the cholesterol is through the roof! Or that we eat with our mouths open or talk loudly at dinner tables! After all we’re men!

So the dominance issue exists so much, and the battle of the sexes is taking its burdens down to your local fast-food chain! But that’s not all it has even gotten to the fancy dining restaurants, were the battle remains between male and female, and between BEEF and SALAD!

Water, Food & the Internet!

The essentials for life are water and food, but that has changed a slightly in that, I had an experience yesterday, a couple of times before, were my laptop had crashed or got a virus leaving me lost and helpless! Today and after computers have become affordable, and the internet available everywhere, I would rather not drink or eat but surf the web! Here the story of an emerging generation regardless of education, or hobbies or whatever, anyone from an athlete to a mechanic has to carry one laptop, and enjoy the perks of the internet almost leaving us entirely dependent on what we know now as our way of life!

The internet is used depending on age, gender, social statues, financial statues and educational background! But regardless of how it is used and why it is used, it remains towards the end a necessity nowadays, I browse the social network, surf the web, download videos and watch the economy through real-time tickers in which to seek a possible opportunity in the future! It is also my primary form of communication, through my email, my diary in my writings on my blog! My phonebook through my list of my friends, and family, and above all else it is my life! We all suffered a breakdown of a computer at one point in time, which is why I ask whether you can live without it today? I could live without my phone, but I can’t live without my primary life line the computer and the internet!

Our lives have turned into vacuums were the only place we live them is on a screen, but whether we like it or not this screen offers endless possibilities that reality could never offer! It starts by creating our personalities and the difference is clear between people online if you have surfed the web long enough, it also shows us that nothing is impossible, if others can achieve something than so can we! Our talents show whether through images or videos, in a world that doesn’t adopt new talent quickly or provide new job opportunities!

It is “the world within a world” it is “Alices trip to wonderland!”, it is “everything that can be done, and can be done all together”, land of opportunity were the world lays under your finger tips waiting for them to “weave some magic”! it is so grand in that it is as important as the invention of the wheel, the electricity and Facebook! A corner stone to the “new society” we live in, where sorry to say this you’re illiterate not if you don’t know how to work on a computer today, but rather if you don’t know how to use the internet and moreover to your advantage!

I will end this over-rated conclusion by asking you, would rather have water and food or the internet and a laptop?

The Unemployed & FB

The economy is at its worst, but how it affects our lives is beyond than what meets the numbers! The unemployed young man/woman has too much time on his hands, and I can’t claim to know how they wasted it in the 1990’s, however today it is obvious for two reasons, the first being I am from that generation and the second is that I am in fact unemployed and looking for a job!

The numbers that burden the economy from a group is only part of the story, a story that has social costs, financial costs both on the families and those that support that group! It also indicates a bigger problem that most families want to remain in control, that is through the bread winners, such as the father or grandfather, and by that they tie up wealth and slow an already slowly growing economy! The problem is that they end up falling in to two groups, one being positive, not wasting time and trying to better their lives and that is the smaller of the two. The second is a negative driving machine that demands change with vengeance or trying to satisfy their souls in that they’re all in the same boat! Regardless with today’s lifestyle it is nearly impossible to tell the difference because of the “social network”, which amongst a group like ourselves is our “lives”.

This starts in the mornings and the evenings, when the FB becomes our lives and anything in between includes seeing friends or going out! During our surfing anything in the “news” material is worth sharing, regardless of its negativity or positivity, but that’s not all it does! Young men/women also become isolated more and more from the real world and growing in their parents houses with no jobs or a family of their own to look after, life becomes “meaningless”. That reflects immediately on the household, creating one raging individual after the next in the household! With ideas of how to get back at a society that has no mercy or family that could care less or a certain individual within that family that got you where you are!

Time is a valuable asset and growing up at the pace we do, we don’t have much of it to start with, so the cost isn’t just feeding an extra individual it also includes retaining the social cost, the damage such a group creates, because in not so many words the fact remains they have plenty of time with nothing to do and then, Satan comes in the picture and evil plots, and plans is all that group will offer! The “social network” adds to the damage also through the fact that people you on a personal level or otherwise, and that becomes a platform to seeing people, getting jobs, promoted, buying a new car, house or even getting married! Then the question arises, “why not me?” and that particular question stirs a whole set of new plans and emotions! This article is only a byproduct of unemployment and 3 weeks of leaving the house, regardless of how negative or positive it is!

Buried talents rise due to technologies such as “the social network”, expression in all shapes and forms begins to emerge leaving the very few of us at “aaw” as to where were these people hiding to start with!
But today I can safely say, “I am determined to achieve what I set out for, with no turning back!”

Thank You readers for your kind attention,



Gold Estate

Turning the T.V from one channel to the other, all my eyes fell upon were wars everywhere and death, followed by a look at the financial markets; I realized everything was in the RED. Going to watch movies wasn’t much fun either! Seen them all a thousand times, with nothing interesting or inspirational. That got me thinking what’s next in this vacuum we call life, where money is a means not an end, with everyone getting laid off, or jobs are too hectic or pay very little!!! How do we excel into today’s financial markets? The answer hit me with a statistic that said that the richest 1% of America had turned their wealth around 275% regardless from what year to date and that the middle class or anyone with a decent pay turned it around 18% and they represent 40% of society! So how did the 1% do it…………..

The answer is between the lines, most aristocrats in any society used to own one primary asset which was land and that rises simply because of population booms, but that’s not all wars create scarcity in land, and so demand for land rises again! Putting banks and interest rates aside that’s one reason the rich are rich! The second is in a commodity known to us as GOLD which is a precious metal with historical and materialistic value as it is more valuable than currencies and was used in the past as a currency! In 1990 and at the time of the stock market boom, the market made sense, but not today, today gold moves in one direction and so does silver, so does the EURO or GBP! The market can’t be explained but since gold’s rise we understand wars and economic and political instability will continue to push its price to historical highs!

The two primary assets to own today in my opinion are real estate and gold, and mark my words this time the rises will be so high and hard to explain and the gap between the classes will keep increasing! Regardless of the scientific reasons behind the coming scenario in the next few years, you can be sure that the prophecy was right and will remain to be only if we left science for a while and headed towards a little more faith! I won’t tell which it is or where to find it and I will leave it up to you as for what the future holds, let’s wait and watch!

In Exile

Living out of the house for the past two weeks only enlightened me more about the world and its people. The reasons are no concern to you, neither is the situation. However the fact remains that I moved out with the power to create change and a form a new reality. The main reason I am in exile is that I am and oppose to anything negative, and demand actions not words in change! After some time of demanding it of around four years I decided that rebelling and moving out as my primary move. So I did but that was done in a manner I had not wanted, at a time I had not wanted so not in so many words I am in exile.

Our fathers lived a life and forced it on us, that was simply their way full stop. So pointing out that something is “wrong” is “wrong”, or changing a fixed thought in his head would be “taboo!” Nevertheless change is inevitable and soon or later you stop asking and start resisting! Freedom is a basic right but for some of our fathers it requires a fight! Marriage, a decent job or decent pay if he has a business in the third world! Where the economy is bad enough as it is, and that’s the scenario, but were they imprison you, being in exile is better than being tied up and being forced to do what you don’t want without your dignity even being intact.

I have never been more relaxed or happy or even free, but my freedom is not yet complete because the system I am opposing has to fall or give up, but being an Arabic system it is stubborn and selfish and takes everything in its way! That system is my father, and unfortunately the only way around him would be through him. Poverty works as long as I am free, so does work with poor pay and a wife that will take me for what I have at least she is there for the bad days, and that’s why she will stick for life! This is my reality for better or worse, and the fact remains that after four years of graduation my struggle with life had just started.

Things in life are hard to understand, starting with why did have to get to this? Does it have to be lose/lose? Can’t we all live each like he wishes? Some people are impossible to change but if life isn’t changing I will “change my stars!” Injustice is everywhere and sometimes those we love act on it by leaving us or by harming us willingly! This action while small or irrelevant but it remains a turning point in my life, for those that know my life they know the projection of my action. Until I live up to my dreams before his I will not return if my alternative is harsh life, it will remain easier than the dark days I had under his reign! How can you teach a man the value of freedom if he spent his life living it as he desired how he desired? The answer is simple “you can’t” so change your life if he won’t!

Alexander’s Syndrome

We all know the story of Alexander the great, and the likes of it that rubs on us from time to time whether it is in the Holy books or whether from mere mortals. We are constantly inspired by men, who challenge common sense or factual science, and more than often they are called crazy, or dreamers or so on….

A man called Alexander built the biggest empire in a period of twelve simple years, regardless of how and what sacrifices he took, towards the end he created a legend suitable for his time. This piece is not about morals or attitudes, neither is it about lesson learning. It goes above and beyond to answer human instinct for success and the desire to achieve. Indeed humans owe a lot to such a basic drive starting with setting foot on the moon to having a portable computer. The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions and indeed bad times helps in surfacing those who are your friends through thick and thin and those who merely have a pitiful emotion called jealousy and simply sell you out or destroy you and if they fail the bitter feeling in their souls resides with every wish for you to fail!!!!!

Rising up to a challenge is no picnic because the higher up you go the greater the resistance and certainly no way around making enemies on that path. To grasp the magnitude of any individuals success, always look at the lines that write his magnificent story because in all the words that write his successes lays words that explain how he shaped up his great biography. Start with hardship, betrayals and lost loves, because any story that has a happy ending usually has a miserable one. The reasons are beyond us and they are secondary but what remains is the patience and sacrifice that led to a man unlike any other!!!! But no story is complete without those that bet on him and supported him until he got to his goal.

You pick your story and then a pattern starts to emerge that all of them were on a minority’s side, meaning they had little or no support. So you see at the end of the day success is part of human nature and so is paying the price for it. Leaving you at that I ask, are you so different from Alexander? Personally I got his big and I am beginning to think he is not so great after all.

Spicy or Mild

We tend to choose how we live our lives! Some prefer to play it safe and remain to gain a little but at least it’s guaranteed for them. Then comes the crazy group, a group that lives on risk taking, which comes from the theory in business investment and that is “risk equals return” or the more you’re willing to put yourself out there the more you will gain! Regardless of profession, even if you’re a student at school or university you tend to notice those that bargain on everything or those that don’t and people including ourselves simply fall into these two groups! “I would like one order of my life that’s spicy with extra spice please!”

I won’t go into how I prefer my life, but I will say this much that sometimes putting yourself out there even with no return is more than enough to come out the other end having lived or learned something new! Life has its ups and downs but it’s like that to separate the brave from the coward. The men from the boys, and those that care about life too much to play it safe and those that could care less and still come out with more than they bargained for!

It’s a given that some individuals have the heart to actually take a leap and then there are those that are too afraid to go past their front door! Life teaches and it teaches you if you’re willing to learn regardless of age and gender. Some pick up the lessons quicker than others and then comes those that never learn anything from it their entire lives! If you haven’t lost your life or encountered death then all else remains a static signal on your radar nothing but ups and downs! You may have had a bad relationship, and lost money or made money, or even had people rat you out or back stab you. You might have even encountered racism and sexism but towards the end of the day you picked up something!

Moving on is the goal take it from a man that once had his heart broken and lost the money in the process, or the fact that he has one too many days seen injustice but in his eyes, and not yours! You couldn’t blame a kid that was once bullied to order his life spicy, because after all and at the end of the day he is now and more than ever used to it! Books don’t teach and they don’t translate experience because we are all unique in the lives we lead that no one book can solve the world’s problems! It doesn’t teach you how to deal with heart break or even a potential enemy. It doesn’t teach you how to love or to be loyal and above all else playing it safe doesn’t teach us to be human, otherwise how could we have ended up on the moon!

With those humble words, I will leave you to think whether you live your life on the mild side or on the spicy side!


Walking across this humble planet that has nothing but trouble on it, we can’t help but constantly look at the faces of strangers, whether out of admiration at what they are capable of or at the fancy stuff some are able to purchase or simply wondering who they are or how is their life etc. But we don’t realize that not knowing that truth about strangers is better however while curiosity is in us at what lays in their back yard or the fact that knowing a stranger is better than knowing a relative remains a question of which is better, the fact remains that strangers are far more humane towards us, more forgiving, more accepting of our flaws because of a number of reasons!

Strangers may shy away because they don’t know your capabilities on any level, and they don’t know your life at its best or worst case scenario, they also have no idea about what makes you tick or what intimidates you and so on, but a relative if not handled correctly would be like allowing the snake in! Relatives know you inside out and the fact remains if they want something they would push your buttons to get it or use your compassion with them to get anything they want part of it or all of it! Writing words like this opens up a gate of memories for me and it reminds that I don’t have any relatives, because of the problems within the family, and the saying “blood is thicker than water”, tends to fail constantly the test of time and relatives!

This scenario starts from the immediate family from brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers depending on the family and moves away to uncles, aunts, and grandparents at times! While you may bet on a stranger, chances are and that’s out of very modest and little experience, chances are they won’t let you, a relative is someone you expect to be there through thick and thin or when you’re in trouble, but the truth is when you need them the most, most of them won’t be there to pick you up or help you!

This is not a specific or general case, that is mine and I mean no offense to anyone because some people have relatives that deserve all the recognition, but generally speaking out of trying strangers’ vs relatives, I would take my chance on a stranger any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Relatives have ruined my life immediate and otherwise, they have proven that loyalty even when it comes to blood is non-existent, however there are always the exceptional few, but the fact remains it is a reality that is indeed (stranger than fiction!).


2012 is knocking on our doors and we are in an economic crisis, wars and poverty and the only thing concerning those in the first world and third world aristocrats and otherwise is image! It seems at times of crisis humans lean towards image rather than the core, they show off rather than live in satisfaction, and the need to brag grows along with it! Like religion our bodies are tools to show off how “good we have got it!”. Regardless, attaining a membership at a gym is a trend nowadays more than a way of protecting our health and our lives and here is why!

Today’s gyms are packed with men and women that want to turn their bodies into an asset to show off rather than to protect some if not most gym members either smoke or smoke the hubbly bubbly or even both at times, given that smoke does discourage eating but it creates a pool of new problems from lung cancer to mouth cancer to clotting of the vessels e.t.c…. The idea also applies to those such as me that are best described as predators or meat eaters of the first degree where given that I don’t smoke. I hardly have fruit or vegetables in my diet! That creates a problem for those like me in losing and maintaining weight, as for our fellow smokers the endless coughing and constant shortness of breath is a given!

Stereotypes of this particular genre are both health freaks when comes to both their diet and smoking! Anything outside the loops is there for something else a better body for the girls or the guys, to socialize or simply to brag that there health freaks in a community that thrives on nothing more than imagery! I am from those that are outside the stereotypical box, I don’t belong, I don’t fit even if I have problems, but during a conversation it would be nice to hear, “do you work out?”, or to say “I go to the gym” and the reason is simple it lifts us up in our social status where you transform from a primitive man into a man that is modern and knows how to jump on the bandwagon of the 21st century! Huh?

So it’s about social status and socialization and all that stuff that follows imagery! Again at this time and age we take out loans to buy stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t like! It’s like an ego race, of who has the bigger, newer car, or house or fatter bank account or hotter body, and above all else it is not about being human or having the human touch! We haven’t separated what we are from how much we earn somehow if you have more, it gives you the right to be a jerk and if you have less it’s exactly the same and those in between fall into the unrecognizable area! It’s about time with the world that is today taking a ride on an economical rollercoaster we should remember that looking past the images of others we discover that we had our calculations about those around us completely wrong!

Let us give those that don’t fit the social status quo a break after all “Nerds” will inherit the earth!

Drifting 4 Dummies

Never really enjoyed rallying or formula one or watching any other type of car racing, not that I don’t enjoy racing, but rather I prefer to race myself because of the rush and adrenaline that pumps through my veins and directly in and out of my heart! That has changed recently however, and drastically after I had stumbled upon a video on the internet unlike any other, a video that changed the perspective of rallies and their drivers! Modern media introduced a new breed of audio and sharing it, a new breed of videos and filmmakers and it also brought in a new breed of car entertainment and drivers and here is how………

Gymkhana: is a type of motorsport practiced in an increasing number of countries. Similar to autocross, gymkhana courses are often very complex and memorizing the course is a significant part of achieving a fast time.

Gymkhana events are time and/or speed events in an automobile. These can feature obstacles such as cones, tires, and barrels. The driver must maneuver through a predetermined “track” performing many different driving techniques. What separates gymkhana from traditional autocross events is that the gymkhana requires drivers to perform reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s and other advanced skills. Drifting is also encouraged where helpful or necessary. Essentially, a gymkhana is any event featuring a starting point, a finish line and some sort of “obstacle” to get through, around, or by, all within a certain time limit.

Gymkhana was introduced to us through modern video sharing technology on the internet or the World Wide Web where access of anything from “how to make sushi?” to “how to drift?” is at a push of a button! “Like a character that emerged from the gaming world!” as quoted by James May of Top Gear, that character is Ken Block an American ralliest that gave rallying a new meaning at the age of forty three or “43” that is his number on his car and race wear! Ken introduced the new methods of using modern technology in a world of where everyone is alike and we need to note that Ken is an American where most rally drivers are Finnish!

Gymkhana is the name of his video if any interest exists in watching a driver at his best and highest skills that make the best of us seem like amateurs and at our beginning of our diving careers! The only thing that grabbed my attention was how average individuals use modern technologies to get recognition and I need to add that Ken Block is indeed a phenomena a talent with all the literal meanings those words carry! Ken taught us this much you can drift if you have the courage using a guide of the internet and he also taught us that the internet sets us apart in terms of talent and what follows! Whether it’s dropping the clutch or pulling the hand brake or using the clutch and the brakes together, talent remains as something you have it or you don’t, but how you promote it, is a lesson we all could learn from Ken!

So I guess ending this piece without saying how much Ken has made me want to take the car and push it more to the limit more than ever! But now all I need is a director and a camera crew and maybe I can create my hot seat on the internet for all of those that know me!

When Humans “GO” Green : Ramadan Edition

There are times when humans take a turn for the “good”, a specific time when they become “broke”, or “sick” or a certain time of year a holy day and this time that is supposed to change a Muslim to the better is only temporary and not permanent, unfortunately it’s called Ramadan and in times like these I would love to have twelve months of this months because indeed it brings out the best in humans even if it’s just hypocritical! Why do we need a “month” or an act that is a test of GOD for us to become decent? Or a “sickness” or “poverty”? Here is my story…………

A year ago I was engaged and she was in it for the money, however a black storm hit her family and since I left her there financials have taken a hit and their attitudes and treatment towards others had improved drastically! So in this particular scenario “money” was the key player in changing them and knowing the family you would think they were all prophets! But that’s just a show! Regardless of the circumstances, the reason I was treated so badly was the very reason they came to me for, and that I was my financials! They left when I was at my worst in my life and for better or worse, it was the best for me! As humans the majority of us need a “month” to do “good” as it seems to balance our books of “sins” during the year but death has no time or place neither does it stick to a certain age group or gender! So why does our act of “good” generally constitute the fact that we have to be seen doing it and not acting on it on a daily basis!

The problem goes on by the fact that as humans we think we are immortal or indestructible or that somehow, like the few of us that think heaven is already theirs a judgment that is to say the least as being blasphemy! Arrogance and all the characters that follow seem to disappear when a person gets ill or is at his death bed! Our act of “good” is unfortunately guided by a month and not a religious attitude that is “what goes around generally comes around”!. It is sad to see a religion that is built on mercy and giving and unity turn so ugly through those that fail to represent it at its fullest!. Were a “good” act towards another human is far more valuable than a religious propaganda to “show off” your religious spirit!

I mean no offense to either side religious or otherwise, this is a general notion and the fact remains that “good” and “evil” exist in all sects of the society with no exceptions! The fact remains that there is a wish from all of us that “good” acts remain after this holy month and that it indeed changes is us all for the better and forever! This and I hope GOD blesses you this month and forgives your sins and sets you on his path! STAY GREEN!

The Address : “ Al 3inwan”

Where does our home lay? A question we seek an answer to in a world where we feel uncomfortable pretty much where ever we go! Or with whom we maybe and above all else we could be in a crowded room full of people we know relatives or friends or otherwise and still feel like we’re alone, like we don’t belong, and like it isn’t our place! How many of you felt that? If the answer is “yes” keep reading!

Benefits of constant travel include the chance to meet new people all the time, making the least amount of stable friends in your life and learning more about the world that is more than the neighborhood you live in! A lesson or two over your lifetime teaches you that it’s the same with partners, and that a key ingredient is not to get too attached to anyone or anything! It may sound cold but at some point you live or that something or someone leaves you because even if you’re happy it ends up being, “till death do you apart!”

You get the picture but the drama is just starting, because satisfaction is another key ingredient if you want to be happy regardless of your financials and where you live! “Home is indeed where you make it!” , modest experience and trials in life proved to me on a very personal level, that you can make the world your home and that people tend open up their homes to you if you are a perfect fit regardless where you go or what class you rub shoulders against! So modesty comes in as a necessary ingredient to the lot if you want everyone to welcome you in a time of need or otherwise! The most difficult character you pick up over the years would be to stand up for justice and act fairly and honestly and that requires the “TRUTH” , but the “TRUTH” tends to come at a price, however heavy the burden time evens its out at the end if you’re willing to be patient enough!

Constant instability in an individual’s life has one primary benefit, and that is he learns that no matter where he goes or how he leaves that home towards the end lays in the heart and mind! Satisfaction is a blessing most of us take for granted since all that concerns us in a modern world of images false or true! We forget that satisfaction not only gives us homes, but it also reflects happiness, and wealth and I don’t mean literal “wealth” because you meet people that earn small amounts of money yet they seem richer than most of us at days! With that I end my very simple unfulfilling article and hope that GOD blesses us all with satisfaction of the heart, mind and soul!

< 3

The world evolved today to become a bubble with sound and images inside that are mixed together, and this very same world surprises us at which the rate of technological advancements exist along with the speed both vital information changes and how fast it travels! Everything today is built on signs, symbols and code, were most of the people we meet on a daily basis talk that way! There is a feeling that we wish we would get to a point sometime this century or get past the bull we encounter on false imagery! Most of you know what the title means however for those of you that don’t, that are the keys for the heart symbol on the modern communication medium which we all know as the internet! The title is what it means that despite the drastic change in the way we present our language if the core isn’t clean no matter how fancy or modern a word may appear, it will remain pointless!

During the journey of writing this article I had discovered during the past few weeks and more than the year that I had left behind that divine intervention exists and justice while maybe far off the map it tends to find its rightful place with time! I had gone through an ordeal last year that thankfully I got through, along with the fact that I found my voice in between! Code or not we remember we are human and even symbols and numbers fail to reflect emotion, and while technology introduced robots, we find out that we failed to give them emotion and that is in addition to the fact that even with the advancements in our lives some robots are better than most humans!

I found that I my greatest love was cars and will be until the day I die, I also learned that circumstances change all the time, and above all else people constantly surprise. I have to admit that at times I thought I had people figured, and again I was wrong, and that love while hard to explain for some individuals exists at the weirdest places and oddest of times along with the two most unlikely people to match! No matter how advanced or educated we are, we forget that symbols and numbers are our creation and their imperfection is taken from ours!

Relationships are complicated like the symbol/number that represents love there is no golden rule or an exact match, however as we go along in time the odds tend turn into our favor! We learn that when all the façade drops the only thing that is left is the sounds in our (<3)’s to overcome the fear of living and loving that and those we desire!

Time Capsule Of “Opportunity!”

Waking up most days, I wish for a “rewind” button and a second chance, for “redemption”, to fix what and where I went wrong! But this is reality and while it cannot be done, I bet we can cheat life for a little while by traveling to a different dimension, in time and place! Daydreaming has become a part of my “day” and from what I understand it is a part of many others, since life has become highly rigid through routine and boring T.V. In my world it would be a DMC Delorean used in “Back To the Future” parked in my garage and the keys in my pocket! Waking up grabbing the keys and traveling back in time and starting my day traveling back and forth in time………

How many of us wish we can undo the past or start an editing process of our lives, by removing the bad times, mistakes and heading off to the times that made us laugh like children and felt love “unconditionally”. But maybe GOD gave us imagination, hope and dreams, so that when times get tough even without a time machine we could travel to our own “utopias”, because we all have our own perfect place, our perfect scenes, our prefect lives pictured in our heads away from sometimes what could be called a gruesome and harsh reality! When all other choices fail, I think the safest bet would be for us to go back to a time when we were children, pure, honest, real and happy without a problem in our minds, but that’s not reality, somehow as we grow the child in us “packs his bags and goes away!” and never comes back!

This is only because there are those we meet in our lives that kill our innocence and they kill our trust in society, almost completely wiping the opportunity for those good few to ever surface! Life also teaches along the way to give the “benefit of the doubt” or “not to judge things or people as they are!” But what if a person slowly turns against you by changing the tone of their voice followed by the fact they stop asking or caring about you? Then you take the blame and claim you’re “wrong” but in fact all you wanted was attention because you “cared” about them! So you escaladed what they started only to find out that they wanted an opportunity to jump ship and leave you, because for one reason or another you’re not up to their “standards”!

Regardless, life teaches and it teaches a lot, it teaches patience, and creates immune systems against those that hurt and betray us constantly, it also teaches us that sometimes its best not to care what others think! After your heart is shredded and nerves removed and lack of human touch created you go to a “happy place”. Mine an open track with a garage filled with the world’s most “exotic”  cars in all shapes forms and sizes, with a trailer at the side of it because it’s all the space I need to live for the remaining part of my life!

When everything is gone and going, you also go beyond the galaxies and start imagining people you wish you had as family, or a lover, a wife, but that’s not reality! It’s better because what you hold within you, no one can take. The friend that slowly took the time to turn against me never said why, or what I had done, and simply shut me out and left me in the “dark” but that concerns him/her. While going back in time and changing everything around us would be “great”, the fact would and still will remain, that we won’t and wouldn’t have learned anything if it wasn’t for our miserable past!

But the fact remains that I forgot to mention that GOD also put something else in us and it is called “hope”, and while we dream or not that is the only thing that keeps us going and pushes us at the end of the day! A better future, a happier future, a future full of opportunity and hopefully a future that will make up for our miserable past or present! When everything dies or will die in us as we get older, the only thing that always lives in us would be the “hope” for a better tomorrow!

63 Years & Counting (Tribute To Palestine!)

Words don’t exist to describe the feeling of a person or people that don’t have a land because it was forcefully taken! Growing up as a Palestinian I lacked a place to associate myself with because those classmates of mine from across the region always said that there from here or there and that during the vacation they were going back to their countries! Mine was gone it was taken from us 63 years ago and since then had no recognition that it was Palestine on a map! Our people had spread across the world, and not in any particular place and those that remained to fight injustice paid and still pay the price dearly to this date!

I am originally from Jerusalem and I say it proudly that I am from the Palestinian people constantly! But above all this is the “kingdom of heaven”, the “promise land” and it is sacred in Islam, and in Christianity likewise! This land represents the justice thermometer across the globe and as an awakening has reached my generation to march to and get back what is rightfully our land from underneath the hands of the “butchers of children, women and old people!” . The 63 year old story has more than one benefactor to blame but that doesn’t concern us as it is our duty to get it back as a generation!

Growing up all we heard was criticism towards our generation and hostility from the generations being our fathers and their fathers! They told us how heroic they were and how much they suffered and so on….. They walked around with banners that our generation paid the price for dearly and were a generation is growing up and growing fed up of talk and promises and slogans! I ask on this day more than any other to our fathers and their fathers, what have you done for Palestine? Did you stop your hypocrisy and your constant will to sell anything for the mere price of living a day or two that you will leave eventually after that into GODs hands! The internet generation apparently had more to offer because we grew fed up of promises, and injustice a generation that took the Middle Eastern region by a storm! I believe I speak on their behalf, the problems start by controlling fathers, lack of job opportunities and no decent respect or living standards for a generation that’s screaming!

I would love nothing more than to point my finger towards the invaders! But they didn’t sell our land or our dignity; they didn’t preach one thing to their people and offered another! But as Palestine being the justice thermometer of the world a generation with a conscious has awakened regardless of the technology it used to get to it!  The added factor of injustice brought a charged generation more than ever willing to fix the way the world runs! It may not be this year or the next but we have a country and a generation that won’t sleep or hesitate to get it back and if it is at least for nothing else, it would be for showing those that sold it, that GOD has left the best for the best and that is generation of young men and women that won’t compromise were the previous generations did! We will say it clearly today more than ever “OUR LAND IS NOT FOR SALE AND NEITHER ARE WE!”  

Copyright This!

Modern economy requirements: Exclusivity period. When anything worth inventing has been invented and technology offers everything at a push of a button anything from how to build a computer to fixing your car all the way to building a rocket ship! Nothing is left to the imagination, nothing! So how do some individuals still earn high salaries and so on… The answer is that despite the saturation of the modern economy and a belief that anything worth inventing has been invented, human capital is the key advantage and that’s today when the entire problem starts! Getting sued for intellectual property, and that’s when you start hiring copywriters and business lawyers. The problems are just starting and here is why…….

The problems that come with such an advancement in technologies, is that a new huge group of individuals shift to lower classes, because all entrepreneurs need is the “cash” and the” know how” well that is where we thank the search engines and what they provide us with! So a simple getting of a decent job isn’t ever enough, and that has another requirement and this particular requirement is “GOD” given and that is why some individuals move ahead in certain fields and others fall behind! To “know something” in the 21st century is no longer good enough for you to stand in a crowd! If you have had the right education, you simply may know more than the average man but that doesn’t give you an advantage per say!

The fact remains that a “creative itch” needs to exist with a bit of modesty in order to be able to accept new information all the time and keep up with what’s “hip” or “cool” or the “trend” of that era or period of time! Some have it and others don’t and perfection for better or worse doesn’t exist otherwise we would all be out of work and out of business! So now we have a line of experts in every field ready to take their “mug shots” on who is most qualified for the job! But then one out of them all stands out, he looks different in front of a camera, and they say he is gifted! So he gets the contract, but that creates a drift in the economic equations were simply because your  “different” or “liked” you have an advantage over the competition! I am in no way against this because I believe individualism and exclusivity is a must otherwise why be human?

The fact remains that despite its harm on the economy the human intellect is the first and last determinant for his/her change in an economic game of “who gets the job?”. Opportunity should also exist for the not so “gifted” because simply they “affect” the economy and we don’t want to dissolve the middle class and create chaos in the economic structure at any time! To sum up if your creative enough you literally have to “shove your ideas down people’s throats!”.  Most great ideas are turned down and not backed by big businesses only to be left to those who carried their projects all the way until the end!

So regardless of what field you’re in or plan to get into if you don’t have the “passion” or  “drive” or “creativity” to add no matter how smart you are, you will always end up exactly where you started!  

Dating Mediums

Modern technology has evolved the dating process and left no “boundaries” or “secrets” anymore and that is good because people can only lie to each other for so long, and where it’s bad is it threatens relationships from lasting, hence lifting up both break – up rates and divorce rates. Modern technology also exposes individual to thoughts from different cultures no matter how twisted or odd they may seem, but the fact remains that the “devil” ends up playing the wiser in this game. So has it improved and we can end the case against technology and human interaction or has it destroyed households, regardless here is my argument…….

The problem with technology is that it exposes too much, in a world where information is exposed at a push of a button it is far more safer as an individual, to be ignorant to the basics of computers and the internet, but the fact remains you can’t undo what you know and erase what you found out, so all you end up wishing is that you didn’t know in the first place! When you have the privilege of knowing how to track down basic information, doubts tends to arise simply because the internet has trails and finger prints all over, and that is similar to the story of Hansel & Gretel. But that’s not our concern, but rather the fact remains that a relationship on mere existence not only does it get exposed amongst friends and family but rather the world wide community, on what we call the “world wide web”.

We have mobile phones, texting, tweeting, facebooking and blogging that turn into the most powerful medium tools in which any man or woman that are willing to jeopardize a relationship between two people can!  These issues create a relation full of lack of trust and expose individuals that have mere friendship relationships to become what we would call as cheaters! Then comes the biggest problem of all and that is the “truth”, which on many levels no one ever really knows, and in order to appreciate a relation full of doubt and on the mere existence of the mobile phones and undesired calls that keep coming to your fiancés phone and when you ask, the only answer you get is a blank face!

Exposing too much on modern mediums also creates distrust because you know too much or simply put the truth becomes too hard to handle, but regardless of how you put it technology no matter how good or bad it maybe to humans and there relations with each others, it remains a fact that whether you use it for good or bad or want a lasting relationship, simply comes down to the individual using the technology! Sometimes too much of the truth is a problem, because no matter how you put it it’s not good enough in modern relationships, and that is because like modern societies that are built on images and women effected more than men tends to create a relationship were it is “ok” to lie as long as the world knows she “has what no one does” or “lives like no one does”.

It is sad to see the mothers, daughters, and sisters of the future heading towards an image built relationships are pathetic and sad! Technology breaks that trust boundary almost melting it away, while it has many blessings in many ways technology has created trust issues, and isolated families in their own homes!

Is Mark Zuckerberg a “Jerk”?

Since the release of the movie “The Social Network”, there has been much controversy on whether or not he is a “Jerk”. A personal opinion and nothing more is that he is not a “jerk” despite of the flow of the story, and were we don’t disagree is the fact that he remains a genius, a prodigy a man that enjoyed what he did and he did it well. Some sympathy on my part exists because there is nothing wrong when a man wants to stand out in a crowd and he wanted exclusivity and he mentioned it at the opening scene when he talked about his SATs and how a person would stand out amongst the crowds of similar achievements. So why he is not a “jerk” like the movie claims him to be!

Putting the obvious aside or the fact that he was crafty in taking an idea from the twins and turning it into a multimillion project or whatever is that the fact remains, that despite after everything the woman that left him was his primary drive! He was smart in how he conducted his business regardless of ethics, today’s business markets needs men that look beyond the dime and the dollar and have a vision, because of competition that is unforgiving on the way up certain sacrifices have to be made and certain shoulders have to be climbed up on. On the case of his girlfriend his case stands solid from a man’s point of view he wasn’t a “jerk” any person rejected in a relationship would have done worse and not just merely blog about his ex! Regardless of how true the movie reflects the characters lives but towards the end the fact remains that Mark represents the drive a man has for achievement just to get the attention of the woman he loved! Before sounding bells and whistles and I believe it is best to put ourselves in his shoes, yes his girlfriend did have less than a satisfactory education compared to him and yes her social class mix of people wasn’t up to his. The reason being that as you along and watch the events grow to realize that mark proved his claim, and yes not only was he genius, but he ended up rubbing his shoulders with those he claimed he was going to do for her!

Would a “Jerk” at the end of the movie still have feelings or emotions towards the very woman that dumped him! It was clear across the his story that Mark truly didn’t care about money as most great men don’t but rather he cared about achievement and he cared about his girlfriend to take her to a new lifestyle, but sometimes there are those that don’t look beyond their noses and consider everyone else less. Where she didn’t appreciate him he went on to find who does!  

To end this I would like to say that despite what he did business wise, that would be the true example of a capitalist system where the “rule of the jungle” applies and so does unhealthy competition when greed sets in!  Regardless of how you put it, and how it plays in your head, it was Marks time and some of us while maybe regarded as “Jerks” we could only wish to be “Jerks” as smart as Mark!  

“The Skirt!”: “Il Tanoorah!”

This is what we call attention seeking women, a skirt, a very short skirt and nearly no shirt, or simply the way they picture themselves, were it gets to the point that no matter how she looks, she thinks that there are no existing alternatives for us men! Good morning, I think and to go back to the skirt, the very short skirt and a piece of cloth they call a shirt, and that brings me to asking a key question has cloth really gotten that cheap these days or is it cheaper to wear nothing. The economic model on fabric is the opposite in reality were fabric when less becomes extremely more expensive like say “Victoria Secret!”  .What’s happening to the world and they ask why man have gone mad, I believe the answer to that lies in the hands and minds of the opposite sex!

Encountering the opposite sex is like taking an adventure on a rollercoaster in your head, body and emotions. To say the least you may find yourself within four seasons of emotions, followed by extreme headaches, followed by simply utter and complete confusion leaving you blank in the head! On that journey you have to know and understand one thing, and that is you know nothing about women, and the fact remains that no matter how you put it, simply explaining logic to them won’t work. So if you were to say one plus one is two according to them one plus one may actually equal “zero”.  On the other hand giving them what they want constantly creates suspicion, you should never say to her, “Do what you want.” Or, “Don’t do this.” Because at the end of the day it is a trick question with a constant wrong answer!

Einstein, Newton and Edison gave us a headache with their science but this science unlike any other drives scientists mad no matter how much genius they have to offer! That’s on the one hand and on the other which I like very much, and that is in public most women are shy and innocent, and when you get to the heart of the talk you find yourself engaged with a grade A debater, leaving us with the question of where all that was hidden? Huh? The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) boycotted his wives for a month, and many more examples follow! So you see if prophets have suffered from women and their games, what would happen to us mere mortals?  

So a woman wears a skirt to get the attention of the males and that’s one scenario, or she talks with another guy to get the guy she wants and that’s another scenario. Regardless how they play it, even the devil he can get schooling from Eve, and some of the funny things men encounter is that a woman plays her games until she gets a guy she likes, and as soon as he sweet talks to her she gives him the cold shoulder! Statistically speaking men are going to end up an extinct breed compared to women, which leaves one question in mind, why do they think so much of themselves since there are plenty of them and most turning into spinsters! But hey what do I know?

This piece is very general and not meant for any readers in particular, and this remains in many ways my experience and my opinion and I hope you have enjoyed this piece!

Republican “Tea Party”

So Socialism fell because despite its effort to sell a great ideology that wasn’t and won’t be applicable on the ground, and that had followed the rise of the Capitalist system which simply says you have to work your thing off to get anywhere in it, and that also never said you have to end up in bed with a group of people that lobby and compromise the medical care system, followed by anything that’s good for the helpless and the Capitalist system is led by a group better known as the Republicans those wolves that cunningly fool you into giving your money and leave you poor unless you become rich! Let me explain…….

In a Capitalist system there are rules to making money and in order to make money, a primary requirement would be to have money to start with, followed by a group of people that are in government or otherwise which are called your connections and their useful because if you look closely at business it is directly connected to government policy! Another primary guideline in making money is that government policy usually serves a certain group of people, better known as the elite and in world where the rule of the jungle exists in a primary scenario of buildings and offices, the only guideline would be benefit, or better said as scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Capital cities tend to have high rent and high pay because of a high concentration of money flowing, and even in the modern western capitalist system up to some point money tends to flow a bit more in one direction than any other, because of concentration of wealth.

To simplify picture high school with a bully that everyone fears, he takes the lunch money and spreads crumbs at those who are in his group for exchange for loyalty and protection. Adding insult to injury when the bully wants to sell something band in school he tends to have most of the buyers from his group because they’re the most capable followed by a few outsiders leaving cash flow in one direction. Capitalism and the Republicans in particular are that high school bully, they take your money through taxes with nothing in exchange and anyone that sleeps with them enjoys the benefit, and that is like saying 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.  

Marx once argued that the Capitalist state would be the reason for its own direction, and why not, if you look at the economic model and the plans provided for the poor and the opportunities that depend on who you know not what you know would all create that and we have seen a miniature of the downfall of the economic crisis and that’s just by looking at them every time they take America to the brink, and bring back new riches and greater poverty. This is the Republican story, loan sharks and lobbyist and as for the Democrats well there too cowardice to achieve anything!

So you want to make money the only choice would be to sleep with the Republicans until the system changes! Or find something similar where you are and the system creates negative competition that also creates a “rule of the jungle” in the work place! Overall despite being the better of the existing systems it remains the best alternative at the moment!

I would like to end this with a dedication to Hamzeh Al Karmi a dear friend that asked for this piece, and this is for him.

When we listen, to hear the voices we “Love!”

“I just wanted to say I love you!”, “I miss you!”, “Wish you were here with me!”, and much more can be said at a price to hear the voices of those we love, or even to see them and wish that their image never leaves our very souls, hearts and minds. Love is a complex emotion and unless you fell of that bandwagon you know nothing or can claim nothing on the feelings and emotions that crash and burn our very existence

I was engaged once in the past to say that before I broke it off that I didn’t stare at her and try to remember her face or her voice, because at one point or another we would leave each other and I had thought it would be till death do us apart. Silly me! But regardless of how corny or mushy it sounds, love is an emotion that ties the heart to the mind and no emotion not even greed is capable of changing destiny of two people that want each other, desire each other and will fight the world hand in hand to stay with each other! My story wasn’t a fairy tale, it was more of a nightmare and once you have experienced on the highest level, only then can you appreciate that which comes after

To say I don’t miss the good times, the fun times and the loving times in the engagement would be a lie, despite being a male and a proud petrol head and not a big fan of weddings, but towards the end I am flesh and blood, and had she understood the value of how much she meant to me I wouldn’t have been sold out, but again a wise saying goes, “What goes around comes around!”. The closest level of emotion I reach to is when I hear the sounds of the Italian thoroughbred, and give my eyes the pleasure of beauty of craftsmanship that one time during my engagement I gave up only to put her ahead of that which I loved most and that is cars

Picking up the phone sometimes I wish I recorded her voice or saved a picture, after all she was my first, and that brings me to another famous saying as well and it goes, “Lucky is the man that is a woman’s first love and lucky is the woman that is a man’s last love.But to say the least, when I left her I hadn’t expected to meet someone that is better, but I was surprised that somehow, she was on all levels below expectations and that is when I don’t regret keeping anything from our past and her greedy character! During your lifetime you may meet potential second halves, however the journey is never complete without the twists life throws at us, you and myself I am sure we have been there were you are constantly surprised how image constantly fools you, and that sometimes kind bigheartedness and great character are in a mold you least expect as if GOD is telling us that there constantly is more than what meets the eyes

You find that the places where characters of a different social and financial background provide you with lessons on modesty and laughter in the face of the harshest of times almost taking your mood and emotions to a new extreme, a new horizon, and almost taking to a place closest to heaven and an attitude that is that of an angel on a planet were people because of the spread, of evil tend to forget that good still exists and there are those when you treat them rudely, that they come back and treat you with that which at least can be called nobility! Practices that is not strange to religions of the world regardless of corners and belief and above all that of Islam and the prophet – PBUH

Looooooove Story

Romantic novels, soaps and movies tend to be a hit these days, with great captivity of an audience that is mostly women, but not all that is written or produced tends to be a hit since there tends to be certain guidelines or rules if you will that produce a hit, although Shakespeare had to suicidal lovers in Romeo & Juliet or whatever he had produced during his life, they have become a part of our lives, and regardless of their region, we had the Mexican and the Turkish but how do they captivate? Keep reading……..

The basics of a love story usually start off with what is called a love triangle, were boy loves girl and girl loves another boy, or girl loves boy and boy loves another girl, regardless of how they stand related or if she is forbidden. Then comes the impossibility of the love were a problem has to arise, like the families hate each other “Romeo & Juliet”, or of different social and financial statues, or the very simple fact that a man can’t have a certain woman because she is married to someone else, then comes the drama and that’s the corner stone after all other factors are in place, because the story is boring, if there isn’t crying and weeping all the time, or people getting shot or torture of either lover!

Anything romantic can move either way, it can have both a sad or happy ending, but regardless of how the love drama goes, and that is the fact remains the endings here tend to be captivating. Now and after we are done with all that we get into the details were there tends to be explicit details somehow on the kissing and the touching and so on. Somehow adult material tends to be necessary even if it’s just showing you and reminding of how attractive a woman is. I don’t mind that’s gods work and it’s amazing however just not too much were we have lost our dignities to over sell women in the media because simply put it is degrading for them and insulting at the same time and can bring out a scary generation with a filled had of thoughts.

Regardless of how you put it they tend strike us as humans and women especially on the most delicate emotion of all, were at times you may sacrifice a bit more than just your heart, and if you ask me the media is to blame for enraging our emotions and taking them to the next level even if it’s a happy or sad ending a love story can tap on any humans emotion, but above all so can a story of a betrayed lover. So you see love stories are great since you can make money of off them, and that is the “Titanic” I mean who would sit through the longest most boring movie in history and shed tears, as it seems like it is most of the world.

I would like to end this by saying that while women see men as tough as it seems we too have emotions, but also as it seems they grow cold quicker and our hearts turn into stone almost after the very first heartbreak, but emotions exist in all humans since that is how we are all built but nothing beats that love of a woman love triangle or not

Men, Porsches & The “Mid Life Crisis”

It seems like guys my age at this point in time and in this particular century have mid life crisis even as young men. The need for a dream car has almost gotten me to the point were I am actually craving a Porsche. The reason being is I am single and seeking and would really love to get my hands on a decent car since a decent woman is hard enough to find these days, and when I speak I believe I speak on behalf of my gender. So why are young men falling into mid life crisis before they have hit forty? Keep reading…….

Financially you can’t buy a Porsche at that age, but somehow the need for a companion seems to arise constantly, were a young man between twenty and thirty doesn’t seem to get the deserving attention he deserves from the opposite gender since our generation is a spoilt bunch that whine at every bump in the road! Why do men love Porsches more than almost any other car in the market? Leaving the technical for later, they are charming beautiful, perfect size, and they make you feel like a child all over again at a price more affordable than the competition. But it’s every boys dream to buy a powerful car, and a sports car to be specific, and why not since when you can’t fulfill a dream of the long list you move to the next, so towards the end we thank the women for driving us away from them and to Porsches!

The Porsche has a flat six engine located at the back of the car, which engineering wise was criticized due to the fact it was a revolutionary idea when it was introduced! They also mostly enjoy an advantage of having V six engines that produces far more power than the Italian thoroughbred, so you see overall it’s a Porsche and we love them! We buy Beamers and Mercs even if they four cylinder engine to compromise the thrill of the drive we desire, there rear wheel drive and therefore provide a sensation a front wheel drive won’t offer unfortunately. Women also desire men with nice cars say all you want but even if they don’t know their cars they somehow have a sense when a good car comes and the gold digging begins, and this generalized not specific!

I had told her, “Not be too arrogant!”, and as it seems she thought it was offensive and not arrogance, but in short unwilling to talk again, and I ask you? Is that not arrogance and nothing else were she stands tall looking down thinking I would run to her, I would like to say I won’t stoop that low I did it once it didn’t feel good and I won’t do it even if you’re an angel, and towards you’re everything you claimed you’re not in terms of arrogance, were modesty always remains the key,  a Porsche is modest and that is why gives a lot more than you do!

So Porsches they come in the most beautiful colors, greatest engine, highest tech and power, so what have you to offer to stand out in a world of nothing more than commercial cars, how are you “unique” or “different” and ask yourself where do I stand when it comes to reality? I am a Porsche, because I know I am! Are you


When The Devil Has Roots

The social, economic and moral collapse of societies, reasons and build ups of mistakes built on the shoulders of our great grandparents. The fall of one creates a direct domino effect toppling everything with it with one exceptional factor, which is the economic one, which directly depends on the first two to show up. The society’s downfall and rise depends on two main factors social and moral and here is why………

The social structure generally is deteriorating, due to the fall in morality, where somehow materialistic “things” are what matter an “image” of perfection is necessary, to be accepted! Humans have created a modern bubble that is called “bull” and enjoy living around it. The reason this is causing the collapse of social structure can start with more private schools, and no real moral education, or a fancy car on the bank and you can’t fill its fuel, or the fact that you take out a mortgage you can’t pay. This also stops marriages in certain parts of the world where pay is low and demands are high, giving a high turnout in spinsters, leading to fornication and prostitution and so own taking what few morals are left! You are going to tell me next well it’s the economic crisis but isn’t that an outcome of loss of morals, corruption, theft, lies and greed! If we agree that we get the money as humans then we agree also to the fact that we have minds, which leads to the direct rise of the economy. What is happening now is social collapsation that is built purely on “image”, a woman has to have certain standards to be accepted certain height, body build and so on….. Men the same with the added disadvantage were morals are out as long as he has money.

This is not a black market for body parts, but it is rather an open market where morals, dignity, and minds are bought and sold, and where the system that is built on whatever, lacks everything in it, where the few command and exploit the riches while leaving the bread crumbs for us majority! The problem with an equation like this is that once society accepts a low moral behavior it becomes normal, were certain people get away while others even when innocent pay the price! So the appointed corrupt individuals are usually society’s acceptance to start with and since society accepts it I guess it means everyone wants to benefit, so why blame them when accepted to start with?

The devil grows roots primarily where poverty exists and when it does, he also knocks on doors where the most basic instinctive needs are not met. All I am saying is maybe it’s about time we helped each other, and for God’s sake, give each other a break! Why should we have moral decay, when it’s about time to get our acts straight!

From The End! : “Min Il Akher!”

The problem with reality that like the truth it tends to “sting” on a constant basis, were the truth and reality cross is where no one wants neither! Reasons may vary, but towards the end saying the truth about who you really are or what you really think compromises a lot because most people have a problem digesting it! This in relationships more than anything if built wrong compromises everything, so you offer the truth to make it right, and you get immediate rejection, or you offer a lifetime of lies and be feared and hated for it. How many times have you told the truth and then wish you hadn’t? If so keep reading……..

Some women think that since they have the upper hand that they control were a relationship is going, and I say wake up! She wants an apartment, a car, a man that to say the least is commanded by her every whim, a loser if you will! Regardless if she wants all that she can buy it and spoil herself, why bother looking for a man with such a criteria, since there aren’t many out there that are young and filthy rich, with endless variety and choices of women that have one thing on their mind and that is marriage! Don’t get me wrong, but everyone hates lies, yet when you offer the truth only very few tend to accept it, without asking questions, and yet you offer the truth, and no one accepts it, and I had seen a case were a woman married a guy simply because she was of a poor background and him not being any better bought a used Merc, on the bank and yet when he hits it, it parks for weeks in his garage, that is living a lie! He appears richer than he really is and she accepted it.

Again you offer the truth, and nine out of ten, if not all ten don’t accept it, and because the truth is a rare commodity, these days it is unaccepted on all levels, almost as if it were a myth. I was told that I was a good talker and not much of a doer, I would like to reply by saying, unless you’re in my shoes, you have no right to judge me! Experience teaches, and if people want to be excused, then they should at least regard the other side’s situation, my trust in women depleted after a relationship that sunk me to the ground, and if she won’t understand it, then I don’t care eventually someone will! This is the briefing of what I learned from my previous relationship, and that is taking me as I am or watch me leave. No alternatives and no other choices!

I consider myself a quick learner which is why I grew up way ahead of my time, and my falls gave me far more insight to life than I would have imagined. If I am not respected for my soul, my character, and my mind, then I have no need for your respect, or love! I will offer her the truth and anyone after her, because that is who I am, and she can accept it or leave it to others. Times change and that is too what life taught me, demands tend to drop with time, and that is a bargaining chip for any good negotiator, so demand as you please and leave time to give as it pleases!

Yesterday opened up my eyes on a few things, one being is that I learned my lesson well, and that I am not a really bad judge of character, however it also opened my eyes to a truth even I have trouble grasping since last night! It’s the truth for better or worse, and I would prefer it over ten lies, and if others prefer lies over the truth then in all sincerity, I don’t care it’s their lives and they can do with them as they please!

I love black as a color because it takes up all the others, and that is what I will do with her and others, unlike the opposite side that sometimes breaks at the first glimpse of criticism or truth and with that I will leave you to think about the truth and  people!

“Because I Have A Voice!”

Mixed messages are a problem, because they distort the truth, give it a different meaning, were in every step you want to make a move or an action, uncertainty seems to be a companion now a days. Stories could be told, but nothing beats the facts that reside on a daily basis, starting with understanding, people of different backgrounds and then comes the dilemma of understanding the opposite gender! The truth is told although confusion constantly arises, it usually is best to shutdown feelings; it saves both awkwardness and humility down the road! So you want to be heard, keep reading…..

I have found that it takes a lifetime to be heard, individually heard is no walk in the park and as a graduate of business school, you are taught primarily in management to give off clear messages and direct orders, however nothing in life is black and white since you have a great variety of characters, grey tends to dominate your life, and here is why. People have perception that is built on time, place and their individual backgrounds and depending on characters, and lifestyles, people interpret according to themselves. That’s were knowing how to read people comes in, but business models have proven constantly that even with surveys and research even science goes wrong. Businesses that were thought to fail have reached phenomenal success and others the other way around and you know why?

Simply because people aren’t completely honest, this is why most business ventures that succeed in our modern time mostly do on pure coincidence. There are numerous examples but business isn’t our primary concern here, rather individuals that have a tendency to shy away from the truth for protection, from being judged or hated or simply fear a reaction that is different from that in which they hoped for! That is a story of human emotion, fear is only an outcome of our fear from ourselves, and yes we are afraid of ourselves because we fear that we may not be socially acceptable, and that is only human. But apparently what separates us is this much; because the list of successful people will show you that they fought the flow, and challenged the common. Here is a thought, are you that uncomfortable in your own skin that you don’t want to be different?  

I am and I say it proudly, getting this far guarantees at least the overcoming of the fear of public speaking with one thought in your head, “who cares what anyone thinks!” I know it sounds easier said than done, and that not everyone has the privilege of being the mockery of the school a lifetime or the constant battering of a father that constantly tries to remind you, what a failure you have turned out! But it is a privilege because you grow numb, satisfied that towards the end of the day even if you’re a loser, you’re your loser which is an identity even if hated, will remain respected. I have a voice and it is between those lines, however shrunk it maybe it is dormant looking for a way out for the world, but as life teaches you all in good time!

To create your voice, you need to overcome yourself, prepare yourself not to feel, not to care, but always to keep your ears to the streets, the people and life at large, a wise man once said that in order to rule all that is under heaven you must know and understand all that is under heaven!  Not out of exact context, so here I am again preaching yet my heart is somewhere between a stone and the crashing of the waves, were at least in which direction you look at these words they remain mine, and life has taught me to be an individual at least I am.

Are you?

“Il Shagfeh!” : “The Piece!”

During the process of discovering the perfect “shagfeh”, you encounter certain problems, in which the forward motion of creativity is usually stopped. Trying to find where you’re going is far more difficult in writing then knowing where you’re coming from. Even with the senses at full throttle, you tend to wonder, where you’re inspiration comes from. Mine comes from people, society, and anything socially related. Love, hate and so on….. All this and much more can’t guarantee a well written piece. I believe that when all else fails human emotion takes charge, and that is why we help the weak, love the peaceful, and even do charity!

Waking up to a bitter reality is far worse than any other type of emotion, because to some extent you have to live with it until the day you die. It was because of her I woke up to mine, and because of the one after her, that I woke up yet again! Going in life sometimes you realize that things that you want to achieve on any level are far more difficult and as you grow so do your problems. You learn a few things growing up, one is that human emotion is very complex, and you learn not to trust, because somehow you have seen it so many times, you never know who to believe. While there are different emotions, no matter how you put it they are interrelated, and the fact remains that they’re always linked to two organs the heart and the mind!

So you grow up, you get your first crush, second, third, and so on but you never learn, you eventually switch off the heart, but stick to your mind. You could be in a room full of people talking to you yet, remembering who you are, what your problems are, or simply feel disconnected, you wake up to a bitter fact and that is you’re alone. I don’t aim to please in my writing, and for that I apologize, I am who I am. No matter how you put it, we are individuals, and that means that no two people are alike, so you might ask what has this got to do with the prefect piece? The answer is simple; every piece reflects its creator, however today like the very few days that pass every individuals life, I don’t know who I am. The perfect piece for me is not a piece of writing, or a nice song with words with endless meanings , if I had it my way the perfect piece would be a car and anything related. Machines are in my blood, and I love cars more than anything, and life has taught to be attached to an object is far easier than being attached to an individual.

At least at the end of the day pain only comes from you; an object can’t hurt you emotionally. Looking for respect is beautiful and so is getting it, but at the end of the day if you have no one willing to live for you, share with you, the good times, the bad and the ugly, then a suicidal career like racing, would be the best choice. Even when you’re satisfied, with everything you want, you tend to feel incomplete, and that is why no matter what your social status or financial status you are in you seek human emotion through finding your other half, which is why most of us, constantly feel this feeling were we constantly end up heartbroken.  Mine is broken, once so far but shutting down my emotions, won’t make my writing any better, or make me more human! I am who I am, and my “shagfeh” would be my life!

Rules Of Engagement

Sitting down on a restaurant table, a friend and I discussed life, somehow luck is changing for our generation, not that I am any better taking words out of the Jordanian/Palestinian culture since that’s my background I will move on to tell the story. Mansaf, Kabsa and Mashawi were on our menu for the evening along with a bottle of water Pepsi and a bit of “7aki Fadi” empty talk or not depending on your perspective! The problem wasn’t the food on the menu it was rather me, as I recall I was “saye3”, “hamel” with a bit of “habal” on the side and you have me. It was around eight p.m being Arab one meal is never enough and neither of the three or four is ever small. Moving constantly from the topic because hungers struck again forgive me! The story starts after I had met him and it goes something like this. This is not for women!

I had been a source of mockery to this particular friend after I had broken off my first engagement, as it seems to him later I wasn’t as stupid as I seemed and he wasn’t as smart as he thought. Getting into the evening the stories kept going, how when we would get married and end up visiting each other, but that is in ten years or so. As we talked being an eastern society not as it seems do women have demands so do men, more than we thought but ours were of a different kind. Something a little more related with certain humane issues, not financial, regardless of our small and pitiful talk we went on to write a list of do’s and don’ts and wants and don’t wants to phrase it best. If you thought I was prude or from the Stone Age, as it seems there are those that lay way behind me where I would be a city, he would be the village. But towards the end we agreed because at the end of the road we are both men and men think alike, unlike women that no two women think alike and no one including women know what other women think! Huh?

The list started very simply. Try choosing a woman from a house where there is male dominancy, obviously and then comes the second a house without a brother is out, followed by the fact that once they start demanding pick your respectful out before you end up conquered by insult and injury! The next step would be to avoid certain families that you know that males don’t dominate or that they have a nice record of divorces, and those are warning signs before getting committed. Then comes the history record which no matter who you ask won’t say anything negative! That’s the trickiest part once you have fulfilled the top list and this is met you know you’re on the safe side so far! Followed by simple understanding of the woman you’re about to let in your house, if she comes from a background where she is cheap and nothing satisfies her, then she is out, or if she is way above your social class where her father or her could control you in the long run because they provide you with the income! Huh?

Remember there are no guarantees; however you are working to stack your odds up in your favor, the next would be to try to avoid relatives, the more immediately related, the further you must run! Always know what your worth before getting into something like this, where you stack up in society, or in front of the future in-laws, always be honest about your financial situation, and never promise a fruitful future financially because there are no guarantees for the future! Remind the in-laws and your fiancé that there replaceable while they may not be satisfied with you others would wish for your happiness just being with them!

If after all this she remains as you expected, keep her just never guarantee anything because you may be in for a surprise after the wedding! But like I said previously trying to stack the odds to your favor, and needless to say she has to “love” not the other way around! With that I end my story and list, and say to women we love you, just because we can’t live without you. This is not personal or otherwise because at the end of the day I want to finish “sya3ani” somehow.  Thanks Again!

“0%” Interest Rates Is Where It’s Going!

Basic economics says that a free market with competition would logically bring prices down. But is it enough for a market with a competition to drag down the interest rates in banks to a true value of “zero” not to sky rocket if you miss a payment or so, or even create an interest free loan? The problem with such an economic model, it also reflects the fact that towards the end, that logically despite a saturating market in banks, that there will remain a couple of banks at the end, which means that even banks in a sector in general would make more money than others forcing a shutting down a huge group of banks!

This would also mean that the gap between the rich and poor would grow more and that certain banks would have the advantage because of their survival, more money than others! Interest rates already create a one way flow of money dissolving the middle class, but banks amongst themselves will slowly wipe each other slowly with attractive interest rates and greater liquidity offers to hoard in and prey on the average consumer! If that theory is debunked merely for the existence of federal reserve, and central banks backing up the loan sharks with licenses, the economic model won’t stand, unpaid debts caused the first collapse, but the question remains, where are the central banks getting the money to back bad debts? No matter what currency you’re talking about, towards the end it has no value, it’s a piece of paper with a value pushed by so many factors, one being how much is running of it in the market, like in the supply and demand diagram, despite economic basics, money usually comes from a source and heads towards a source. So where is the money coming from? Where is it going?

The answer to these two questions are vague, so even if the banks are backed by the central banks, and reserves, the economy won’t stand and is bound to fall sooner or later. If the first theory stands and banks bring down interest rates to a true value of “zero” then only one or two will remain in the market widening the gap between the rich and the poor. If the central bank keeps backing the loan sharks, then at one point someone is going to want to get paid, but these banks give interest rates and they take them, which means even if they take it as a loan, they owe it with interest, hence the questions. Where is it going? Where is it coming from?

To add insult to injury during the economic crisis debts were wiped clean, because people couldn’t pay their debts and declared bankruptcy! So where is all the money going? Why the debts are wiped clean? The banks and governments simply gave an exit to the people that couldn’t pay their debts back by simply allowing them to declare bankruptcy. So then people end up owing nothing? There is a huge gap in the capitalist system, which is enhanced by the primary igniter of all problems in the economy being interest rates! One way or another economy will force interest rates to “zero” regardless of how because the current world economic system is working on a glitch, and hiding away from a problem that will arrive with a matter of time! Were the primary asset to replace currency should be gold, and the solution to loans and shares would be to cancel shares from companies, and create a “0%” interest rate, so that the economy revives and the globe thrives at large!

On ThE JoUrNeY Of SeLf DiScOvErY

What are you worth? In a world where no matter how hard you work, you tend to feel zero, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, like achievement is always nothing! Looking for the gold mine of talent in you that will make your life easier, and sometimes even with its discovery, the talent is never tapped. During that journey, you wait patiently to be found, to be praised, to become larger than life, to even make a bit of money but that usually isn’t the case when they start out! So have you ever felt the need to achieve something great with your finger prints on it that stands the test of time? If so continue reading.

Finding what your good at may come as a coincidence or simply be something you did greatly as a child, a nice voice, or the love of sports, or picking up crayons and coloring all over the walls, but despite how it happens everyone has something in them that sets them apart from everyone else, like a unique vision were you see through the eyes of the master of that particular art, almost bringing you to a surprise of how the world looks in their eyes! To appreciate talent, you need to look beyond what meets the eye, because some people tend to show disrespect to certain pieces of work of any form, but isn’t talent supposed to be unique and therefore respected and appreciated no matter how awkward or different it may seem. Part of any talented individual’s life is the struggle to the top which he spends most his life struggling to get to!

Any man/woman that excels in any shape or form gets resistance but in art more than any you can get hate, from music to movies or pictures, but that while may seem harsh is usually an indicator of success or the beginnings of it. The emotion in doing what you love most brings the art to life, almost feeling and touching the souls of the artist, but the real question is do you want the final stop? Or do you want to enjoy the journey? While reaching maybe difficult, it remains that the journey in itself is indeed the true beauty of what we achieve, were even failure could be redeemed through the effort of trying because it brings the persistence and the true potential of the talented individual possessing the art form.

Emotions on paper is what life brings us too, but even such a medium is limited to bringing human potential to life, because it is a driving so hard, so intangible, with so much energy, that could take down empires! It can’t be quantified when a man reaches optimal success and gets to self discovery, it is priceless, speechless, and above all it is indescribable, to the point that feeling above the clouds is nearly nothing compared to this! So why give up? Since the key difference between success and failure is persistence, and that you have the ability to go on without raising the white flag! This is true self discovery, when you know what your worth, at the end and where you stack up but regardless of where you end up, you tried where others gave up!

Second Tier

It seems our generation have learned to accept anything second to the best, and we have learned amongst ourselves and taught each other that it’s ok to take anything second, especially in relationships where we could have been put ahead in, by those that loved us. While the battle of the sexes remains there are facts we can’t ignore, and those are that each side does its damage accordingly and that while there are stupid women, apparently there are also even stupider men! So a man doesn’t want a second hand car with history, although after a mild encounter with a new one, sometimes you need to take your chances because at least there maybe history, it’s clear and it’s obvious. Adding to that at least a woman that experienced heart break would least of all understand your situation? The story needs further detailing, please continue if you have encountered heart break if not stop!

Getting left after loving a person is never easy, no matter how you put it because at the end of the day we are human, we have emotion, but the guy that left a woman that told him she liked him or loved him is far from ignorant,  going to meet a woman he knows nothing about or her history, but the fact remains he doesn’t know has she been with someone else? Did she love someone else? So he ends up probably marrying a woman that probably  doesn’t love him to start with. That was a story I heard, and thought I should share an opinion because in all honestly not all women deserve to be treated in that manner!

My story was similar in a way I got in a relationship where I was not loved, but rather for other reasons that are beyond my understanding, were I ended up wasting a year on a person that could be least described as human garbage. While I learned a lot and it was more of a blessing, it also helped me understand that we don’t want to be the first loves in others lives but rather second and were no one cares about us. Is that what our generation has gone down to accepting second place!

Why is it that we run away from the ones that say they love us and run after those that could care less? Men or women and the case doesn’t favor either side since both do the hurting. It’s a relationship so two people are involved and supposedly adults, the responsibility lies on both of them. In my case I would’ve loved a refusal and not to be used as a bridge for whatever they were going for! The second case and I am pretty sure when a woman says she likes you or loves you and you say me too, then you don’t turn your back and end up getting into an engagement with someone else! She also would have liked it had he said, “I won’t marry you, I am looking for someone else.”

Human emotions are complex but while most are clear, such as hate, greed, happiness and sadness. Love lies on a separate continent, were it is complex it is a set of emotions without emotions, it almost strikes randomly, sometimes it has gestures, actions and signs and sometimes it doesn’t because each one acts differently and it is an emotion that has no direct description, and when it does it has that of fear, sweating, fast heart rate and dryness of the mouth. While things hurt more than others and some break more than others, but what remains the most fragile is human emotion, words scar more than edges of glass, they break a person down from being fixed to being broken in terms of trust in society and others.

Regardless of how those love stories end, with whom the people in it like me, I believe we all end up with those that we deserve. The story I was told showed me another face, maybe that woman is good? Maybe she loves honestly? If the answers are “yes” constantly, then he never deserved her and neither do I!

I Want To Teach You “Leadership”. Give Me Your Money!

So they start off by selling you that you will be “rich” and a “leader” or the fact that you will be “promoted”, but that isn’t what concerns me. The fact that they run around parading that they will make you richer and far more competent, clubs non profit or motivational speakers that claim to take you to the next level. What if we looked at it differently, what would we see?

The motivational speaker or whatever you may call them simply pat you on the back and say good work, on something you already had in you. Frankly a shrink does that, so why do we pay them so much? They sell us their books and tell us their success stories built on the backs of others they told the same story too and paid them a fortune! Or the clubs and the groups, I am sorry but I don’t need group therapy to motivate me or cuddles, and claps for every time I do something right. It’s not rehab, this kind of thing has one thing going for it and that is socialization, no matter how you look at it, the fact remains that we have Facebook for that. The problem is that we have it in us to excel and trust me them telling us that won’t change much, and all it does is wake up a side we had within us!

Like any form of businesses you have clients that come out with results and others that don’t when you have a success rate you sell more words to your audience making them believe that you add value! Mostly however what separates the few from the many is the courage, to address a certain issue, it’s not new to become different, but rather a slight zest of courage and willingness to fight the common flow is what sets us from being a success or a failure! They come and they say we will make you this or that, but at the end of the day who gets the last laugh? I have been raised by the old school, bullied and mocked, and told everything I ever wrote or said needed a lot of fixing. Tell me how I turned out and that is taking into consideration I have never lived in the west my entire life? So why is it that some of us have it, and others don’t, regardless of what the theories that surround this, it remains that you other have it or don’t, almost god given because of who you are or how you grew up, and next a motivational speaker says he wants to make you a leader ask him who taught him that, and he will most likely say, “life” so now he is handing down his experience! Ya right!

Like any other business there is always competition, so you don’t have one motivational speaker, but rather a few and they all compete to turn you into a leader and pay for their seminars like concerts, that’s on the one hand however on the other, everyone sells you that they’re the best, but once you’re in and you pay, then they go on to the next prey! So you’re in and then brochures, papers and stuff get hand it to you telling you that one day you will end up like Bill Gates or whoever, and again you should ask them if they needed mentoring. I don’t mean to be rude but do really miss human touch that much to go to groups, while our families need our most attention, or do we need that much fixing to improve on ourselves?

We got to the level that we forgot that despite meeting nice strangers constantly in such events and places, that those that need the most attention or want to give the most attention to us are actually waiting for us at home! They could spend days telling you there success stories, but even success is relative on a personal level, what maybe great success for me maybe nothing for you and the other way around! I had enough of bullies growing up and I was punished enough for not being an excellent student, but then you learn with time not to care what people think in front of a crowd or not! Above all if you have seen the worst then a speech in front of an audience is nothing, but what tends to happen is that this fear is born because we care too much about what society thinks!

Who says wearing a suit will make me smarter or improve my chances, almost everyone wears them! The suit adds no value it just represents what you do for society, looking expensive and classy, but what’s the point if you’re poor inside! In the same way learning to give a good speech or become a leader, you don’t go to a club or a motivational speaker and suddenly turn into a business guru or millionaire! This is a misconception, all they do is wake you up to what’s in you and like every other aspect in life people respond differently, were some get the courage others remain, in their shells and that brings me to the key question, and that is if we weren’t different how would we end up with leaders or followers? All we would are other leaders or followers and I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that, would you?

Desert Rose

In the heart of the barren land, and under the burning sun lays a rose, that grows despite the lack of any source of survival, she is different she is unique, a rose I would give my life for. She represents beauty and loyalty even during hardship, she is my desert rose. Waking up one morning and realizing the madness I have committed for an educated man, and that is proposing four consecutive times to get the hands of the woman I loved through her parents, and that was the beginning of the fourth being your unlucky charm.

When a man swallows his pride constantly in the face of hardship to keep a woman he desired, he realizes one thing that whoever said admire your heroes and never meet them was right. I had looked up to my uncle and thinking he was the decent man, that I thought he was what brought to wanting his daughter, but sometimes you set your expectations to high and end up with nothing! Understanding how my eyes were blinded has one explanation and that is my heart was on fire, and for the first time after high school, I thought I had found my second half, boy was I in for surprise! I had taken up a side of mine that’s quite common and fought even my parents, and those who advised against her, it was almost like trying to conquer unconquerable nation, what happened was that I ended up with a fight with too many frontiers and very little allies and where “sacrifice” was not a word used in her dictionary.

Regardless of how or when it started, the fact remains I got around six months of the good side she had, the times that help you appreciate a second half a female touch, her care, her tenderness, almost bringing you back to being a child again all spoiled, because men on every level under the hands of a proper women turn into children again. It didn’t last long almost a dream, which quickly turned into a nightmare, like realizing that you’re in quicksand at the very last second! A woman that stands by you in harsh times, and take cares of you when you fall ill, or picks up where you slack, or even supports or puts up with your annoying habits, is that which makes her like that rose that lives in the harshness of the desert almost standing out in the grains of sand and the empty desert with its sandstorms.

She doesn’t need water, or air or shade, all she survives on is the love of the earth, almost giving never taking, some need water and constant attention, and they only take and never give, were there only duty is to look beautiful, however that maybe beauty is not scarce, but what is are the qualities in a woman that sets her the path of being a life partner. Many men started with nothing and their women by them supporting them through thick and thin, and when they became who they became they ended up living a life they never dreamed and those that got unlucky were lucky enough to teach us the meaning of a true women, constantly giving and satisfied to see her family together and everyone happy.

I ended up with a rose that was full of thorns that caused bleeding to my heart, and she broke my soul and was a great disappointment, after she sold me out. She was selfish, demanding, and constantly nagging and unsatisfied, she always took and never gave, followed by the fact that she followed the crowd where she was literally a woman without a “brain”.  But it wasn’t the love that ended it, because as it appears love only exists in fairy tales, it was “words” we see every day, such as greed, deceit, betrayal, selfishness, conspiracy and hate! She carried everything that was ugly, and tied to this world however, that was her loss and that is because of her I see the beauty in women in almost a new perspective, the way I look at them after her only drove me to respect them more, love them more because at the end of the day she only represents herself and we all reap what we sow, so no matter how you put it I am grateful, and still looking for my rose in the huge barren lands of GOD!

Street Education

In the melting pot of differences of people, education while being the primary key difference, there is a catch around the corner. Being educated doesn’t necessarily mean you know how the world works, or that you know how to deal with people. Sometimes you get close, to discovering that the average man, a craftsman, a taxi driver or even a blacksmith, tend to have what it is that reflects a certain way of dealing. The trick is that during your life span you meet a sea of people each with a different character, and in business you are usually blessed by both clients and employees so that so many different characters with so many problems, and so many characters and each has something that makes him tick.

Some are moved by money and that’s the most common group followed by recognition, fame a pat on the back and others just want to achieve something, anything to call it their own. Followed by those that simply live to please others but that’s not the case because if it was we wouldn’t have problems with dealing with each other on a constant basis. Humans are far more complex, built on background, social, financial status, education, demography and history. So you have a set of characters built within characters, and the art of understanding people or what makes them tick takes more than four years in a university or a years on the streets, because the world is built on two types of power knowledge and physical power, finding that you need to go to a different type of education, that is being the streets along with a bit of knowledge and a lot of open mindedness in accepting others.

To appreciate the differences between “phat” and “fat” or “dope” and “dope” or “cheese” and “cheese” you get the picture…… The streets have a language written, spoken and felt in how every clique deals with the other, and that is in a community that isn’t diversified or a melting pot like the ones in the east. Which is why intermarriage between strangers, tends to bring out a strong generation, the blood is completely different so each introduces a new gene to the table adding to the fact that you can relate if you have parents each from each side of the world. But that’s genetics and to say the least most of us aren’t that well diversified in genes, however a slight modesty, a touch of knowledge stirred with open mindedness will teach you one thing , that regardless of how people are the way they are. That is who they are, I may not be the expert, but look at the people that reach places in a society, and they share certain characteristics.

They will sit with you and with those less than yourself or the opposite those that are higher in whatever education, financial or political status. They speak everyone’s language, their habits and their culture, almost melting in between them, driving you to think they have known them for years or related to them. That is street education at its best, being able to take up everyone, and then being yourself almost reflecting the role model of every human that rolls of the line into the factory called life, molded, fixed and prepared for what destination he is headed for!

You meet people that run financial empires that have the modesty of almost being your brothers and that is also available at the opposite of the spectrum. The beauty of life, and it being at its best would be that despite the offered variety of every living organism on land, sea or in the air, is that humans have that variety in the strangest of ways but with one thing in common their physical appearance. Animals have different skins or characteristics depending on what they are and what they do on the surface and physically, however us humans all have the same physical characteristics but the real difference lies deep underneath hidden in our hearts and minds, setting us above the rest of GODS creations!


When It’s Better To Be A Taxi Driver

It seems like injustice, becomes a burden when an educated man where his parents spent the money on his education over two decades and then realizing that the best job for him was a taxi driver or anything within that job description,  a waiter, a cashier, a secretary or even a receptionist. So why do the educated individuals of the third world end up working low paying jobs and while everyone that is uneducated seems to get high positions with high pay leaving us with an injustice that spreads like a plague across the community, almost creating hell and making men that have nothing to lose into thieves, liars, rapist and so on….. You get the picture.

It is when people happen to be put in a place that isn’t there’s on every level that society begins to show its ugly side. Like the cultural issue that was once Engineer and Doctor, that still exists because our fathers can’t get their big heads out of the bubble and think outside the box assuming that they do think. The community at large is screaming where young men from the early twenties to their mid thirties are shouting for a decent paying job, any job no matter but as long as it provides them with the minimum to live with dignity.

This social issue is a reflection of injustice on a household basis, put plainly and simply with no compliments or hiding of the truth or distorting it, the fact remains that is injustice reflected in every household. Somehow parents find it fine to execute it on their children but when it comes to tasting injustice they start to whine and complain about how unfair the world is forgetting their injustices. Double standards and more, where if I were to set an example such as the restaurant Abu Jbara that everyone knows all he serves is flafel, foul and hummus, and the fact that he charges astronomical figures for it, and the fact that he has so many clients only tells you how full of it this community is.

We like to spread bull, were we brag about what we spend most and seem to be doing a good job selling it to others, why would you ask why there is injustice, when the very act of wearing coats bigger than our size is injustice in and of itself. We sleep tight and warm while our cousins, neighbors and sometimes brothers sleep cold and hungry. A community with the blessing of Islam that shows nothing of it is the least deserving to go to hell, it is up to GOD to decide our final destination however if we believe we deserve to shoot to the front of the line and rule the world or head to first world we are other crazy, or stupid because this isn’t what we preach and those of us that do never live up to doing what they speak. If Islam is the solution and it is, then the fault doesn’t lay in the holy book or the messenger or even god that is if you want to claim that the holy book is not for our time than that’s blasphemy.

The finger remains to point in one direction at ourselves, since injustice is practiced it means injustice is accepted and it is accepted because we don’t want to stand in line or simply take what is not ours, we are a community that boasts about “wasta” and that is going around the system through corrupt individuals.  We come at the end of the day and we blame the man/woman that is doing a job that doesn’t explain his education neither does it pay good, you should leave something for that young man/woman. Don’t expect that simply because you’re going wrong that his life isn’t linked to your actions of injustice, communities are made of individuals for better or worse what one does effects the others life. It turns normal decent human beings into gold diggers, and much more, and why do we accept and boast about what’s wrong and it is wrong, it’s about time we woke up and ate flafel and hummus at it’s reasonable price without showing how full of it we are maybe then justice will be exercised?

Who’s Calling?

So can you get lucky with fate? That is having fate on your side? I don’t think it is unlikely but rather, fate being the luck in and of itself and where stories have been told of people that had risen to being stars on the mere coincidence of meeting someone important and powerful enough to support you all the way to the top. However as an individual that is less than the rest where minimums exist, and a stinging reality along with it, where and when do you get lucky?  This came about after an incident that happened when you ask a question and god gives you the answer in a very subtle way, if you ever felt it keep reading.

Going to eat chicken especially grilled seems to be more dangerous than you think, because fire could very well be an outcome and not being alone, and with my cousin, we had found out that there were whole chicken thighs, followed by hommous two plates and Pepsi and whatever we desire, but as it seems you don’t necessarily get what you want, but rather god hands it down to you even if you spend the night looking for a decent piece of chicken. Looking to far we usually miss the answer because what is good for us, is usually under our noses! During the time we had ordered we had talked about how god drives to you that which suits you and protects you by driving what harms you away.

A loud sound followed by the running of the customers outside, stopped our interesting conversation, we thought a fight or an earthquake, but we were more than mistaken but the fact remains that the restaurants hood had set on fire because of a gallon of oil placed on the coal and had set fire into the hood, so even if I loved the whole chicken thighs and desired them, it seems it wasn’t meant to be, I love grilled food more than fried and I had my eyes set on a meal for the ages, why I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to eat it is beyond me but I got my answer, just like my ex the thighs weren’t meant for me. So satisfaction in a way is almost like a wealth that never ends, so despite my call for food and the urge to eat what I desire, I believe I was blessed that it happened before anything that we got out of the restaurant before we paid or even had the food served because the restaurant later had filled up with smoke, so no matter what we were protected from, at the end of the day there is if you consider luck and fate as separate, but if you don’t then it is gods will above everything else.

When a man sets to fight a world that told him not to take a woman, a father that stopped him from doing so, followed by the fact that the family had gotten annoyed to the point that she was fought for against everyone, money had been spent, hours and effort to please her and hoping and dreaming of the day when she would be in our house. Where when she thought of money I thought of how to make it and keep it so that if there was more resistance, which I would at the end of the day, I would take her. The fact remained that I was so close to taking what I desired that I forgot that it wasn’t meant for me, so if it is gods will then so be it. No regrets, no more dreaming of what we can’t reach, why should we fight when it is god that gives us the food, and shoes and everything else that fits our size, she wasn’t mine and I wasn’t hers and let it be what it will whole chicken thighs on a grill or not!

Tea w/Mint

Waking up with morning headaches is coming normal now a days and I don’t seem to understand why? We sleep enough, eat enough and obviously drink enough, and in a world were everything is accessible and available at a push of a button or a drive in the car, the fact that we need heavy caffeinated drinks, or power drinks, or anything medicinal to keep us up or stop or headaches, but I think what we need most are forgetting pills, those are what we need to remove the headache in todays world, however if it doesn’t apply to you, I strongly urge you to stop reading!

Your day usually starts with a boss that’s a jerk, and you need a cup of coffee just to start off your day and you might the help from our friend the panadol or fevadol depending which reason you live in. However you are introduced to a life partner called the computer, in which you have married unofficially and somehow can’t get rid of it. The screen and sitting in front of it in our modernized world, produces or kinds of problem, let us leave the medical out and stick to laziness which is a start. As the day goes on you realize after having around half a pot of coffee that nothing is going as planned and the pressure in the office is rising and so is the tension, almost like a vicious circle of pressure and a bit of hate, and jealousy.

The day is then followed by the people screaming, and the horns followed by the never ending traffic, then you have the demands of your household, wife and kids or just the girlfriend that expects a gift every now and then and drags you to malls, to buy clothes and or just to walk, and she lifts up your excitement , with the talk about the girls or your mom or simply gossip. So while coffee is good it doesn’t solve the problem and it won’t simply because we have a problem as humans, and that is achievement no matter how high isn’t enough were we tend to need more, want more and ask for more, which brings me back to the unmerciful wife or girlfriend. So after your day is over with all it’s obligations and that pot of coffee you go home to flip the TV to find something decent, were you have watched most of it and two hundred channels of nothing is unexciting you head for the news and that’s when your head starts to thump again!

So you see caffeine while bad some how keeps us sane, today in this world and no matter how you look at it each one has is thing, that which sooths the soul and gives patience and calms our ever exhausted brains. Mine is tea and I love that cup because it helps appreciate that there are things in life that make us feel good, tea for me is being one of them and while there are jerks in our lives bosses, fathers or just people we dislike, we tend to forget that there is a GOD for them, and their his business and he will deal with them in good time where when we should be on both our knees and hands to the sky asking around Maghreb prayer that is around evening time, we must not forget that he is there and he will answer provided we change ourselves and try to produce change to remove those that seek injustice to cause oppression.

Thank GOD that there is still good in the world young men and women that move in accordance with GODS path with or without a cup of tea that is with or without mint no matter how they prefer it, they are those that put up with the daily hectic life, and manage to fight for their right and the right of others, I salute you!

Attention Flavored Ice Cream

Jealousy is a beautiful thing for a woman to have, but some tend to think a bit more about themselves than they should. I am a jealous man to say the least, call it what you will, at the end of the day she is my jewel, but women some time perceive being loved, as a way for them to get back at their lover or husband or whatever. When they do that, what they tend to create is the opposite because men, don’t like to be taken advantage of that is, because they tend to say what they mean, unlike women.

Jealousy is healthy because of our human nature, without it we would be like animals, but too much jealousy creates doubt and that’s unhealthy too. Love for men is different than women, not because men are necessarily sensitive, but rather that their emotions are truly projected were as women control their tears and tend to be more manipulative. They control their tears mostly to get what they want, and attention along with it, some of them may claim that they don’t regard themselves as beautiful, but that’s a myth, but again who knows what women want! The make-up, the mirror they carry around, the playing with the hair and so on…. At the end they claim they don’t care whatever and if there is something you should keep in mind is never look at woman’s words always her actions, forget the tears, because usually they don’t count.

Women regard themselves as beautiful, and they are all of them because of relativity and beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, so no matter how a woman looks, at least amongst men, she will usually end up finding someone that regards her beautiful, however amongst women the scenario completely changes. So they crave the attention, but nothing feels better to a man than a jealous female lover, because a feminine touch on every level is necessary for us, that’s how we’re built. Here is how it works, there is an alpha male that guys respect and females want, the difference between and women appears, and it starts off by the fact that women start by playing against each other to get his attention, however men have a different perspective and it usually involves some sort of consensus on whether a man is with a woman or whether most of them like a certain female or not. Regardless of how you put women and their problems amongst them are never ending even if it’s just the wife and your mother. The jealousy amongst them is almost charging as too how far they would go to get to a certain guy.

To say we don’t like it would be a lie, but men like dominance and respect leadership, unfortunately for those men that are almost none existent in their household not only are they not respected but give a bad name for all of us. The alpha male syndrome is not new, but it’s in a males nature to be dominant! I can’t claim we’re angels, neither can I say that we are easy to live with but let’s agree on that the opposite scenario is exactly the same, because one woman is a handful. This piece was inspired by a friend and she likes ice cream, and women like anything sweet for that is for what they are, I love women despite the falls I have made with some of them, we can’t as males live with them but we can never either live without them, they are our mothers, sisters and daughters, and when she is right she becomes your life!

Words Of Hope

Change however it may come is usually, and most of the time better where it usually comes from is the new blood, and that is a rising new generation. They bring us hope and a promise, for a generation to bring change from the hands of those that suit this time, for a change that fits our time and place. Hope is a delicate word that tends to be put off by the winds of time, a candle in the dark room and were hope must live on for humanity to go on, for a better future, the key element for hope to take shape and become a reality, would be to wait, for change takes time.

Every generation has something different to offer to better our lives, and since technology has changed drastically and dragging our lives into it, then for the best change has to come to suit such a generation. New blood is necessary on our planet, because it almost revives it because whatever worked in the past unfortunately doesn’t today, or the fact that remains, and that is there should be a “live and let live” scenario. Every once in a while a new style, method or way of doing things comes along, and that if it is an indicator for anything, it indicates that change is part of the life cycle, because with the existence of many constants, harnessing us through religion or culture and that however unusually unacceptable it maybe, today compared to yesterday, then change is a must, because it is like life and death a necessary part of the cycle. Putting in mind that there are limits, and where everyone respects their limits and then life will move on smoothly, and disagreement while strange to some, but it teaches and it teaches us new things, because if you agree then no one would learn anything new.

The reason change is so hard is because it is accustomed by the use of a certain way of doing things, wrong or right, some don’t care because simply put it works for them. But as there is night and daylight that follows, then change is usually regarded as positive within limits. Patience is a rare quality because, when dragged through times of hardship only then does this quality surface, almost making the few stand amongst the crowds. Men are usually measured by patience and change above anything else requires a truck load of it. We have to thank the few that to say the least fix what most destroy, it is GODS promise that the best will remain on this planet till armeggadon, and that he shall provide victory to the underdog, and above all his justice, his planet, and therefore he chooses who is to inherit it. Those are the words that bring hope, were a cry is being made that my generation should use their minds, and books to produce effective change, because GOD has ordered us to educate ourselves and read!

Mostly I would like them to take the time and stand out in front of the crowds of neighboring nations, and show them that despite our limited resources, we have the most valuable, and that would human capital, where we conduct ourselves as an educated people that we claim we are, and why not? What’s to stop us? GOD also said that the educated are hand in hand with the prophets peace be upon them, and he would make it easier for us to earn money or what we desire in this world, if we take a road full of knowledge. This is our generation and this is how we should conduct ourselves.

So you see, I believe that our generation out shun the previous one by the knowledge we have, but if we harness it right and only then would the world stop and say those are the young men and women of Jordan, a truly educated generation that conducted themselves above the standards in a time where chaos was the only type of way for change. Therefore let the people of the world see what we really are, united and understanding to each others points of view and produce just change during this path we are walking through, let our voices be heard in the most silent types of ways in which  gentlemen and women conduct themselves. I have hope in us!

Lost Hearts

People tend to ask all the time, “Who is my second half?”, “Where is my second half?” I discovered that answering this question is far more difficult than it seems. Finding a person with the same characteristics, or flaws and even similar attributes can’t guarantee a long-lasting relationship. In the process of finding the second half, it is difficult, because you tend to want a person as they are and at the same time, them suiting you as an individual, and I discovered the hard way that this is no picnic!

Being engaged for a year, you learn how people think, and discover those who truly love you. If they’re in it for your money, it usually takes time to discover it, in a materialistic world where money is the mover, if you want a partner for life, the only thing you shouldn’t have is money, at least not at the beginning of a relationship. Loss is indescribable, almost to the point where death seems sweeter at times, when you discover the very person you sacrificed for and put your life in their hands, suddenly turns around and forgets you ever existed. This feeling is subsided when you have taken care of them, when they were ill and took them and brought them with your car, so that one day they wouldn’t feel the painful travel through public transportation, or when you answer to their call in their time of need almost making them feel that they only exist in your life, were no one else exists.

Tears that last for months after a break up are only one of the side effects of loving a person so hard and forgetting yourself. Then regret sets in, almost like a dark cloud, followed by storms, and rain were this becomes a feeling of clashed emotions, that loving a person, any person and opening your heart to them, and your deepest emotions, secrets and most intimate things about you to them, brings you to the point where wishing that never happened was better on all levels. The dagger of betrayal is dirty, and has the blood of the devils work on it, but being from a loved one or a loved one and a relative at the same time, would bring you to the ground. To point out in words the loss of a loved one is hard, because you loved them, they didn’t likewise and that kind of loss is the hardest. While this loss maybe difficult at first, but eventually creates an immune system in you for being prepared not to break your heart again, and take more time to search for a true second half that loves you for you.

Trying the loss of those you love almost, clears the difficulty in finding your second half because it almost feels like your losing your life. Isn’t that what love is all about? Sacrifice? Giving your life to others? Love is a big word, which takes great individuals to actually carry such a word, because the meanings of it are far greater than some of us will or can ever understand. But during the journey of self discovery and discovery of your other half, you learn a valuable lesson that a difficult trip like this is worth taking despite the loss involved, because when you find her or him you taste the value of the second half you have found. Were the sweetness after the bitterness, sensation almost fills our souls and hearts with joy, that after seeing the dark side of love, we only wake up to the brighter side of it.

Losing your heart, after something like this turns you into someone different, not necessarily worse, it just turns you into a broken toy that works just fine however it won’t ever be the way it used to. This isn’t like losing a possession, something tangible that can be bought or sold, because if it was we would buy a new heart for the next love. This kind of loss turns your hair Grey, at the world that has people who are inconsiderate or uncaring to what others feel, it is almost a cry that can only be heard by you from you, all the way from the bottom of your heart, with every vain, heading to it screaming that this shouldn’t have happened but it did. Regardless of how this loss seems to me, towards the end only the person that felt it can tell you what it feels like, despite the existence of such individuals, I can safely say that most of those reading this can relate because at the end of the day there are kind hearts, loving hearts, and good hearts, because even if evil exists, so does good and the world is not empty yet for there are plenty of good lovers and people left to make our day, and fill our lives.

Red, Yellow, Black

Those are not the colors of a flag, nor do they represent anything in particular, those are the colors, which turn our lives around by igniting our imagination. The primary colors, of the beautiful V- twelve’s and eights that fill our imagination, and turn our love of driving into a passion, a relationship between man and machine, (man) which is why women don’t understand this relation. Let me explain!

Since I had started writing, I wrote a variety of topics, nothing specific, however this is different, this is the reason I breathe, my eye candy, my love for my right foot, it is the auto Industry in all its colors. This love came, while I was growing up, were the passion started from the toys, to magazines, from naming them, to knowing the engine, specifications, and pricing. A love that knows no limits, something to date I have felt once and the spark ever died, they repaid my love with love, my rage with the time to listen. People disagree on almost everything, because it comes down to taste, but bring up a car, a supercar and you have consensus. Since the beginning of time men took pride of their stables, because they had their rides, pure breed horses or whatever breed they may be, the Bedouins even had them, their rides were called camels.

A car to a man is like his pride and joy, the keeper, she understands him, he picks her, because she is beautiful in his eyes, but all of them are beautiful in my eyes, because they have roots, they are pure, honest, you treat her bad and she will take it back, spoil her and she will spoil you for life, she listens, when you talk and even helps you diffuse your anger using your right foot nearly breaking a smile out of your grin, and making you feel like a child again. Words don’t give her the right, because she is more than beautiful, she is dressed in red, yellow and black. She comes with two seats, five or more, just take your pick.

However there is an exclusive group of those models and they’re called the supercars, and those are built completely out of pure passion, they defy economics, design and physics. They come with different exotic foreign names from Italian, German to Japanese, where the sound of the very names makes you feel in the presence of greatness, and why not since it was built on the hands of legends. The feeling of power under your feet is hard to describe, unless you have tried it, the world may have it’s bad days, but the car came on a blessed day from heaven, a savior sent from up above to help those that have broken hearts and the drive to achieve more. An industry that only brings up legends, and if you don’t believe me look at their hall of fame, it brings up men of extraordinary genius, because it is only a club for those that understand it!

This is what a car is for a man, it is the backbone of life, fun and it has the ability to charm you, without words with all the impressive jargon and crazy design, an industry truly built on greatness could not deserve such a small tribute like mine because it is grander, and far more classy than we could ever appreciate, an industry that had risen on the hands of a mechanic!

Tsunamis & Tears From The Sun

The earth is ever expanding, and somehow even though we have a huge variety of supplies, and resources, but we are limited with them because of the population booms, which occurred and the drives us to ask whether the current population, and at the rate it is growing can be sustained by the current supplies in resources, and there varieties can sustain humanity long enough to find an alternative?

Modern economics can help sustain resources, if the prices are high enough, but this is creating poverty, so even if economics drives the prices down and resources, and wealth are spread evenly, it would be pointless, since people in the third world are having babies all the time, where households, aren’t shrinking, so with a perfect economic model the resources won’t last much unless third world countries limit their offspring. The other problem lies in the way people live today, we consume more than the minimum needed, when there was a time people where grateful for food, housing and wife and children that lived of a farm. Cars and travel wasn’t a big deal, wanting unnecessary stuff for decorative purposes as gold wasn’t something people looked for, or the an apartment or house of certain specifications. Or the need to buy a dress every month, or have a car for each member or even end up living on fast food when there is a wife to actually provide healthy food for the family.

Now life has become more, demanding because people have turned to image rather than the core, our ads and billboards are covered with perfect women, at least that’s what some believe or TV that has become degrading causing rifts in the household. But earth has its ways of balancing out; people die every year in different ways, young and old, fighting and wars over resources, that unfortunately turns humans, into men that live in accordance to the rule of the jungle, by killing the weak, using armed weaponry of all kinds. Then natural disasters come along at times, mercy and at times a curse on those in need, but somehow that candle of their lives is turned leaving to rest in peace in god’s hands, where justice is served better than the lives they lived.

You can say what you want, but the earth is getting crowded, and sometimes with more evil than good, and god had mentioned that the earth, seas, sun and anything on this planet worship him in their own way. They went to god unconditionally while Adam chose to carry god’s message, as humans god has given us a great place in the heaven he created for us. All that and we wonder why tsunamis happen? The sun sheds tears on earth every morning at the state at which this planet got to and the people in it that destroyed and had destroyed the lives of others. If the seas no longer respect us, or the earth, and not even the sun, then I guesses we haven’t carried the message properly as messengers, we haven’t fixed earth or set justice in it.

All this and we wonder why the earth is angry and taking us with its rage, it is helping us survive with limited resources on hand, and it is also punishing us for what we have done. The earth is screaming and no one is listening but god!

The Cap On My Coke Cup Keeps Falling At Fast-food Chains

As long as I remember, that wasn’t a problem ever where the cap on my paper cup keeps falling. Had a couple of incidents, where nothing was left to drink. The point is not the cap, nor is it the coke but rather that the economic crisis has hit us even at our fast food chains, food that is cheap and quickly prepared, if it is unhealthy, well the argument still stands, you have the greens, the beef, bread, cheese and fries, the only artificial and truly unnatural source happens to be the soda!

As it seems the economic crisis isn’t helping us enjoy a fast food meal anymore, but I guess during the economic crisis that hit the world before, quality issues had raised. So we’re in the crisis now, what do we do, people of expertise in the field would say let’s take a look at what caused it and fix it, but do we want to put our lives in the hands of old men, that take forever to go to the toilet, and god knows when they will get the economy moving? The solutions may lie in their brains, but we still need a far more creative and hands on approach! With the economics, of inflation, interest, rates and mortgages, debts, and cash flow, GDP and all the other complicated economic theories, the average man needs something he can understand.

The economy is like a closed circuit that has money flowing through, so you can’t the money flowing one direction because it creates clusters of extremely rich and extremely poor, you want an even and smooth flow of money. Interest rates simply create that cluster, so bad call to go to the bank regardless; they’re loan sharks with a license. The next step, is every small contribution counts, then spending what you have to buy what you desire, that gets the economy moving again because you put money in others hands and the wheel starts turning, the next and final step would be to head for cash and not credit, always pay in cash and receive in cash, because it does two things, it discourages banks, that use interest rate to shift wealth and then people end up having more money!

Greed is good if you want to get to something, however if you get too greedy, and then you have contributed, to the halt of the economic cycle! People complain about the economic crisis, but the problem as mentioned before, is broken down to a few steps, always cash, leave banks, and don’t create credit. This will at least help, I think next time I get a soda from a fast food chain, where even the cap of my cup doesn’t fall cause a mess and ruin a decent meal when you’re on the go!

Plurals & Singles

It seems the unity of a few, can overtake the power and authority of less, or at least that’s what seems to be happening. When authority, and power is in the hand of a couple of people, even if they command an army, it seems that the people, with very little or no kind of arms seem to overtake injustice. The Arabs took us by surprise when we saw the people and their unity, how Egypt represented a modern organized society, during the referendum, and during Tahrir square when they cleaned it. Them being the Plural and the dictators being single. This is not an English lesson!

It seems, that the Arabs, had their people tagged wrong in two things, one being that their ignorant and/or stupid, and the second being the racism/religious  issues that are separating them,  again where the leaders, disagreed the people united, and this is not new, even in a democratic country, where everyone agreed in America that George Bush Junior , was not fit for any political position, or any position for that matter, he was less than satisfactory in everything, even when his speeches were given to him, so all that’s left for most of today’s leaders, is to spell it for them while we are at it.

This wasn’t strange or different that the people united in a region like ours, but rather a surprise because, we were underrated, and ignored as being harmless. Having leaders, dictators or not that ruled for three decades or more, that were ready to hand down their thrones, to their children in their “ democracy”, but regardless of the reality of the situation, the Arabs, had a hidden generation, a united generation, an educated generation, a powerful generation, where they represented the majority of society, where they spent years screaming and their systems wouldn’t lend an ear!

They didn’t want to be heard at least not back then, all they wanted was at least someone that pretended to care, they asked for too little and got nothing, now they are asking for too much and are getting more that what they bargained for. So you see before any of us pretends he exists alone he has to thing about the consequence anything from leading a country to a household, freedom is the backbone, for a flourishing nation, a powerful nation, where rights are rights, where you don’t have to thank anyone when you get your minimum rights, they should be handed to us, and now they will be and more with a pat on the back!

If you thought revolutions ignited by the least educated in society, I sincerely ask you to reconsider, revolutions are in the hand of those that have knowledge and power, that know how the world works, by those that represent the crème de la crème of societies, depriving the educated from freedom, or the rich from freedom of trade with bureaucratic obstacles, you prepare the most dangerous of the society, the carriers of knowledge for revolt nothing destroys any system more than an internal revolt, and that is what’s happening sooner or later it will happen, which is why systems should stop worrying about pleasing foreign power and listen to their streets!

Divine Intervention

Have you ever pushed to get something to happen and it never did, and worked on it for years, and almost, slightly gave up hope, just not effort. Somehow, some day, a tiny bit of luck, a little bit of divine intervention in your life, then everything starts to roll from a complete stop, all the problems begin to dissolve as if justice has a face and it is beginning to show it after hiding it behind a mask called time.

Sometimes luck stands and waits, for us to get fed up, or almost give up on it, it’s like a game, of who can out wait the other longer, the fact that divine  intervention becomes almost necessary, otherwise how do powers shift, and wealth along with it. It is almost like a game of cards, where time is trying to call your bluff and you it. If you think about it, the moment there is intervention from the heavens, it seems almost planned, orchestrated, and things don’t happen overnight, they tend to be a buildup of events heading in one direction, where they all meet. If you look at the timing if things that happen beyond us, you notice that there is perfection, like the buildup of events, was almost meant to happen, at a certain place or time, like meeting an old friend after looking for your car in the mall’s parking lot, and realizing your on the wrong floor only, to head to the right one to meet him/her, as if it was an appointment that was set not through the telephone but rather through the stars!

So that’s one way the stars intervene, but what if someone played the I am right, you are wrong card, then again saved by the stars with time, they intervene only to prove justice. It’s more like a married couple when it comes to this sort of intervention, you push, and time pulls, and then the stars intervene to resolve the problem between the couple. The words typed today through my fingers and onto this blog, are because of divine intervention, I had not realized one day I would be typing away to a screen my problems or my thoughts. So if you thought that your fate had run out, I would advise you to wait a little the stars will get fed up and soon intervene to change your stars, besides, if it orchestrated than you are in god’s hands and if it isn’t then your simply lucky! Not a bad choice regardless where you end up, as long as you the stars their time and space.

“I Lost My Car Again!”

The best part of any day, is when you end up losing your car, a machine weighing around two tones of steel, and it starts by not knowing, the alphanumeric, markings in a parking lot tend to confuse me, because I hate numbers, never really enjoyed math or algorithms, or any of that. So how do you start by losing a car, it usually starts, by taking a trip to the mall and the rest is history.

Going on a weekend to the mall is more like going to a massive party where you don’t know anyone, so what’s the point of attending the party, for starters, people like to go to crowded places and crowd themselves and crash with each other, as it seems, the human touch is almost missed in a time like ours! This hasn’t been the first time I lost my car and it doesn’t have an alarm system that usually comes with a panic button that sets of the alarms indicating, where the car is. I guess going to malls starts to be enjoyable, when you start and finish your adventure, looking for something you don’t want, and buying things you don’t need, and most of all wishing that people are looking at you because your so beautiful, or actually imagining that they are.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if you like noise and not hearing those next to you, or the fact that there are so many choices and you enjoy window shopping, and one of my favorites, is when you save a huge amount of cash and go to the mall, just to buy one item, with a brand name. So why do we enjoy going to a mall, with all that being at the core of our trip, and then going back to our cars that we don’t know where we parked them, well I guess this is a representation, of the old villages, were the past people all new each other and gathered in one area, each knowing the problems of our neighbors, or relatives.

Since the revolution of modern technologies people have grown further from each other and the need to feel in a place at least where we all have something in common would be the mall, because it provides everything for all members of the family, and that could be why it is such a common place to go in the weekend. I don’t enjoy shopping, but rather prefer serene places, where I am with my loved one or someone I care about, were the mere disturbance is the breeze that hits on our faces, but that’s me.

The joy of malls, never dies, I like malls, I just like quiet places, however the fact that my journey ends, with me losing my car towards, the end, but why would you look for your car, in a maze, full of doors, escalators, or floors and spaces for parking cars. So I guess the joy of the mall has extended to the fact we finish our trip with a treasure hunt for our lovely carriages!